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Fancy joining a friendly community, or looking for a good Rust Server? You have come to the right place.
Welcome to TemplarGaming!

[Server Information]

EU 10x Server
Wipe Schedule
Wednesday & Saturday 15:00 UK Time
Connect via IP

EU 5x Server
Connect via IP

US 10x Server
Connect via IP

Rustbuddies Official Discord Server

A toxic free Rust community that is moderated 24/7. We pride our self's on good Admin Support and Lag Free Servers

The current servers that we own:
➥RustBuddies | 2x Vanilla | Quad | IP:
➥RustBuddies | 2x Vanilla | Duo | IP:
➥RustBuddies | US MAIN | IP:
Custom Rust Maps/Plugins here at Welcome to the one-stop shop for anything Rust! At RustArchives you will find a wide selection of custom Rust maps, monuments, plugins, and more! With all of the custom prefabs, monuments, maps and plugins we always keep uniqueness and performance in mind.
Welcome to the Kingdom Servers!!

We are a new but rapidly growing community. We are currently focusing on Rust and are currently a Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad, Vanilla Server with Thursday wipes!!

We have had years of gaming community experience and have recently decided to grow another successful community! We pride ourselves on our professionalism.

Want a chill, nontoxic community to meet some new players? Then come join us!

SOLO/DUO/TRIO x1Gather,High Stacks.


Currently We have a test server up To configure all of the plugins, Your Welcome to play on the test server and
post any feedback you have in our discord.

The test server will wipe on Friday Ready For the Launch.

Home tp, Safe Trade, Kit and more!

Active admin that dont play.

Event Raid Bases and much more to ensure you have pleanty of fun.
The home of Rust’s Vanilla-inspired monthly server, modded to perfection. Join us every first Thursday of the month for Rust’s biggest wipe!

We pride ourselves on hosting Rust's the most popular monthly wipe server in the modded section! LucidGaming is the place to be on forced wipes - which is every first Thursday of every month 🙏

LucidGaming was modded over months of testing, to provide what is now one of the truest Vanilla+ servers in Rust. Enjoy dedicated performance and optimized plugins from some of the best developers in Rust. Begin your monthly journey now! 🙌
Private creative server (builders sanctuary)

Builder's Sanctuary is a white-list access build server. For a small monetary contribution, it gives your access to the perfect building experience:

* no trolls, no restrictions -- meaning that you can test your bases in piece
* persistence -- bases remain until forcewipe and can be copied and re-pasted even after a force wipe
* full admin permissions -- meaning that you can spawn in and test every item you want
* a procedural map with all monuments -- for beautiful scenery and all types of terrain, you can also try out and practice doing all the monuments
* Large islands of open flat ground -- to test that huge multi-TC bases
* islands with all rock formations and all caves
* the best plugins to make your building experience more efficient
This is a Discord for my Rust server called Lava Flow Gaming
It is a modded TRIOS server with
-No Radiation
-10x Gather
-5x Loot