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Welcome to MadoutIsland!

Us here at MadoutIsland are providing gamers like you an amazing rust experience and one you wont forget! Recently we have opened up our first server and soon there will be more! Hope you can consider checking us out will be very much appreciated! Our server is growing day by day and has a very friendly and welcoming community.

We offer:
➡️ Active community.
➡️ Dedicated staff team.
➡️ Organized server.
➡️ Own custom bots.
➡️ We offer a fully built Rust server fo you to play on
✨Donation system!
✨Self-Promotion Area!
✨Streamer Friendly!
✨Youtuber Friendly!
------------------------- Servers -------------------------
➡️ [EU] 5X Solo/Suo/Trio
➡️ [EU] 2x Solo/Duo/Trio - COMING SOON!

👨🏻‍✈️ Chat Moderator applications are also open!

Join us today and hop along the journey!
Feel free to join our official discord which runs along side our main rust server! once your in the discord if you DM Chronixx_420 or SlimGK99 we will grant you access to the discord kit on our rust server.
* Weekly wipes on a friday
* Map is regularly updated with new monuments/features added
* Look for a team/clan to join up with.
* Dangerous Treasures and various missions available throughout the map.
* Completely custom and unique map you will only see on our server.
This is a server that is designed to allow people to LFG for ranked and casual game in Rainbow Six Siege. Sea Of Thieves is also supported; with crew LFG's and other fun activities within the game. Other games such as Rocket League, and Rust are also quite common as well. The server also has an active staff team and a working ticket system to report users of the server.
LIS (laughing in silence) EU Clan. If u are looking for a stable and organized rust clan. Avg member age 22y/o avg hrs 4000.
We offer
Rust, Among Us, Minecraft, Call Of Duty, Apex Legends Categories and voice channels. More games are to come from suggestions. All gamers are welcome.
Kuzgun2X Rust sunucusuna Hoşgeldin»Discord: »Serverda oynarken kuralları okumuş olarak kabul edilir ona göre yargılanırsınız. Sunucu bilgileri, •Takım Sınırı: 5 - İttifak yasak - Alışveriş serbest. •Maden Stack boyutları 3X kalanlar 2X. •Maden ve Lootlar 2X •Fırın Hızı 3X •Craft Hızları 2X •Geri Dönüştürücü Hızı 3X •FriendlyFire aktif. •Blueprint paylaşımı aktif. •Etler yanmaz. •Gündüz 59 dk, Gece 1 dk olarak ayarlanmıştır.
Replex Rust is a rust server that you can join. We have active staff and a good game server. The server is new so expect some glitches and some crashes.
-This Discord is the place for you to share you creativity as an artist (3D, skin designer, photograph, musician etc ...), get help from other experienced artists, hang out, talk, play and enter giveaways!

-If you need people to play "Among Us" feel free to join the server.

-You are also able to choose your own Rust and Art related custom roles, which define you

-We also make Rust videos based around Skin Showcases and Cinematics.
Hey you! Yea you! Are you looking for the most amazing experience a discord server can give? Well, you're in luck! We are the flawk, giving updates for all of your favorite games and more! So join us, and we promise you won't regret it!
We're friendly group of gamers with different games within our server for our community to have fun with and enjoyment while they stay
We are a group of mature members who enjoy the game Rust. We are all about having fun! LGBTQ+ Friendly as well. We have multiple servers, so join our Discord to find which one is right for you!
Welcome to Task Force!✨💫

🌟We are a community of friends who are opening up our server for others to join and join our friend group! Our server has many things, such as:

- 20+ current active members
- active and friendly admins
- 11 fun and interactive bots for you to mess around with
- Fun channels such as our general, fun facts, sharing time, funny image vids, art, and many others!
- a nsfw channel for all your nsfw needs
- 5 fun Voice Channels for you to talk to others and make new friends!

And many others! Just incase you’re not hooked in quite yet, here are some extra Pros and Cons! ✨

Pros -
We are pretty welcoming, and we understand jokes and don’t get offended.
We have lots of channels and bots for you to keep yourself occupied in.
We usually have daily Voice Channels with our active members.

We can sometimes come off as a toxic and offensive group, but we don’t mean it literally and unironically.
We’re still a little bit dead, but we have our few active members.
There are some Minors in here, but we don’t really think that as an issue.

Basically, we’re a little bit of a mess, but a fun and interesting one! Why don’t you stop on by and check things out, and we hope you enjoy your stay! 🌸✨
Join! its a really fun active community and you will see some drama sometimes with the mods but this is my second server because my old one got raided lol. wtf just join.