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Sky on Fire: Clockwise is a new World War II combat flight simulator in development to change the landscape of mobile combat flight simulation forever. Relive the aerial engagements of the Battle of Britain in legendary warbirds such as the Spitfire and Bf 109. Low-poly graphics ensure accessibility to our game's realistic physics to a wide range of hardware specs. Our game is in constant development, so check out every now and then for the latest developments!

We offer:
- Our flight simulator (obviously)
- Mobile gamers in search of the ultimate combat flight sim on their phone
- Questions and answers from our dev, ISNI
- Discussions about history and aerodynamics
- And most importantly, your feedback!
"War Thunder - Wspólne Granie" to serwer, gdzie znajdziesz ludzi do oddziału, podyskutujesz na różne tematy dzięki kanałom tematycznym, weźmiesz udział w ciekawych, niestandardowych wydarzeniach, a nawet, jeżeli będziesz chciał, dołączysz do dywizjonu xDWGx i odblokujesz unikalne pojazdy!
Welcome to Wolf's Den! This is a group where you can come and join to have fun. We allow people of all races, gender, and country. All of welcome. We provide great staff. And all roles are put as what a Wolf Pack would be like. Although I am currently trying to make a game on ROBLOX for us to use as our RolePlay. But for now we just talk in the discord. When you join read the rules and go to #get-roles! Have fun and I hope to see you in my Pack!
Hello, We are a group of lads who are trying a MC Server Idea! We are doing a MC Earth/Nations style of Game play. However since a lot of play other games you font need to play MC to join and have fun.
Spartan Gaming is a Discord based around well... Gaming Servers

We are a Friendly community focused around gaming and having fun. We offer a place to come relax and get away from world/life events and a place where people can be free to do pretty much whatever they want.

We currently own 2 servers for Arma 3 and ARK and are looking to expand some more with the help of our growing community. We have a role "Supporter" for people who wanna donate and boost as well as a channel to show our gratitude when someone does this.

Our Discord has a Streamlined appearance with functional chats so it does not become clogged or have dead chats. Our staff team is also made up of a small number of Active, Mature and Trustworthy users who are mostly all adults and have experience running a Community Discord.

We hope you choose to help build and grow our community by joining us
- The Spartan Gaming Staff Team
An air simulation discord for new and pro pilots alike.

Receive or share tips/tricks, control bindings, graphic settings, and meet other pilots who are ready to join you in battle.

We host occasional simulation events and encourage / promote simulation content creators.

This server is geared toward being a friendly and helpful place for new pilots looking to learn. Ask serious questions and get serious help instead of being told to "google it" or "get gud"

The server is open to anyone who likes airplanes.


Our server is mostly dedicated to the game called WAR THUNDER, but we do play other games as well (mostly war based).

If you're looking for a Discord server to play with your friends or squadron, or even if you want to meet and play with new people - Then definitely join The Official WHA Server now.

We are currently the sixth best-ranked war thunder server and this is mainly because of how the server itself is laid out and its functions. I am aiming to become the third-best server by mid 2020.

Here we have:

- All the latest announcements from War Thunder as it happens and the latest streams and videos from content creators you love.

- Ranking systems to reward you for using the text channels, I am currently looking into making it so that you can also be rewarded for using the voice channels.

- Bots for literally anything you want or need.

- Loads of dedicated text channels and role-specific text channels which you can only see if you want to. For example, if you played Minecraft and wanted to see the text channel for that game, then you can select the Minecraft role to see and use the channel.

- An amazing 24/7 staff team located around the world to make sure that someone will always be online if you need help or if anything happens to the server like a raid.

- Anti-bot and raiding system, made by myself, this system looks at every account that enters the system and decides if they're more or less likely to cause damage to the server.

And much much more...

Come hangout with us and help conquer the world! DM me if you have questions or want more info.
Join the server if you want to be with the modeler gang, a community just for people making plastic models. We also have gaming and movies, political debates and lots of activities to do! :D
we are people that just play games this is a server to find other people to play together.
If you like Girls und Panzer and want to play some tankery join us we use War Thunder and have some friendly staff
A new server for warthunder players who wants to have some fun this server provides friendly competitions to enhance your skills :D staff needed first 2 to join will be promoted as staff
Group of Friends - сообщество где вы может найти друга! Играйте, общайтесь вместе в "GOF"!!!
Сообщество 16+
WarThunder squadron looking for new members. We are based on the historical 318th Fighter-Interceptor squadron and look to preserve its namesake into the future. We also have fun events from time to time.
Welcome to my tank yard, comrade. Feel free to take a look around.

Our little community is built around the game War Thunder, and a love for tanks. If you're looking for squad mates, we have friendly people who would squad up with you. I am also a skin creator on WT Live and I'll take skin requests periodically. Even if you'd like to learn to make your own skins, we have some members who can help you get started as well!

- Weebs are welcome -
Girls Und Panzer: Der Discord!

Hello, and welcome to Der Discord! A community that revolves around Girls und Panzer, role play, Warthunder, and World of Tanks!
Here you will find things like:
-People to connect and make friendships with
-Canon Characters or OC Characters for RP
-Chill members and staff
-All canon schools
-Gamer orientated channels for WT and WoTs
-History channels

Here you will find one main theme, that being Girls und Panzer. But other things are welcome for discussion seeing as how you can connect with others and find these common interests! While RP is an aspect, it is optional Incase you’re just here to hang out and talk with others!

Come on by and check us out!
Türk oyuncuları War Thunder'da buluşturuyoruz
Her akşam sesli olarak Rank I'den Rank 6'ya kadar grind yapıyor ve yapmanıza yardımcı oluyoruz. Oyun içerisinde kendilerini ciddi olarak geliştirmek isteyen oyunculara destek olacak 1500 saatin üzerinde oyun bilgisine sahip arkadaşları elimizde tutuyoruz.