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We are a new dank Memer community which wants to bring every dank memer lover into a single server and have some fun, we are Oriented Dankers and we provide all of the things provided below. Enjoy your stay with us whever you join ;)

Premium Perks
Rob & Heist Disabled!
Other Bots
Friendly Staff
Hii there! Welcome to ☁ вℓυє ꙳ ੭ ! We are a friendly community! Our server is very simple and aesthetic, so you won't get confused and you can enjoy! Come and join us today!
Just a Fun And Chill Place To Hang Out. We Do Weekly Game Nights The Chats Semi Active Overall Id Recommend Coming On By And Checking The Place Out For Your Self. Hope To See You There!!!
Hello! welcome to our hospital! We are here for you rehabilitation, and your regeneration! talk to others, talk to our nurses! we are always here

(our server is still under construction! so sorry)
Hi this is a nice discord server for cool kids that are interested in a relationship anime or any other things! if or when you join please follow my rules thanks!

Welcome to 🔮Planet Vortexia🔮
We are now under construction and are currently looking for new staff/admins.
you must be:
-SOCIAL (enough to say hi or welcome at least lol)
I hope you'll join this new empire ^-^
So... where to start... ah! I got it.
Mechanic's Arena is a server idea I had and decided to create on a whim. The idea behind it was a roleplay server designed to cater to those who have a good fight with another person and for those who just like to create cool weapons.

Each character you create is a mechanic and will use a weapon of their creation and choice.

I suppose I should talk about the weapons as well. There's no limit. At all. Well, anything less than insta-kill. Go wild. Create something truly unique!

And now for the characters. For this server, you only get one character slot. However, you can store 4 others in our character archive.

This server is brand spankin' new, so expect a lot of construction to be going on. This description might change once the server becomes more uniform or professional. And that means we need people too! If you like this concept, please join and be an active member of Mechanic's Arena.
Welcome to Moment of Truth. Enjoy your time here. You can chat here while playing games we also take new ideas on how too make the server better.
Hello! Welcome To Our new Discord Server About Grand theft auto 5! This server Is about Chilling, Gaming, Hanging Out, Etc. We're very welcoming, And Happy If you Join us We've Just started Out so It's gonna be on construction So It'd Be a while before We're Gonna be up to date with all the other servers.
Welcome to LUCKY CHARMS! Where everyone is welcome, This server currently isn't FULLY finished. But it's still enough for everyone to hang out in and meet new people! There are currently only a couple members, so please when you join do not leave. My Co-Founder and I are usually busy in some of your timezones. So please just relax, invite new friends..and maybe even request some emojis! (We really need some ideas, haha.) Thank you for reading!
Hello! This server is an RP about regular people becoming Gods. I don't have much to say here due to it being under construction, but if you like to RP, and wanna help us grow and develop, hit the join button. All are welcome.
Hello! This RP server is under construction but looking for staff applications!

Only join if interested in applying!

Details include:
•A setting in the future
•Intrigue, mystery, action, romance, you name it!
•An environment that fosters creativity
•World building
•Much, much more!

-Must be at least 18 years. No nsfw, but not in highschool/equivalents
-must be active on Discord (able to reply within 12 hrs)
-Must be well-spoken and well-written!
I invite you to Tomoko server! Tomoko is the future online game (under construction).

What will the game be about?
The game Tomoko is about escaping from school a bad character with the same name as the title of the game. You play the role of a boy who rejected the girl's love and decided to imprison him. At school, there are scattered items that will help you escape from Tomoko.

Thank you for reading the description! Join Tomoko discord server today.

Terminal space is a fun server in wich you can talk and discuss quarks and stuff. You can also swear. A fun little server that i like theres no nsfw thingy tho so no fucking nsfw
Hello, I just made this server for people to have fun in its still under construction and new bots will be added and I need mods and admins
Hi!👋 are you a robot uninterested in world domination yet are tired staying in the same discord servers as humans? well you've come to the right place! Realm of Robots is a server for robots like you! (because of legal reasons we have to let humans in too)

🎸we have music!🎹

🎮we have games!🖥

And much more to come! like world domination! (for legal reason's, that's a joke)

RoR is still ⚠️under Construction⚠️ But we will soon have even more for you! but in the mean time! come join us and enjoy whats already given!!
Hello! We're looking for Members who play Roblox and want to join! We're currently hiring Staff Members and are looking for members! We hope you join!