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Note: We have a verification channel, just before you can gain access to the main channels.

Hello everyone! We're an always evolving hangout/chill gaming server that also likes to do certain things on the side. For example: Minecraft, Warframe, Phantasy Star Online 2 and game nights.

We do have a vanilla server for Minecraft (1.16.3), a clan for Warframe on PC as well as a clan for PSO2 (Ship 2: Ur). We're also very Anime, and Persona orientated.
If you search a Warframe-clan to join, this is the right place 😀.
You just need mainly to be active in Warframe, and if u can, help us with the resources 💪.
Servidor de Warframe en Nintendo Switch. Punto de encuentro para jugadores y también servidor oficial del clan HispaTenno.
This is the Discord server for the Loser HQ Warframe clan. Only join if you're actively looking for a clan, as we're not a general Warframe server. We are oriented towards providing a safe, casual space where both newbies, veterans, and everything in-between can hang out and have fun free of toxicity and elitism. We welcome Tenno from all walks of life. We're a Storm clan, a tight-knit, cozy community free of the noise that larger clans suffer from.

We offer:

- A gorgeous dojo. I founded Loser HQ because my previous clan leader refused to decorate the dojo, and I really wanted a cool place to make my own. I ran this clan solo for about a year, and in that time I put in tens of hours into meticulously decorating every room I could, and I plan to keep at it as the dojo expands.

- An active and helpful community. Our Discord server has many experienced players happy to assist with any issue you run into, as well as plenty of newer players looking for help.

- A laid-back approach. Keeping up with the meta isn't our priority; no one's going to insult you for not having an umbral build on your 8-Forma Saryn Prime. As a wise man once said, If it's not fun, why bother?

- A diverse crowd. We've got lots of members from all sorts of places, identities, and interests. Don't be afraid to be your weird self, we actively encourage it.

- Fashion contests! As a Captura diva, I decided that the best way to engage with our community is to do fashion contests with prizes! Frames, weapons, private gardens, we've got it all.


- A respectful attitude. Loser HQ has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment and bigotry. Never, ever make another loser feel uncomfortable or antagonized.

- Be older than 16. Yes, we welcome all Tenno, but due to our large age-range, we look for members with a certain degree of maturity.

- Be active in the community. We have a lax inactivity policy of one month, but we ask that members try to engage with the community to a degree they're comfortable with. We're not asking for you to be on Discord calls 24/7 and always in a clan squad, but a bit of engagement goes a long way. Research leeches need not apply.

If we sound like a good fit for you, join the Discord server and fill out the Google form. We'll be glad to have you.
🎭 The Gods Of Gaming is a server with Update Feeds, and ANNOUNCEMENTS! Chat with other members, and do events in your favorite games like Warframe, Valorant, Rocket League and MORE at The Gods Of Gaming! 🎭
💜💙💚 ----- Welcome ----- 💚💙💜

🔹 "Dreamer Galaxy"🌙 is your new favorite gaming discord, just hop on in & make yourself at home! 🏠

🔹 Solid group of Fun, Humble, & Respectful gamers alike! We feature Hot Games 🎮 / Giveaways 🎁 / Memes 😂 / Discussions & 🗣 Self Advertising 🤳

🔹 Currently Featuring:
Call Of Duty, Apex Legend's, Among Us, Warframe, Destiny, Minecraft, Counter-Strike, & much more! 🔥

🥳 All are welcome! Let's go! 🥳
This server is an opening one with different categories. Here u can play with other gamers in different games, and also u can only chat or meet other users in the world. What are u waiting for?? Join us, enjoy and have fun
A fun friendly server to play games and share memes! I use it also as a base for my twitch streams at
We're a small and chill community/friends server. We started as a Warframe clan, but now our server is just a good place to hang around *and* we have both PC and Switch Warframe clans *and* a Dungeons & Dragons online guild on Thelanis!

We got:
- A load of emojis for almost any situation
- Freedom of speech, as long as you bear no vile intent
- Friendly members that can occasionally roast you or each other
- Relaxed environment, no drama
- A lot of thematic channels like art, food, anime, nsfw, shitposting and more
- Weekly D&D sessions on roll20
- Self-assignable roles that unlock a few server channels, show what games you play and help with Warframe LFG
- 2-axis reaction karma system
- Vote-picked mods and leaders - it will take time and effort, but you can become a leader too
- Playtime tracking, so you can check what games you or someone else played
- Our own bot that can do nearly anything (like the 4 previous things)

Our requirements:
- Speak English
- Don't be an asshole
- Be over 16 years old
Rift Traders is a service dedicated to giving items back at a decent price back to the community we will not go over 500 platinum
Chaos Crew is a group of 3 streamers who want to bring people together! This is our community! We are open to anyone and everyone! If you meet certain criteria within our server, you can get special roles, and we have a leveling system too!
Hi, This is a Discord orientated around Warframe, Not a clan but a chill space to hang out in and chill, Feel free to join in!
Just a very new Warframe server where you can join and hangout if your a Warframe PC player, hope you all like it! ^^

Δεν ειμαστε ενας τυχαιος σερβερ, Δεν ειμαστε μια τυχαια κοινοτητα, Δεν ειμαστε ενα τυχαιο Ελληνικο Community, ΕΙΜΑΣΤΕ ΠΑΡΕΑ & ΦΙΛΟΙ

-Έχουμε ΠΟΛΛΕΣ ομάδες σε ΠΟΛΛΑ παιχνίδια. ΜΠΕΙΤΕ ΚΑΙ ΘΑ ΔΕΙΤΕ.
Warframe, Red Dead Redemption, Division 2, Path of Exile, Destiny 2, Star Citizen, Black Desert Online, Diablo, Guild Wars, Albion, D&D, GTA V, Overwatch, League Of Legends, Apex Legends, Valorant, Pubg κ.α.

-Εδω ειναι το ελευθερο σπιτι της μεγαλυτερης Ελληνικη Clan στο Warframe αλλα φυσικα ως γνησιοι gamers δεν παιζουμε μονο ενα παιχνιδι αλλα πολλα γιαυτο εχουμε φτιαξει πολλες ομαδες στα παιχνιδια που παιζουμε ολοι.

Discord Server:

Bu sunucu özetle koca bir shimoneta fetişidir.
Her türlü oyuna hitap ediyoruz. Sunucuya eklenmesini istediğiniz oyun , rol ve bot olursa sadece adminlere iletmeniz yeterli.
Üyeleri dışlayıp kendi odalarında takılan egoist bir admin kadrosu yok. Mevkilendirmeler sadece ve sadece güven faktörüne göre yapılmaktadır.

NSFW içerikler ve kara mizahlar için özel odalarımız bulunmaktadır ve bu odalara erişim için adminlerden rol istemeniz yeterli.
We're a small, friendly LGBT clan for Warframe on PC looking for new members!
If you would like a small group of like-minded people to talk about and share things, join us!

We are a quite casual server but are strict on no homophobia, transphobia, racism or sexism.

We would like to be an active clan with a supportive and above all friendly community of players for Warframe!

- All research done
- Decorated dojo
- Dry Dock & Crimson Branch built
- No MR requirement, new player friendly
- Donating isn't required but is appreciated
- We help with any content, builds, fashion frame
- Channels for other games, art, irl, pets and suggestions
- Self role system

If you're looking for a small, tightly-knit community, this is the server for you!
New and veteran players, anyone who'd like to try to get into Warframe are welcome to join~!
Gin's Haven is a discord channel for you who wants a social gaming experience or just a place to chat. The server is in it's building phase, but this is exactly why we want more people to join and help us build it up. Most of us are pc players, but we encourage every platform to join. We have bots, meme channels, music channels and more to come. Feel free to join in and chat with us.
We are playing alot of different games, but the ones tagged are mainly being played.

( - use this link if doesn't work)

- Laiout
●▬▬▬๑Communauté du Québec๑▬▬▬●
●▬▬▬๑Multigames-Serveur de jeux๑▬▬▬●
Nous sommes Franco-Anglophone-Québécois
Nous jouons a plusieurs jeux / Divertissements
The official r/warframerunway Discord.
We're a Warframe community with a focus on fashion frame and captura.

-Active members
-Friendly atmosphere
-Weekly community event (Theme Challenge)
-Open to all platforms

Come check us out!
Welcome to the Railjack Outpost, tenno.
If you seek knowledge regarding the Railjack, and all of its functions, mechanics, and more, you have come to the right place.
Experienced players, guides, recruitment channels and VC will make your RJ missions a lot smoother and overall more enjoyable.
Wait no more, and join our growing community!
⠀ Welcome to The Unholy

⠀ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━
⠀A growing discord, where our members are put first.
⠀We can offer you:
⠀◈ A warm friendly welcome and environment
⠀◈ A wide variety of bots
⠀ ⠀(e.g. Pokecord, Level Ups, Music + More)
⠀◈ Regular gaming and community events
⠀◈ Suitable for all ages
⠀ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━

**- -Warframe Roleplay- -**

*The Origin System has need of you. Will you be its greatest villain? Or its savior in its time of need?

•Literally every location in the game (Every planet. Every mission. Every location in free roams)!

•You can be any race from Warframe!

•We have Mudae, Tupperbox, MEE6, and Rythm bots!

•Completely fresh and brand new!

•Total roleplaying freedom! Write it out beforehand or just do improv!*
Active, friendly community. All ages, backgrounds and genders welcome. Mostly English speaking. Toxicity and spam are not tolerated. We play a tonne of different games together, we would love you to drop in and say hi!