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Heroes Born

Heroes Born is a Super hero VS Super Villain RP that wishes to create an active community with everyone involved! We want the people who come in here to help in the struggle for Horton City. That is both owned by the U.S and Canada (yes its weird) But! We are generally a friendly community. Be cool, and we will be cool with you. ^-^
📕 Character Freedom
📕 Active Staff
📕 Friendly Owner
💎 Plenty of RP channels ^-^
💎 Open story (players make a impact on the RP)
💎 Events
⚔️ Heroes and Villain factions allowed
⚔️ Dark themes and ideas are allowed fully
⚔️ Friendly community of course.
🛡️ Fast Growing
🛡️ Fun Bots ^-^
🛡️ Friendly Staff
The Coldest Night
“It still has yet to come”
In Ontario, Canada a rogue villain rampages through the night leaving horrific crime scenes. PLEA, a worldwide organization which seeks to eliminate all superhumans, can’t seem to track him down. A hero strong enough to oppose them and put a stop to the Wendigo is sorely needed. Will you rise to the challenge and serve this monster the justice he deserves? Will you take advantage of the chaos, and pursue your own goals? Or will you submit to PLEA and make yourself a tool to dispatch of the outlawed heroes and villains skulking about?

- Unique lore, which continues to expand.
- ‘Chaotic Fiction’ style storytelling, changing along with you!
- Simplistic and complex powers are welcomed eagerly!
- Minimal clutter, to avoid 100 empty channels.
- Administrators that are here to help!

Hey have you ever wanted to be apart of a brand new world filled with magic, mystery and power ? With a community filled with tons of great people! This could be the perfect place for you.

-We are developing a RP section of our Discord server and we want new and experienced people to come help us!
-DM's, Mods, and admins will be needed for our new section and we hope to find some dedicated people
-We are community driven and decide things based on what YOU want! Including the lore, power levels, balance and everything that comes to mind with a discord RP
-It was the dawn of time, at the creation period there were three sets of beings. A mysterious god like being, Angels made from the pure essence of the universe whose purpose was to guide the flow of time. The Jinn were the third being at the period of creation, but they were trapped in Paradiso to guide lost souls. During the 1st millennium Merlin a wizard, the first of his kind was born. His essence was special and the Angels would watch over him, in wonder of what he may become. The Jinn after being trapped for trillions of years also felt this presence which had shifted the balance of Paradiso. With the imbalance of power the jinn banded together to free themselves from the Angels, Iblis leading the charge. Iblis was the most powerful Jinn, evil in nature he would have only half of the Jinn’s support. There were seven in total, Iblis made from inferno of the abyss had 3 of the jinns loyalty. Amon, made of the pure essence of fire. The last of his followers was Astaroth, who was made the first gorgon. The other three Jinn agreed to escape Paradiso but did not follow Iblis. These three were Baal, Made of Lighting, Paimon A female jinn made from wind. The last was Phenex made from the part of the essence of the angels, who was the key to their escape.
-The Angels would try to banish them back to Paradiso but would fail each time, until they would come to Merlin for help. Merlin would create the Genie lamps. They used these to trap the Jinn making them believe they were in a perfect fantasy, copying the magic from Paradiso. The Jinn would only stay stable and controlled in the lamp if they were released and allowed to use their magic. They would grant the Humans wishes, which over time started changing the landscape of the world. The wishes alone were not the only reason for the changes, but the real consequence came from the pure essence of the Jinn flowing into the world.
-The next generation of mankind would be born, those of legend were a reality. The greek gods of legend, although less god and more human than told. Gilgamesh, Hercules, Nicolas Flamel all of the greatest myths and legends were created. After many centuries people have grown accustomed to people with magic and power, Thus a new age of man began
Lellorium. You may have heard of it: a huge urbanized archipelago of the eastern coast of the United States, where superheroes and supervillains battle for dominance across six distinct regions. A land of bountiful opportunity, and abundant dangers. Power and riches, glory and renown; all can be found here by those with the strength and ambition to claim them. Many have sought them, and many have failed, their blood staining the streets and their ideals crushed to dust, in a city all too familiar with violence and disaster.

Maybe you’ll be the one to clean up the streets, and usher in an era of peace and prosperity. Maybe you’ll be the one leading the gang that terrorizes the populace and spits on the rule of law. Or maybe you’ll cross people you shouldn’t have crossed, tread streets you should never have tread, and end up fleeing for your life…

Come and find out.


Hi there! Lellorium is an original superhero roleplay set in a world where metahumans are commonplace, and their brutal conflicts have shaped the world around them. We’re an active, 100+ member server featuring a badass staff team, extensive original lore, event battles that threaten the setting and push characters to their very limit, and an elaborate power classification system that allows for creativity in character and power creation, while keeping things balanced overall.

We’re currently seeking both heroes and villains to come join our ongoing story. Whether you’re saving civilians in Central, dealing drugs in Dusryal, or just hanging out at the Sogo Saloon, there’s a place for everyone here... So if any of this sounds interesting to you, come check us out, and jump into the ever-evolving world of Lellorium!

A warning: this server contains mature themes. While we are not NSFW, violence, horror, and dark storylines are not uncommon. Join at your own discretion.
Íroas City, a city full with heroes and villains! But heroes still have to prove themselves and villains still have to put their stamp on the city. The media calls them vigilantes, the government calls them criminals, will you be the one to change public opinion? How about the drama, the romance, the action? Live all of that but only you can choose on which side you fall.
We offer:
Creative Freedom
The Best Owner :)
Enough RP Channels (But We're Still Growing)
Awesome Events
You Can Actually Impact The World And The Story
And So Much More!

We are a brand new server, seeking more members to join and help foster a literate, story-driven BNHA roleplay! Not much has happened yet, and new members will get an early place in the server's development!

Set in a time period roughly ten years after the events of the Manga, BNHA: Blue Valley takes place in scenic Star Shore, New Jersey in the United States with a myriad of IC locations and OOC channels for you to enjoy yourself. Features of the server include, but are not limited to:

- Literate, story-driven roleplay!
- Options to create a Student at Blue Valley Academy, an established or up-and-coming Pro Hero, or even a Villain if you're more on the EVIL SIDE!
- Potential to rise in the ranks to become the top hero in the state, the country, or even the world!
- Regular, high-impact events designed to showcase everyone's talents mixed with casual, off-the-cuff roleplay scenes!
- A rich world full of heavily designed and customized NPCs!
- An invested staff to help answer questions or suggestions!
- Art, discussion, and optional NSFW channels for those inclined!

In order to join the server at large, you'll need to submit a roleplay sample, but once you're confirmed, you're ready to go! We can't wait to have you!
Welcome to Marvels: Clash of Two Worlds!

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a Literate to Semi-Literate Marvel server with helpful staff, a good community, and an all inclusive plot? Well this is definitely the server for you!

This alternate universe has some of the same characters as the Marvel Universe and MCU, but they may have slightly different backstories and different adventures, there are also some original characters created by players.

What we can offer:
Multiple locations!
Chill and Friendly Community!
Regular content updates!
Monthly Events!
Set before your favorite mcu movies, movie events will take place
Make your own OCs and the staff will get to you right away!
We are a growing community with lots of staff positions available

The year is 2020, and superheroes seem to be the main line of defense against the many threats that have started to pop up since the Tesseract's existence on Earth. For years now have the Avengers, X-Men, and other teams have defended the Earth, a new threat has begun to loom over, and could be the herald of the largest threat yet.

•We have an ever growing and evolving plot, with plot events working up towards an “infinity gauntlet” event!
•You can roleplay as your own rendition of a classic Marvel character! Have you ever wanted to be your own version of Spider-Man, or Iron man? This is the place for that!
•There’s always something going on, and while slice of life is incorporated into the rp it doesn’t take over.
•Every member has an opportunity to be important and affect the story.
•A Mad Titan will reign...and there will come a time to defend yourself and the universe!
•There will be an active multiverse element incorporated into the role play soon!

Feel free to partner with us!

Join today to claim a character!!!
Opening Lore

The year is 2020 and everything seems normal in the city that never sleeps. The Avengers, consisting of it's original 6 and some additional members, were rarely saw in their hero persona, the city being void of any serious threat. It's believed some of the Avengers have resorted to monitoring the streets.

There were also new heroes. Heroes that aren't as known as people like the Avengers, the X-Men or any other popular group. But these heroes were doing just as good as a job, cleaning up crime the best they can all across the boroughs.

The most recent upcoming of heroes were the S.O.T.U - Spiders of the Universe. A group of people that were brought out of alternative dimensions and forced inside of this one.

Something is coming. No one but me and you know that something is coming. And the universe may not be ready. Will you fight alongside the heroes of NYC, or use your gift to destroy the heroes for whatever reason you have. Or maybe you will be living your life, trying to avoid the war. Join now!

**In the World of Man**
There was a dawn of hero’s but with hero’s came big bad villains. Teams were formed for hero’s and villains alike to come together and plot against one another. The hero’s maintain the peace of this dreaded world, oh but the villains. Well they only try to break it down.. Come join the fight choose your side and begin your story along side the worlds mightiest hero’s and the worlds deadliest villains. Don’t shy away from the great opportunity before you! Come join this great new community with people alike as we role play our stories with a great dramatic effect as this server becomes its own __New World__

What we bring!
•A new community🐦
•Group Events🐻
•Many open characters🐨
•Great Staff 👯‍♂️
In the spam of 5 hours, the world has lost all hope. There was a massive war between the forces of good vs evil, the Avengers vs The Masters of Evil. In the end, the Avengers managed to beat back against the Masters of Evil but with a cost. No one managed to survive the battle, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, all gone.

1 Year Later, the world was just under chaos and there was no heroes to save them so SHIELD had to put up a new solution, try to bring in the Next Generation of Heroes in order to fight back against the new forces of darkness. This included the children of many heroes and some new ones that was inspired by them to become the next heroes of Earth. However, when there is Heroes, there is always Villains. So, do you choose to take the route of either a hero, or a villain?
Before you read the rest of this, let me just tell you right now. This server has nothing to do with Marvel, DC, or any established universe like that. If you're tired of run-of-the-mill superhero servers using the same tired out villains and roleplaying the same disasters, then this is the place for you. We've got calm, friendly staff that are committed to making your time here enjoyable, in-depth original lore, interesting RP locations that aren't just different areas of New York (Phoenix and Washington D.C. to name a couple), and we're always ready to accept any feedback.

It is the year 2019 and pop culture has moved to the internet. As heroism has evolved over the decades so have the heroes and their structure. Heroism is now a career path, allowing metahumans and brave normal humans to work as heroes rather than struggling to balance heroism with a 9-5 shift. With this change and the popularizing of the internet and social media came a race for popularity.

Heroes now regularly compete to be famous. The smarter heroes picking an audience and playing to those people with their personality and costume design. The greater the acts of heroism, the farther the spread is online and the more popular the hero is. With Millennial heroes came a shift. Outright acts of heroism still performed regularly, yet mixed heavily with the idea of popularity. The popularity of a hero often directly related to their wealth and success.

Yet, amongst all the heroes vying for the public’s attention, some remain in the shadows. Hiding from the camera to do their job. Some such heroes became famous, even legendary, despite their best efforts. The Batmen of their generation, gathering fame through mystique while the Supermen gain fame through feats.

Which will you be?

•semi-lit roleplay
•one on one or group rp
•more options than just heroes or villains
•be a vigilante in New York or a hero in Nightwatch across the U.S., a solo villain or a villain in the Contingency, a criminal, an antihero, or even a civilian
•we prefer detailed weaknesses to powers. Any accident or “accident” that can happen will happen!
In the year 2021 a hidden war unknown to the common began between the U.S. Government and a rogue scientist named Zachariah. Zachariah had created artificial superhumans known as Subjects, but the government feared the creations would turn on them. Both sides may have a reason for winning, but only one side can come out victorious...
Welcome to the Avengers (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

We dedicate our server to everything Marvel related. Currently, we are low on members so we would really appreciate new members and support.

We offer fun gaming bots, music, new information on all things Marvel and much more.

Everyone is welcomed to join our growing family of Marvel fans, so feel free to stop on by!
In this Rp the people and their characters will experience an amazing time roleplaying as Heroes and villains! we offer events and the story isn't set so we build the story as we go!
A Marvel sister-server to our successful DC counterpart, which has been up and thriving for around a year. As this has just begun, we have a lot of your favourite characters free and for the taking. We're looking for Avengers, X-Men, the whole lot... Come and write as your favourite Marvel characters in our extended (AU) Marvel Universe server!
A time of peace fell upon the world of hero’s during this period. Petty crimes, and maybe small criminals have been the only few issues in the following years leaving the hero’s not much to do since police could handle it just fine. But still behind the scenes was the intense lessons and classes of UA High school and Shiketsu High. With the rivalry between those 2 top schools more and more students started to pour into the classes being just as strong as the class that entered before them. With the past years of easy classes with no interruptions a lot of hero’s graduated with their hero’s license going onto live their lives and try to reach the top hero spot, and becoming the paragon of justice. But of course with the countless addition of hero’s, there was a countless amount of criminals doing petty crimes or robbing something. But then there was still the hidden villains the ones plotting on finally taking down UA and Shiketsu. After the “Years of peace” their plans might finally come to fruition, but only time can tell.

Although for years students haven’t had any hardships with villains the hero’s knew something had to happen. A world of powers and no villains is almost impossible, and as they thought there was always a bit of darkness lurking, and stalking the hero’s from the shadows. All it needed was the perfect time to strike...
Welcome to Earth Porek

If you could have any power you wanted, what do you reckon you could get? How far do you think you could push that power? How much do you bet that everyone else would do the same thing in your shoes?

This is a Parahumans focused RolePlay server, based on the stories by Wildbow. We have a particular focus on creating our own unique story, focused most around the idea of creating our own lore in a familiar setting without so much of the same lore and baggage. There’s tons of room for original content and unique and interesting powers to explore.

While we may for a time to come still be under construction, we already have structure in place to help players make characters and generate their own unique content for the server. We prioritize your own self-expression and creativity beyond anything else, meaning we’re open to fill in and build as we go.

What we offer:
> An open and friendly RP environment
> Flexible and easy to understand rules
> A canvas for you to express your own ideas with minimal restraint
> Room for growth and expansion

What we look for:
> Literate, but willing to be flexible
> Third person

Its only a few simple things we look for and we hope to provide as much bang for your buck as possible. We only want your story with us to be a good one.

We're also open for staff and moderators, please feel free to ask if you're looking to mod.
The year is 2362. The advent of naturally occurring superpowers, eventually named quirks, is now three and a half centuries behind society. In these years, individuals made use of these powers for both selfish and selfless means. Laws were implemented to accommodate the use of quirks, and the profession of heroes was born. In the following years, the profession moved away from its previous noble ideals to a more rigid structure of business and bureaucracy. No longer was having a license enough to perform your work. Heroes needed to be part of an agency and could only work within a certain jurisdiction. The system of agencies started with multiple, run by an assortment of heroes; only for them to merge and law be put in place making the establishment of a new agency a legal nightmare. Aside from the legal issue, the consolidation of these agencies made it nearly impossible for a smaller agency to stay afloat as the larger agencies would receive missions and bounty rewards from the government much more often. Usually, these smaller agencies either failed or their heroes were taken in by a larger one. This leads to the current state of heroism.

Come join us in this budding server! Choose between the two of NYC’s hero agencies or become a villain causing chaos on your own or in your own organization!

The Server makes use of rankings and bounties for the heroes and villains respectively.

For the powers that superheroes and villains ultimately rely on our server makes use of the power system from the series MHA. Though despite this it is not necessary to have watched the series to be able to RP effectively in the server.

With it being based on the show we make use of a bot to randomly generate a quirk from the show for you to potentially make use of for your OC (with some banned due to balance).

With that, we hope you will join this community and begin in the world of heroes and villains we hope to make.
Come on come all!
Step right up to a server filled with heros and Villains trying to make a name for themselves in this wicked world. You'll love it here I swear, if you are especially fond of the whole Angel and Demon scenario than we're knocking two birds with one stone here. We accept cannon characters such as Beetlejuice and My Hero Academia characters. I hope you have a fun time here and remember, "His pants is large." -Logan Johnson, 2020
Discuss and be updated on Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Gotham, Krypton, Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, and much more!
Join our Marvel roleplaying server to roleplay with other like-minded Marvel fans! We have all sorts of characters ranging from X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four and more! Hope you come and rp with us, you're always welcome to join us!
Volotus Isle
A RPG-Superhero themed Tabletop RP
🎲 A Dice System
📁 Organized Documents
⚔️ Combat System
🔢 Stats System
🚱 Custom OCs
📘 Deep Lore
And much more like quests, npcs, and monsters!
Live on the island as a superhero, supervillain, antihero or vigilante; each with their own goals, fight eachother or fight a gang, make peace and socialize, build story
If anyone is curious here's what i have for the plot

Our story takes place 10 years after season 3 of my hero academia in henka city... Henka city is a massive city spanning many miles in all directions. And is home to many people of varying types from heroes to villains to citizens. This city is where the entirety of our rp takes place, within a landform created by tectonic disruptions 100 years prior to our story.. it has since become a great tourist destination as well as standing as a great training location due to the terrains that have been created via humanities changing of the environment. It rests on the island of tsuihō. Meaning remnants in English.

Unknown to the general populous within the dark sides of this Glorious city a group of villains have been at work no the next generation with their own school. Raising them to carry on the title of villain.

Will you defeat evil or embrace it. It's all up to you. As there IS no 'Winning side' here.. things could lean towards the hero, or just as easily fall to the villains.. let's wait and see

Within our humble server we offer
- a new take on the my hero academia formula
- a chance to view the world within a light you may not have
-a place where villains can do more then just twiddle their thumbs
- a place where ideas from the roleplayers will be listened to.
-we offer a team of mods with different perspectives to ensure that everything and everyone is at least given a chance at success.

If you are interested please feel welcomed to join us on the island of Tsuihō.
The end of the universe has come, the Justice League has been defeated. The latest Doctor formerly of The Authority has set the clock back, but into a different dimension. A world where technology is completely replaced by magic and the heroes and villains are all transformed to supernatural creatures. Even those heroes without powers are transformed depending on their theme determines what they become. Apollo for example was transported to mount Olympus in Greece where it is revealed the Greek Gods were real and in this universe he was one of them. But not all is right in this new world, forces are moving and shadows bind, what will happen? Who knows.

Create your hero, or villain, or civilian, in a world of fantasy, magic and peril. The areas are the same, Gotham. Metropolis etc but with extreme differences. Gone are modern day trappings, the medieval era has arrived once more. King arthur setting. Heroes are literally gods, or monsters in this strange, new yet old world.

Erp is allowed here

Marvel characters are allowed

Heroes from other companies, genres, fandoms are allowed be that a lesser known comic label or an anime or manga.