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Join our server for robux service! Find out the best robux earning sites and earn rewards from it. We are a friendly server, make sure to read #rules. Also we provide small offers for you to earn robux manually. Check us out!
Join This Legit Server For Free Robux. 5 Invites = 500 Robux. We are the highest paying legit server. Join Today And Get Your Robux.
Just a chill server, we do all kind of giveaways. Mostly Robux ones and we are also hiring Partner Finders! Join now!
Welcome to XMAS Rewards!

We just launched this server, so it may look like little members, but now is the time to take advantage of invite rewards and giveaways, our responses are instant because we aren't busy.

This is probably the only legit server that hosts legit invite rewards and giveaways. We buy our Discord Nitro from private dealers and websites such as HackForums, V3rmillion, DarkForums, OGUsers etc. We give these Discord Nitros to you guys because you help our server grow by inviting people so we reward you for that.

What XMAS Rewards Offers:

INVITE REWARDS - Invite people to claim a nitro reward, if you invite 10 people, you get Classic Discord Nitro for 1 Month.

GIVEAWAYS - We host giveaways every 3 days, so it might be Discord Nitro for 1 month, or it might be a big giveaway for Discord Nitro 1 year.

We hope to see you at our server, ALSO this is only happening for Christmas, so join ASAP because this server will be closed after Christmas!
10 invites = 100 ROBUX
20 invites = 200 ROBUX

(sorry for the low amounts but this is a legit server)
Hello do you want nitro or robux well you in luck here let me show you the rewards

3 Invites = Nitro Classic | 3k Robux

6 Invites = Nitro Classic 1y | 10k Robux

10 Invites = Nitro Booster | 20k Robux

15 Invites = Nitro Booster 1y | 35k Robux

1 Boost = Nitro Classic 1 Year | 85k Robux

You see it’s really easy to get so come here and claim your nitro
Join now to claim your FREE ROBUX!
THis is totally free and u can get some Robux right now!
Don't miss out on the free Robux!
Welcome to Halloween Rewards! The biggest event only held on Halloween where you can redeem amazing prizes during the Halloween Season.

Since, this year is far different with COVID-19, a lot of people cannot go Trick or Treating, so we are offering Trick or Treating basically indoors, but the prizes are better ;)

What Halloween Rewards Offers:
- Nitro Rewards
- Robux Rewards
- Boost Rewards
- V-Bucks Rewards

We hope you will enjoy your stay here at Halloween Rewards.

Keep in mind, this server will shutdown on Oct 31, so make sure you join and claim your prizes before the server shutdowns, because this is only held on Halloween!
We are a friendly discord server with Giveaways and Competitions!
We are small and friendly!
Join for giveaways, drops, competitions, invite rewards, and more!
We give Robux and more!
Welcome to (Magnanimous Murderers!) We are a mm2 themed server. We have many great and wonderful stuff such as nitro events and robux events you will be rewards a variety of great things. Such as nitro, nitro boost, hundreds of robux, mm2 godly chroma knifes and so much more.
Hello we give free nitro and robux so come here and claim here let me show you our nitro rewards and robux rewards
3 invites = Nitro Classic | 3k Robux

6 invites = Nitro Boost | 10k Robux

10 invites = Nitro Classic 1 Year | 20k Robux

15 Invites = Nitro Boost 1 Year | 30k Robux

Boost = 1 Year Nitro Classic | 55k Robux
You see super easy to get so come in our server and invite your deserve it
te damos la bienvenida a esta comunidad para hablar y rewards
de que trata son rewards o cosas que te damos por invitar talves pienses que es poco robux y que hay comunidades que te dan 3000 de robux pues son falsos es imposible tener una cantidad asi pero en esta comunidad no lo somos damos los robux y otras recompensas puedes hablar en esta comunidad dudas en el canal de #・🚨・soporte y canales de chat se te desbloquearan cosas con el tiempo mas chats mientras mas hables!!!!
si quieres ver que recompensas hay por invitar visita en #・👑・rewards o
#・🎁・eventos si es que hay un evento