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We are a crusader themed server. We have general and gaming chats and are willing to expand as more people join. Come join us, DEUS VULT, Neat Da ZE.
The Templars Empire

The Templar Empire, the powerful Empire of all of Middle East, would be set into the era of 1900s, with European - Like Government System, and Society too, they'd quickly invade the rest of the Middle East, which role will you take, as you join the Server? The Military? The Government? The Police Forces? Well, the Emperor is in need for you to Join the Special Templars Order, so join the Server, now!

' 𝕯𝖊𝖚𝖘 𝖁𝖚𝖑𝖙!' - Pope John I

The Crusading Templars, is a Community - Based, with a RP channel to spice things up ( Life Role-play ), we even have economy bots, and other fun bots you can play with, along with politics in it, like the Parties, Debates or more over, I do not guarantee we have great staff, but we could have a great community? What are you doing? Join the Templars Empire, and make it glorious, and victorious!

' 𝕲𝖔𝖉 𝖂𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖘 𝕴𝖙! ' - King Richard the First of England

We're unhistorical, and there might be huge load of history accuracy broken, but we're a Fictional Nation, with a fun community, we have many things, and if you want something to be added onto a server, there's a suggestion channel for you to suggest something, to greatly improve the Server, and to further guide us to success, our goal is to be big, and a friendly community, having roleplay, political debates, community, debates or whatever, we still need your media's help to improve the server, so, you can support us by joining the Server, to fully make it successful, and we'll try to get feedbacks, and improve the server.


The Templars is a work in progress clan server. I appreciate anyone who joins because without you this can’t grow!
New Templar Order is a server that serves as a shield for it's allies. We go by an Oath that all our Knight's can respect!

What the Knights Templar has to offer:

• A friendly community

• Protection for our allies

• Gambling & Bot commands

• Role-play that everyone can enjoy

• And more!

Join our ranks in the New Templar Order!
Damoiselles, Damoiseaux.

Bienvenue dans l'enceinte du temple de l'Ordre. Préparant la 10e croisade, vénérant Deus, je vous propose de rejoindre une communauté.. Que dis-je une Fraternité. Une fois arrivé aux portes, au moment de décliner votre identité, nous demanderons une brève présentation (dans l'esprit du serveur ) et vous pourrez présenter un laisser-passer : "Deus lo vult, Militium Christi"
It is 1250 A.D., the Catholic Church rules most of Europe, with the power of the Romans. There is trouble stirring between France and England. But what is new, though in France, the Templar Order is under a threat when their Temple Master is murdered on the road. They are launching an investigation about this killing, before the Master died, he had left a will for his student to take his place if he ever died. During this investigation, they find a scroll referencing to one of the Holiest objects...the Holy Grail..
We are the saucy all american christian meme zone.
Remember kiddos, you can join and get ranked up really quickly and we have custom ranks for people to meme on.
We are a crusade themed youtube/bit chute/twitch channel. For a god while gaming will be our main focus and play games like Dark Souls. In the future, when there is more funding, we want to expand.
Crusading staging point is a server for crusader meme and to share our knowledge about the crusades also to stage raids against heresy
Deus Vult brethren!

The thots are upon us! It is time for you to uptake your holy duty in slaying them and keeping our world safe and sacred from their utterly horny ways! To arms, Brothers! Enlist today.