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we own a lovely rust server, and we look to improve with your suggestions :) we do cash money give away a every week on our rust server. a vastly growing Rust community providing you the best Rust server experience.
Join the best rust server now!
Hopefully this server will help you to connect with others looking for a group/friend.
Roles Are Used To Help You Find People With Similar Hours/Age/Region
If you choose not to join then I wish you Good Luck finding someone to play with. :)
This is a casual furry server/community. With that being said and in mind, please understand that we encourage free speech and that users on our server may speak their own mind so long as it is not intended as harassment. This is in place as a retreat or escape from the infringement and censorship of speech seen on a lot of other furry servers.

& Over 4000 members and still growing
& Very nice :ok_hand: VC moments
& Game/Movie nights
& MineCraft- Ip:
& We accept anyone even normies/ weebs/ Bronies/ trolls/ Etc
& Owner is very chad
& Very Active Members
& Nsfw Section
& Open to change
Welcome to King's Playground!

Our community offers many different gaming experiences that everyone will enjoy, such as: SCP: Secret Laboratory, Gmod and Rust. Our community welcomes everyone, no matter where you're from or who you are. We are currently looking for capable staff members who can relax and play, but can also enforce the rules when need be.

So what're you waiting for? We'll be waiting for you to join us in the playground!
Rustbuddies Official Discord Server

A toxic free Rust community that is moderated 24/7. We pride our self's on good Admin Support and Lag Free Servers

The current servers that we own:
➥RustBuddies | 2x Vanilla | Quad | IP:
➥RustBuddies | 2x Vanilla | Duo | IP:
➥RustBuddies | US MAIN | IP:
The home of Rust’s Vanilla-inspired monthly server, modded to perfection. Join us every first Thursday of the month for Rust’s biggest wipe!

We pride ourselves on hosting Rust's the most popular monthly wipe server in the modded section! LucidGaming is the place to be on forced wipes - which is every first Thursday of every month 🙏

LucidGaming was modded over months of testing, to provide what is now one of the truest Vanilla+ servers in Rust. Enjoy dedicated performance and optimized plugins from some of the best developers in Rust. Begin your monthly journey now! 🙌
Hey! I'm Haxx, the owner of Haxx's Haven! I stream Brawlhalla (Rust very soon!) and love talking with my viewers! I have nearly 1.5k followers! Discord server has 1k members.
Fearless-Assassins is an active multi-gaming community hosting Enemy Territory, CoD, Insurgency, Day of Infamy and Rust.
Rustafarian, Australia's Best Rust Experience.

2x Main - Connect
2x Mondays Solo Duo Trio - Connect
Build Server - Connect
Fancy joining a friendly community, or looking for a good Rust Server? You have come to the right place.
Welcome to TemplarGaming!

[Server Information]

EU 10x Server
Wipe Schedule
Wednesday & Saturday 15:00 UK Time
Connect via IP

EU 5x Server
Connect via IP

US 10x Server
Connect via IP

The 20r was founded in February 28th 2014 as the 20th Regiment of Foot. Our roots stem from Mount and Blade Warband yet we eventually branched out towards Multi-Gaming. We strive to provide both quality casual and competitive experiences to our members in their favourite games. This is achieved through our years of experience, offering a strong foundation to uphold a robust clan structure. We go for quality over quantity, where every member is valued and represents the 20r as a whole.
Doki Doki is an Anime, Gaming and overall fun Discord community! We have our own Minecraft server and we have 2 Rust servers. We also have awesome Emojis, friendly members and are always excited to meet new people! Join us! We love ecchi :O
Hey ihr Rust begeisterten Spieler!Sucht ihr nach neuen Freunden mit denen ihr die dicksten Basen zerlegen und den besten Loot bekommen wollt? Dann seit ihr hier genau richtig ,denn der Server ist als Anlauf Stelle für Leute gedacht die einfach keine Lust mehr haben immer alleine zu sterben.Hier findest du Freunde auf jedem Skilllevel ! Also worauf wartest du noch?


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The above is brought to you by Reversal Esports, Kevin and Chris!


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Sunucu Adı: Phoenix 3x
⭐ Grup limiti : 5 - İttifak yasaktır
⭐ Sunucu 5 Günde bir Wipe atılacaktır.

Sunucumuzda neler mevcut?

⭐ 7/24 Online Adminler Tarafından İzlenmektedir.
⭐ /skinbox ile binlerce kaplamaya sahip erişim yapabilirisiniz.
⭐ Sunucumuzdaki mevcut Vip kitleri ile diğerlerinden bir adım önde olun!
⭐ <@&733787185115037766> Sunucumuzda en çok oyun aktif olan 1 arkadaşımıza vermiş olduğumuz ödüldür.
⭐ Sunucumuzun harita secimleri sizler tarafından oylama ile karar kılınır.
Rust French Community une des meilleures communautés rust existant !!

Avec plus de 900 membres vous pouvez trouver des joueurs avec qui jouer mais pas que !

Participez à des giveaways de skins rust !! Partager vos vidéos vos photos !!

Enfin bref un serveur communautaire de qualité 🤗

Vient nous rejoindre :
Wester Gaming™ is a Gaming Community, Server Host and Content Creator.
Since early 2017, we have been building our community of gamers and providing the best servers we can! We now host game servers for ARK: Survival Evolved, Atlas, Dayz, Rust and more!

Our Facebook:
Our YouTube:
Want to join a growing community for gamers? All servers with custom, unique aspects to them all? Then join AuroraServers! We thrive off the feedback and that's how we have grown! We always are seeking for talented people who can develop our servers to improve them! So if you looking for a job let me know! If you're a player you will enjoy our friendly community and the games we run! Hope you enjoy and make sure to give us feedback! Thank you! - Fxo