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Русский сервер в майнкрафте по фонду SCP, присоединяйтесь к отделам внутри Фонда, поывышайтесь в должности и в уровне допуска, сражайтесь за или против враждебных СО, изучайте различные аномалии и многое другое ждет вас.
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SITE-16 the most secure site as because of the fact that there is a pool that creates SCP'S
here we have things such as
active staff

SITE-16 is a place were you can make and help others make SCP'S once you have made a SCP you will be given a role to signify that you have
we will help you with any thing we can we have a growing community and a place for everyone

It is an scp & lgbt server. Watch this video to learn more about what this server is
A server of a project called SCP: Containment Facility,a roblox game being made,inspired in SCP Secret Laboratory and SCP Facility Lockdown.
🔱——⚠ ( Erysia SCP SL ) ⚠ ——🔱

Erysia est un serveur SCP: Secret Laboratory tout nouveaux avec des scp exclu comme SCP:682 et bien d'autre

❓ Un staff a l'écoute , sérieux , actif , est surtout passionner par le serveur !

❓ IP: ou nom :

❓ État : open

❓ SLOT : 20

『liens utiles』
❓ >Discord :

Les fondateur se nomme 🔰 Thomas🔰
Server has been completely redone. It isn't only focused on scp anymore. We now have a general chat where you have fun and talk about what you want, SCP: SL chat, among us chat and vc. I am really open for suggestions so don't hesitate requesting things in #suggestions We also have an SCP: SL server hosted in Europe (30 slots and low latency) with Exiled plugins (914 custom settings, 049 can talk to humans, tesla gates ignore foundation personnel, and more!).
Shift's Castle Community Server!

A server that is based on SCP: SL. We play other games such as Among Us and league of legends. All are welcome to join and play on our servers or events. This is just a chill community to play games and have fun while meeting new people.
This is a discord server for a server within SCP:SL. The rules are inside the server. We have events! If you have any questions, PM me, Chewbaccaforeyou#6715 (Players of all ages allowed) (US WEST)
I have just made a SCP Secret Laboratory Server. I'm looking for new players, staff, and people to help me run it. The server is called "Madman Madness." Currently we are just a small community, I'm doing my best by my self to try to expand it.

Right now we are just a little meme community you could say. Just a few people, but it's home, and we are sharing are humble of place with anyone who wishes to join us.
Welcome to the Appliance Alliance! This is a new, growing server for SCP: Secret Labratory. We are pretty relaxed and would love to come meet you, so come on down and join The Appliance Alliance!
Заходи на Сервер-PRO тут весело! У нас тут есть:

Хорошие админы/владельцы

У нас так же можно стать администратором/охранником/смотрящим/ и даже ивен-админом (ивент - админ для игры SCP SL)🎮

Так же есть очень крутые боты!👾

Сервер сакуры где вы в серьёз найдете все!Если попросите даже ради вас могут сделать категорию по играм!Сакура занимается игровыми серверами,созданию игровых проектов,и очень частых розыгрышей привелегий и денег!(если приведёшь к нам 3 человека получай "ВИП" бесплатно!
Friendly and professional community hosting an SCP:SL server in the region of Canada/US-East. Have any issues? Contact our active staff team.
Зона 51 это Текстовый Role play на тему SCP в (Лайт, хард, мидл) форме. На проекте вы сможете отыграть научного сотрудника который занимается изучением аномалий или же взять Повстанца хаоса и уничтожить комплекс. Так же присутствует отзывчивая администрация, постоянные ивенты, адекватное комьюнити и многое другое!
Serwer ,,Krwisty Pomidor SCP" to serwer discord, służący serwerowi w grze SCP: SL. Jakże interesująca i wybitna nazwa ,,Krwisty Pomidor" powinna zachęcić wielu graczy i inteligentnych ludzi.
I’m trying to grow this server a lot so I can add community games like rainbow 6 Minecraft scp SL destiny 2 etc I doesn’t matter what region your in
Description: Peter's Secret Lab is a new and upcoming SL server that is looking to have fun and make a tight knit community. We enjoy SCP lore and interacting with each other on our Discord which you can join here from this link:

Server features that we have on our server is the Serpents hand, tranquilizer gun, different 914 outcomes are just some of the
features this server has to offer.

Please consider joining our discord server if you wanna have a good time!
Server IP:
Site69 is a new scp:sl server we are in need of staff, we like to talk about a bunch of topics.