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Looking for a safe, protective, and supportive family? Then you've stumbled upon one of most supportive communities you'll ever find! We try our best to keep the server a happy, welcoming, and most importantly—a fun place to be!~ We have a very active chat with loads of entertainment, memes for all you bored peeps, bots for the playful ones, venting for the ones in need, attentive and interactive staff, and plenty more!
↻;;`🖍️`↷Young Artists!

`💌`₍₁₎ a server dedicated to supporting young artists!
> — {`🐾`} helpful staff
> — {`🍣`} fun challenges
> — {`🧧`} sfw, lgbtq+ safe, non-toxic
> — {`🏮`} self assignable roles
> — {`🥢`} looking for pms/ams

› 〉`🍒` .ೃ come join us! ‘ `🔖`„ ↴
the city is loud, bustling and bright. glowing neon lights flash in your vision, chaos swirls in the air. back at home, whether it’s a small, cramped apartment or a lonely mini-mansion, you lie in your bed, tired

finally you fall asleep, giving in to the pulling darkness. finally, peace is around you, within your soft pajamas and soothing blankets. up above, in the clouds, in your dreams, is where the angels play, it is quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. there are no worries here, only curiosity and adventure.


here in the Night Haven, we solidify and bring to life that very vision. there is no stress, no pain, as you can allow yourself to leak all of those feelings out.

here it is quiet, where you can listen to gentle music or just indulge yourself in the tranquil chatting of your fellow friends.

here it is peaceful, where there is no anger, only amusing bots and engaging events.

and here it is beautiful, where all our channels are formatted with aesthetic care and polished with lovely pictures. it is set in a night time, angels and stars theme, to replicate your very dreamscapes when you sleep.


join ・:*:・゚☾ The Night Haven ☽・:*:・゚ , a chill server to make new friends and have fun. we have:

★ a calm and safe space
☆ fun bots
★ simple roles including colors and pronouns
☆ plenty of supportive members to befriend
★ lgbtq+, gender, race, religion, and other group support
☆ and an environment open to new ideas, built upon your creativity!

we hope you can join us to increase our numbers and multiply our love

enjoy your stay here </3
Welcome to the Brain Break Café!
We are a mental health server for people 15 or older, that is based entirely around positivity!

Our goal is to provide a safe place for people to hang out and have fun, and support each other in healthy positive ways!

Some features include:
♡ - A trigger list to keep members safe.
♡ - Channels for sharing positive coping mechanisms.
♡ - A ticket system for private suggestions
♡ - Self-assignable roles
♡ - A starboard!
♡ - Giveaways
♡ - A cute, gentle café theme

We are:
♡ - LGBT friendly
♡ - Traumagenic system friendly
♡ - Age regression/little friendly
♡ - Neopronoun friendly
♡ - Supportive of anyone and everyone as long as they're positive!

♡Come join us!♡
“Beep Boop Central :D” is just as cool as it sounds. There is currently about an even mix of male and female members. A group of friends supporting one another and just having a good time! We are looking for new members to join our fun community for game nights, movie nights, karaoke, study sessions, just vibing, and more! We try to make our server extra inclusive for everyone and anyone!
Knock knock come in bb

Hey! Looking to join an aesthetic new server full of nice and supportive people? Come join ours! We have game nights, karaoke, introductions, art challenges/contests, and so much more! We don't allow any toxic, lgbt-phobic , racism and anything along those lines people. Hope to see you soon!
this is just a honest place to make new friends and have fun made by 2 people we've got so much and we're open for suggestions
- a friendly place for any and all.
- you always got something to do so you never get bored.
come chat or kill some time we'll be welcoming you!
We're a small but, pretty interactive and friendly Hazbin/Helluva roleplay server that also doubles as a little hangout for those who don't want to roleplay. We don't judge, all levels of rp skill are welcome and no hate allowed. We have tons of emojis, we're supportive and willing to even help you improve your rp if you want! Come chat, roleplay or even just look at art, memes, or steal emojis. We offer vc nights, singing, gaming, streaming or drawing together. We have bots such as MEE6 and a CAH one as well, we're always open to more ideas for bots. Rules are simple and easy to follow and I and our mods are always ready and eager to help if you need help.
We allow OCs, everybody has a max limit of 3 OCs they can play unless they also play a canon character then they are limited to 2.

Canon characters we still have room for plenty, we will begin to do auditions for them seeing as some people take a character and then go silent and never write. So please make sure you're gonna be active somewhat.

All must show proof of age to show they are 18 and older. Minors won't be kicked but will be limited to only SFW channels. We have a SFW role that is blocked from seeing all NSFW.

Art prompts. We have plenty of talented artists in our server.

Friendly and supportive community, if you need to vent simply do so, we aim to be a safe space for all involved.

No trolls. We are very strict about that so no worries about those.

We offer literate experienced roleplayers who can help you better your rp skills if you want but, all skill levels are welcome.

We offer bonding nights.

Shipping is allowed, do not hate on any ship though.

We have a Voxagram channel, that's always fun. Where being out of character won't be an issue.

Welcome to the "Chill Cookies Chat", a server where we promote positive/productive behavior and making new friends while vibing to your favorite songs. We believe that everyone should be treated equally and have the same opportunities to meet new friends while having fun. I hope you all enjoy your time here with us!
- ♡Chocco_Chippie♡

♡ Supportive & Chill Community
♡ Fun Bots
♡ QotD and Other Events (COMING SOON)
♡ Efficient Staff

Welcome to WLG! We're a small group of people that just want to talk and support each other while we are stuck in our homes! We offer a wide range of topics to talk about with your peers, and plan to do movie nights and play party games in the near future! Please only anyone 18 or older. Hope to see you there! :)
```**˗ˏˋ Animalium ࿐ྂ**

╰──> ˗ˏˋ [ Introduction! ] ˎˊ˗

୨୧ ˖˚˳⊹ ₊˚•. ˖˚˳ ‧₊˚• ˖˚˳⊹ ₊˚•. ˖˚˳ ‧₊˚• ‧ ˖˚˳⊹
┊We are a small, wholesome community
┊dedicated to self-care and pet-care!
┊We hope to provide a welcoming
┊atmosphere for those who join us! ♡
୨୧ ˖˚˳⊹ ₊˚•. ˖˚˳ ‧₊˚• ˖˚˳⊹ ₊˚•. ˖˚˳ ‧₊˚• ‧ ˖˚˳⊹
╭────────────◟ ˎˊ˗
╰──➤ ˖˚˳ **Key features:**
❥┊ ➳ A friendly community
❥┊ ➳ Self and pet care channels
❥┊ ➳ Fun, interactive bots
❥┊ ➳ Currency system
❥┊ ➳ Partnerships
❥┊ ➳ Our own Twitter
❥┊ ➳ Fun self-assignable roles
Welcome one and all to Eyeland!
a place for all dungeons and dragons lovers and artists! hell fuck it. it's for everyone. IF YOU HAVE A NICE PERSONALITY AND ARE COOL YOU CAN COME this server welcomes all especially DMs . artists. and cool peeps come to hang out . if you're an artist you can also sell your commissions on here too!
Your soul belongs to me.
Hey there! This is the LGBTQ+ hangout. Yes, it says LGBTQ+, but we allow Straight Allies too!

What we offer:
-a friendly community to socialize with
-game nights (Among Us, maybe Terraria/Minecraft)
-Events such as the famous "Discord Sings"
-lots of fun bots such as MewBot, Dankmemer, Eli, etc
-level roles
-special role "passes", these are so users that join have a choice whether or not to look at the art or venting channels
-Rythm bot to listen to music
-a very kind and caring owner/staff team

And more soon to come!
Welcome to our server! Our aesthetic candy themed server is a non toxic, chill server. Come and make friends and have fun. Maybe even meet your soulmate (; Our server offers many things, other servers might not offer:

✎ A satisfying aesthetic layout

✎ A non toxic environment

✎ High moderation

✎ Fun channels, giveaways and events

✎ Creative roles

✎ Cute emojis

✎ Partnerships

✎ Simple and clear rules

✎ And MUCH more, only you can see when you join. (:

Join us today and experience a once in a life time experience, here at 𝘊𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘺 𝘓𝘢𝘯𝘥
┊ Aiko;;
๑‧˚┈ ┈ ‧˚⊹ 。˚⋆
┊fun interactive activities
୨୧ supportive members
✿ ʚ not too strict rules to keep things safe but fun! ɞ
୨୧ great place to get help, advice, and more for things
from your personal life, LGBTQ, and more!
๑‧˚ ┈ ┈ ♡ ┈ ‧˚⊹ 。˚
-ˏˋ Welcome to Paradise 火 ˎˊ-

We are a SFW, 13+ hangout server who strive to have a toxic free community.

— ୨୧ What we offer!
🌿・Aesthetic layout
☁️・Occasional events and giveaways
🌿・Self assignable roles
☁️・Active chats & vcs
🌿・Friendly staff & members
☁️・Various of fun bots
Wowza! A server with great mods, great channels and roles, and a great (not to be prideful but uh.. heh) owner!?!? Where else can you find that? Answer: Nowhere uwu. Look at rules and info channels in the server for more information, i wuv u! <3

- Includes a NSFW section for 18+ members
- All age server, 13 and up are welcomed happily!
- A small, growing community with fun bots!
- A great place to start out being a furry!
- Fair moderation!
- Takes suggestions seriously and tries to improve the server in any way we can!
𑁍┊사랑병 ˎˊ˗
mena's cult ♡꙼̈ ࿐ ࿔

┊ ┊ ┊ chat can be dead at times, but comes alive often !!

┊ ┊ ┊we like to talk and gossip, listen to music

┊ ┊ ✫ we host holiday parties in our vc ^_^

┊ ⊹ ⋆ most of us play roblox, minecraft, or among us

┊. we're looking for new ACTIVE people to meet & talk to !!⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
⠀⠀✧ can't wait to meet u <3
This server here is just a place where Xbox Gamers can get together and play! Come join and meet new people and make new friends! If you need help with some grinding in a game or if there's just one level in a game you can't make it through, then join to see if you can get some help! We play an assortment of games from Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Sea of Thieves, For Honor, Halo 5, Destiny 2 and an few more! We hope you join!
Well we're chill, cool, humble and pretty entertaining sometimes LOL. Good vibes, Good people, Clean server where you can hang out, talk about what's going on in your life either good or bad and just relax with the other members and we support each other because at the end of the day we're all in this together :)
- Awesome People ✨
- Rapidly Growing Server ✨
- Discord Community Guidelines #SFW ✨
- Mental Health (Venting)✨
- Much Much MORE!!!!! ✨