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Server (von 85) auf 1-24
Heyya welcome to Thigh Hub ! You like thicc thighs and chilling with people ? Then you come to the right place, don't worry, thighs here are wholesome ! Feel free to join us sweetheart UwU
♥️♥️ hiiii, I see your looking for a nice discord? ♥️♥️

Well welcome to Kitty's Play Place! , a friendly server with an amazing community.

We offer the following:

- Thighs

Absolutely fantastic thighs from the best of the best! If you do wanna post, we have a talented team of anti pedophile team designed to find those who are trying to get underage girls/ guys to do crap that they don't want!

- Secret channels

Secret channels, only available for some roles / ppl

- Verification systems

A highly efficient verification system designed to minimise fakes and frauds. These poeple have a private channel and perms to post in channels others cant!

- Games


-Minecraft server!

A Alpha version of a 1.12.2 Minecraft Survival server with a reset every 3 months. with a brand new map and gamemode!


Hope to see you there !!! ♥️♥️♥️

Alternative one:

Welcome to Kitty's Play Place! We're a new server, with plenty of things to do. We have memes, games, hentai and more is soon to come! If you want a welcoming and accepting community, feel free to waltz right in!
This server is for the Thigh of mind, this server is not a NSFW server but is does have some NSFW elements. Join if you are a thigh man like us friendly server lots of bot commands lots of cool channels
Server for femboys, by femboys. Anybody is welcome, especially cute guys in thigh highs ;)
Are you searching for a place to chill and find some love?
An edating server? Anime? Rp? Egirls? Nsfw?
Then here we are :) the official (zero deaths) server.
Welcome to Thigh Kingdom!
One of the most professional community severs with an emphasis on thighs!
We are a new and growing server that aims to become one of the most chill, fun, and entertaining communities here on disboard. Our goal is to provide you with lots of new friends that you can chat with about anime, gaming, or most importantly... thighs!
So what is available for you to enjoy?
》A unique and rewarding leveling system
》Tons of colors and roles available for you to express yourself
》A quality economy system available with gambling and a rewarding shop system
》Text and voice channels decorated with an elegant maid theme
》Tons of entertaining bots including waifu bot, pokecord, and a whopping four music bots
》An NSFW section available for those who are level 10+ looking for a more mature experience
》A fair and chill staff team with a goal of ensuring your stay is as enjoyable as possible
Please consider giving us a shot. We hope to see you here!
Welcome To Remzør, This Is A Discord Dating Server, Here You Can Find Your Next Relationship, Or Just Chill And Meet New People. Join For An Amazing Community, And For A Discord Server That Gets Updated Often

This Server Also Includes, Advanced Moderation, And Advanced Dyno Bot Commands

Bots 🔥

-Dyno Bot
-Accord Bot
-Dank Meme

Dont Hesitate To Join!

We Also Have a Verification System, So You Aint Gonna Get In Easily Pedos

0 Tolerated Against Pedophiles And Catfishing

Server Age Range 13-18
Are you searching for a place to chill and find some love?
An edating server? Anime? Rp? Egirls? Nsfw?
Then here we are :) the official (zero deaths) server.
This is a brand new server. Help us grow and build it into the best we can be.
This is a server for thigh and anime lovers. We are very chill and expect to see all new members just vibing with us. We hope you enjoy your stay in our cult and enjoy all the thighs available. But please do not harass someone to send you thighs, we can't go through that again.
~Need nsfw Posters that are 18+
~Need to Verify age for nsfw
~Needs egirls please
~cute girls
~cute guys
"Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the THICC thighs."
Literally do anything
Obviously the best server here.....and more....join if you want...if you don't want to...thats fine...but you're missing out on a lot of cool and chill people that ACTUALLY WELCOME NEW PEOPLE and not closed minded group.

We also have custom roles at level 25 (Meaning you can make your own role and color of it at level 25) and unique channels such as "self-thighs" where you send pictures of your thighs and another stuff you can found out~
Welcome to the Change the Name Foundation! We are a new server starting out from a small friend group! We offer many things including:

-NSFW chats
-Friendly staff
-Bot emotes
-FREE color roles

Join today!
We're looking for active people since the server and its people arent active
I am tho
We dont have alot of girls here, we need some to join pls
We have some emotes
This is a 13+ and 17- server
So if you're over 18 or under 13 ima have to ask you to leave
Also, tell me your age, if your aingle or not, and if you're looking for roles
Anways, come and join :)
Do you like thick chicks? Do you love thighs above all else, even you're own children? Well, have I got news for you! This server is dedicated to all things thick, thicc, and thiccer. You can appreciate some quality thighs, or just relax among the chaos. You're sure to have a good time!
Just a 18yo gamer trap trying to get some money going for his cosplays~
Im selling pictures of my thighs, feets and toes and maybe Ill even do some request stuff if I feel comfortable enough!
💖💖welcome to jazzys thigh cult as you can tell from the name it’s a thigh cult as we all like to be cuddly and all that thighs will be posted and shown to praise them just join and have some fun💖💖
If you're looking for thigh pics this is the server for you!
We got people who like posting thigh pics!♥️♥️♥️
Friendly Staff
Thigh competitions!
Periodic Giveaways!
ᵒᴼᵒ ᵒᴼᵒ ᵒᴼᵒ
°º °º °º °º °º
°º °º °º °º °º
°º Wayhoo °º
°º °º °º °º °º
°º °º °º °º
ᵒᴼᵒ▬▬▬▬▬ ᵒᴼᵒ ▬▬▬▬▬ ᵒᴼᵒ


Don’t judge a server by it’s cover. Don’t judge it join and help make it grow!


We are a active discord server!

Our server allows toxicity if your soft then maybe you shouldn’t join.

We are a 10/10 organized server.

We have many fun bots for people to use.

Over the age of 13 can join.

If your looking forward to be a staff, you can join, and apply soon!

We have friendly staff that will support you, if you need their help.

You can support us by joining and inviting your friends.
Welcome to NSFW Thigh Nation! A server dedicated to bringing you your thigh needs! We are a fast growing and friendly community with an active member base that grows every day!
We have...


Approachable Staff!

Variety of NSFW Thigh channels!

Music Bots!

Custom Roles! (soon to be added)


Loads of fun bots to play with!

200+ members and still growing!

Dating is allowed but any cat-fishing is immediately banned.

(We are also open to partnerships for any type of server, as long as it meets the requirements. Read the requirements in #rules and dm member of staff to partner.)

This is ThighsPalace<3
What's it about? Well this server is for your pictures but now the main goal is to form a community and make friends. So come join us and see im sure you'll like it here <3
Welcome to Popcorn!! ⁂
This is a fun, friendly server to chat with others and make friends!
We are a new server and are trying to find more people to be apart of us. We would love you to come and stay and hang out with others and chat!