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We are a small community discord.
Game-wise we play mainly Smite and Minecraft.
But if you're not a game person, you can join just to chat with us. We're completely accepting and chill. As long as you are too, then we'd be glad to have you. <3

Always looking for more bad memes to be added to our collection.
*We just went through a remodel, come see our brand new server!*
- Trevor <3
Welcome to the Rogue Company unofficial discord!

We are a community-run discord server dedicated to the discussion of Rogue Company and other Hi-Rez games. Please read #rules and stick to them, we don't want to have to mute/ban anyone.
Aceasta este o comunitate dedicata clanului RoZMX si jocului SMITE. Toti jucatorii de SMITE sunt bineveniti si ne dorim sa creem un mediu cat mai prietenos pentru toata lumea. Apartenenta la clan nu este obligatorie dar e recomandata. Suntem o comunitate de SMITE si acceptam pe oricine joaca acest joc atata timp cat stie ce e bunul simt si respecta regulile impuse de noi.
We are a community of Non Toxic Gamers. We are just here for fun and to uplift the communities of the games we love!
El servidor era dedicado a la comunidad de mixer, y es dedicado a Smite en general. Pero decidí abrirlo para convivir con mas personas,

Un server para platicas chills, compartir tu día a día, hablar de anime, comida, y música, y sobre todo platicar/debatir sobre smite y sus cambios en general.

En el server principalmente jugamos en xbox, aunque también jugamos algunos juegos que poseen crossplay

El server cuenta con lo siguiente:

Reaction role's

Bots y canales de Música

Canales de:
Arte: Comparte tus creaciones con el resto!

IRL: te gustaría compartir tu día a día?

Anime: todo lo relacionado con anime/manga

Comida: venga, comparte recetas, o lo que comes :p

Randompost: todo sobre el shipost

Sala de Ayuda: Necesitas una mano amiga? alguien con quien hablar?

Videojuegos en general: todo lo que tenga que ver con el mundo de los videojuegos!

Salas dedicada a smite (patch notes, noticias, buils/guias, etc)

Tambien solemos jugar otros juegos de Hi rez tales como:
Realm Royale
y cuando este disponible: Rogue company

Únete y platica tus juegos favoritos y hagamos crecer esta agradable comunidad ^^
El server cuenta con todo lo mencionado anteriormente. Espero des una oportunidad y puedas pasarte y formar parte de esta pequeña pero gran familia
Bienvenido o Bienvenida a STAR CITY.
eThots is a widely diverse community of hilarious characters. We enjoy playing video games such as Smite or Smash, and even enjoy watching anime together. It’s a pretty rad time. Our rules are pretty lenient, we’re a very free speech oriented server to a degree. Be a dick and get kicked is our motto here Buckko. Soooooo, to finalize it, we hope you join and spread love.
A group of gamers that plays Pick Up Games daily catered to a multitude of different tastes. Play, chat, and generally just hang out with us.
Your place to discuss smite and improve your skills! We craft theories and friendships that will carry you on the Battlefield of the Gods. A great community regardless of your gaming platform. It doesn't matter if you're new to SMITE or have been playing since Beta Testing, this server is for you! We hold nightly in house scrims at 8pm eastern EVERY NIGHT! Come join the fun!!
Welcome to Elysium! We are a gaming community that provides a safe and non-judgemental space for new and old players in NA, SEA and EU.

We mainly play Smite and Warframe but we're down for almost anything. However, if you feel like taking a break in between games, let’s chat about anime, manga, memes, food and some lifestyle hobbies such as fine wine & many more etc...

Sick of toxic players, unfair treatment by teammates and trolls that make the game worse for everyone? So are we.

Anyway, swing by and you just might find your next group of reliable teammates in Elysium.
Server created to start up a smite community because the server owner happens to be addicted to this game. Self roles, defense against raids and the like, and striving with the goal of becoming a popular smite community server. Plan to do giveaways such as Awesome Chests or Nitro as the server grows
Welcome to the Underpass, where we squat about, tell dirty jokes, play games, piss around and revel in general camaraderie. You can promote your stream, show off your content, and find things to do with people as they come along. The Underpass is a nice little joint, so don't be a downer, and we are still new so have patience please!
This is a server that exists for the sole purpose of finding new players to group with in Smite.
Mythic Reign is a community for mature people of all kinds, certainly heavily focused on Gaming and Social activities. We're a family and enjoy a good sense of humor. If you can laugh at yourself, or take darker humor, you've come to the right place! Movie Nights, Crazy Conversation, and lot's of fun!
Wir sind ein neugegründeter Multigaming Clan mit dem Fokus auf alle Hi-Rez Titel, also SMITE, PALADINS, REALM ROYALE und hoffentlich bald Rogue Company. Wir bieten einen tollen Discord Channel im Stil des Japanischen Mittelalters und ein detailierten Rangsystem. Unser Ziel ist es zunächst zu wachsen und uns auf Führungsebene zu strukturieren.

Was suchen wir ?
Wir suchen vorallem aktive Spieler. Welcher Rang oder Erfahrungsgrad spielt keine Rolle. Nutze jetzt deine Chance und bewerbe dich einfach auf unseren Discord Channel. Da wir gerade in der Enstehungsphase sind, ist dir jeder Weg offen bei uns !
If you like
- Strategy
- Europa Universalis
- History
- Politics
- Roleplay
- Nation Management

Then this is the place for you, we have custom roles and a semi-active voice chat too
Just a server I made to create community!

Some games im including thus far are SMITE and ASPHALT

what to excpect?

Server Ranking System
Server Leveling System

in discord chat

----Music Bot


----Gmod Talk

----League of Legends


PC Game Discussion
PS4 Game Discussion

Buenas, tenemos un servidor EU con la finalidad de organizar una comunidad hispanohablante de Smite.
Intentamos que el servidor sea mas o menos activó por lo que se recomienda hablar en los canales principales para presentarse y poder jugar entre todos.

Gracias de antemano .
Unete en este link :
We are just gamers looking to hang with others you domt have to be necessarily xbox but we all play together
a place where we can all play together without stupid rules.

*we have 2 different channels one for crossplay and another one waiting to be filled with ps4 players.
*self roles so you can tell all your friend you play mid

"I may not agree with what you say, but I shall defend to my death your right to say it"-Evelyn Beatrice Hall
Supports PC, PS4, Switch, XBox and cross-platform play.
This SMITE Server is for parties, inhouses and tournaments. If you want to enjoy SMITE together and get better, take a look. Everyone is welcome!