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Welcome Derg/Furry/Non-furry~D͞r͟a̷ke̵Ca͜f͝é̸

A Derg/Furry/Non-furry that is open for Buisness its currently still in development at the moment with a verification system, Roles for the members, Rp categories for all the Dergs and furries who like roleplaying, Nsfw roleplay and Yiff channels as well but join if you like.
Have a great day~!
Our sister server is up! Down to giff! Its this awesome idea i had in the works for a while. It's a collaborative discord server that will support the furry, pokemon, scalies, and pony fandom that focuses on artwork, gifs, roleplay, and social media. It brings all the fandoms together on one platform together!
Fluff Park is a WIP server trying to be completed. So far, we only have a small group of members. If you enjoy smaller servers, perhaps you could give us a chance?

Now then, about the server...

♥Polls. for all your poll needs.
♥Donations to help fund the server!
♥Levels! Higher level = more chats/privileges.
♥We do partnerships!
♥Furry community. (Non-furries are welcome too!)
♥Friendly members! Disrespectfulness is not tolerated.
♥Art channels for all you artsy furs!
♥A roleplay chat! (Only one... for now)
♥Plenty of other things you'll just have to join to see ;)
TIoD is a Warhammer server for scalies, dragonkin, and general dragon lovers. All people with a passion for dragons are meant for this place! We have a lot of shitposting, dragon porn, purgation of the enemies of Dragonkind, and our staff are highly laid-back! We hope to see you soon, brother!
Welcome To Mangle’s Furry Discord Server!
- This Server is spread across many
different platforms!!
Those include:
Kik, PC, PS4 and Xbox, giving you a chance to meet amazing people, with the same tastes as yourself.
Although this is technically a furry group, you no way, shape, or form are expected to be one. Anyone and everyone is Welcomed!
We have:
* Clean & Dirty Chats / Roleplays
* Games
* Neat Self Assigned Roles, and Roles you can earn.
* NSFW Chats
and general chats to chill and have a nice time.
^ Help Us Grow & Improve, all while we provide a safe and cozy home on Discord!!
We are a starter server looking for active members to help us grow and have good times
Draach is a dragon RP about two sides who have been in a feud for the past century. Will you watch your side rise in victory or crumble in defeat?
Welcome to Home of the Furs! In this server, we bring the furries and scalies across Discord together with: bots, self-assignable roles, all sorts of random commands, and much, much more!
Here are some of the features that comes along with Home of the Furs:
* Self-assignable roles
* Fun, random bots
* Media channels
* NSFW channel
* Levels
* Con times, schedules, and updates
* Videos
* Music
* Games/games discussion
* Access to a variety of memes, gifs, and external emojis
* Art
* Fanfiction
* Photos/selfies
* Much, much more!
Come and join us! We're a relatively new server, and would love new members to become part of our section of Discord. We'll be waiting!