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Welcome to Tilted Hosting
here at tilted hosting we aim to provide affordable but high quality equipment
All our Minecraft server packages have a 12 core cpu and go for as low as $1.50
Official Discord server of crazeeey. For people who love CSGO and want a place where they can share ideas and meet new people. Chill, fun and a great server to be in. Join now!
Fancy joining a friendly community, or looking for a good Rust Server? You have come to the right place.
Welcome to TemplarGaming!

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EU 10x Server
Wipe Schedule
Wednesday & Saturday 15:00 UK Time
Connect via IP

EU 5x Server
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US 10x Server
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This is a community discord where we come here and have a good time and chill, play video games, watch videos, share memes, and more. There aren't many rules and we just wanna have a good time and have a drama free atmosphere. Some of you know me and some of you don't but if you're not an asshole you're welcome here.
Hey you! Get on your feet! Its time to take the battle to them with your sparkling new clan! We are nice guys who don't go too toxic and love to hang around! We are great fighters and everyone here has raid experience! If your looking for a solid clan that knows when to pick a fight, join us!

`•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.• Kyra's Simp Server •._.••`¯´´•.¸¸.•`

🐑 🎀 This server is f🌸r simps, e-girls, and gamers all round 🎀 🐑

We are a community and gaming server, based on ahving fun and making new friends. This small server is still growing and is a safespace and hangout server for any type of person!

¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸ 🎀 What we have t🍪 offer 🎀 ¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸

🍓| We have 140+ members and still growing!
🍰| Chat with others and communicate about your daily life and games!
🍑| We have gamenights and hangout nights where we talk in VC's all together and hangout
🐍| Meme channel and shoutout/promote channel anyone can use!
🍪| our own cute emojis to use which we always update and add more!

¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸ 🎀 S🍪me of the games we play! 🎀 ¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸

Among Us
Call of Duty
Genshin Impact
And many more!

▀▄▀▄▀▄ 🎀 J💗in T🍩day 🎀 ▄▀▄▀▄▀

We are a fun server that has many ppl to talk to and hangout with. You can ether talk about homework or how your day has been or even join a fun group of ppl to play games with. We have everything you need to grow a fun group of friends on discord.
Hey there, newfriend!
You're gonna do like 4 things for me right now.
You will
1. JOIN The Drunken Panda discord server
2. BUY sushi for all the admins
3. SURRENDER your doge memes in general chat.
4. ENSLAVE your eyes by joining us for movie nights every Tuesday.

If you join to play WoW, keep in mind this server is HORDE ONLY. No Alliance allowed. We also play Overwatch, Rust, and Minecraft.
We have our own Minecraft server.
If you're bored af and looking for a chill community, you've come to the right place.

-No simps allowed
-e-girls invited lol
A small gaming community, although games aren’t required to hang out and enjoy yourself! If you’re looking for some friends to play games with feel free to drop by! We're looking to grow as a server, and are planning on doing a few invitation competitions in the future to do so (with the reward being Nitro subscriptions). All are welcome. Rules are loose, but it all comes down to two ideas: No harshing the Mellow, and Don’t be a dick. We look forward to meeting you!
Want to join a growing community for gamers? All servers with custom, unique aspects to them all? Then join AuroraServers! We thrive off the feedback and that's how we have grown! We always are seeking for talented people who can develop our servers to improve them! So if you looking for a job let me know! If you're a player you will enjoy our friendly community and the games we run! Hope you enjoy and make sure to give us feedback! Thank you! - Fxo
Very new Community server. Looking for players. Great spot to hang out as we’ve got a wide range of bots come hang out with us and have some fun (hopefully soon I’ll have a minecraft server that is linked to our discord)
Orange is a community server that hosts servers on multiple games such as FiveM, Vanilla Rust, Modded Minecraft.
Feel free to come check us out!
Take it easy, let them say what they will, and come join Sawder's Gaming!

> Voice channels for specific games

> Legit moderation and a friendly community

> Discord Nitro giveaways and more

> Self-applicable roles

> Suggestions are welcome

Not enough? Come join to see what else you can find!
We are a gaming community who love all different types of game, some of us are into sport games, realism game, you get the gist. Our time zone is BST (that means we are in fact British), We are very welcoming and are glad to have anyone who joins, feel free to drop by and play with us!
Заходи к нам, поиграем вместе:) У нас всегда можно скачать игру RUST 59 для слабых пк
HurtLockerGaming is a group of gamers that play all sorts of Online Games. We are between the ages of 15 - 60, please only mature acting people..
Looking for chill down to earth players that aren't annoying, underage(immature), know it all's, rude/aggressive/sexist, really just bringing any toxicity to our community.
We play on other servers for specific games, but we have hosted servers of our own as well. We can just about host most game servers out there, so if there's something you want, ask the Leaders!

What do we offer, why do I care?

📄Community ran and operated!
📄Weekly member only announcements!
📄Customizable Discord Server Experience!

😌Woke Staff!
😌Advertise with us!
😌Partner with us!

🎮Tons of Gaming channels!
🎮Game patch updates!
🎮Private hosted servers!
🎮Twitch/YouTube streamers!

💰Weekly Prizes!
💰Monthly Give Aways!
💰Donations welcomed!

Don't over think it, drop by and make real friends!
wagwan ardkids come join us and play cs or whatever ur in to. annual pussy licking championships and daily snort offs.
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Привет! Мы рады приветствовать тебя на нашем сервере! На нём мы вместе играем в различные игры или просто общаемся. Также автор сервера периодически проводит конкурсы и имеет свой ютуб-канал, где играет с подписчиками