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College Friends is a server dedicated to College/University students who want to socializes. So far we are covering the states in the United States and moving internationally.

We have:
Roles for categorized major/year
Game bot
Planning to add clubs!!
Cursed images is a loose ruled server that is based around cursed_images. We have mod teams that arent overly serious and won't ban you for no reason, admins who are only the most trusted members in the server, and a really cool owner :). We have channels for memes, cursed_images, is_this_cursed, and etc. We also have the most quality cursed images.
hey!! check out the official gay_irl subreddit discord! 🏳️‍🌈

⚠️‼️we greet EVERY ONE that joins.. try us!! 😤‼️⚠️

this server is a SFW safe-space for all LGBTQA+ members, and of course, members of the gay_irl subreddit 😎
The official server for the r/Nintendo Reddit community! A place for all things Nintendo both old and new! Games, news, discussions, community events, and more!
Official Minecraft Marketplace Partner's
Welcome to the r/holup Discord Server! We have friendly staff who are always ready to welcome you into our community!
We are an active server and offer tons of games, Let's Watches, nitro contests, and more!
A community for the Reddit YouTuber yourselfiegotleaked! Many channels to talk in, several bots for entertainment and smoother experience. This discord is home to many community events such as trivia night and word association. Come join us to make friends and have fun with others like you!
We're a branch of the /r/weed subreddit where almost all the 420 enthusiasts gather to discuss their lives and make new friends and just chill.

We occasionally have a movie nights and VC sessions as well!

A place to make new friends! Presented to you by r/MakeNewfriendsHere Subreddit.

İçinde Türklerin de olduğu ana dili ingilizce olan arkadaşlık sunucusu, abazalar ya da ingilizce bilmeyenler gelmesin döveriz
We are a friendly community of Gamers and Memers. We have the latest and funniest memes of them all. This server is very active and has a wide range of emotes. Many different mini-games are here too. We look forward for seeing you and having fun! :D
officiall minecraft bedrock discord

join now and chat with the growing community!

Here you can share things like:

- Behavior packs
- Texture packs
- Servers
- Skins
- and more!

Discord :
Reddit :
Welcome to EnglishLearning!

This is a place for people learning English to ask questions about English grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and the like.

All levels of learners are welcome.
Butterfly is a bot made by frequent discord users, for servers with both casual chatters and technical masters in mind. From music to memes, Butterfly is the perfect way to elevate any server.

🦋Fully custom features
🦋Fun commands like ?reddit, ?bird, ?8ball and many more
🦋Music player
🦋Moderation commands
🦋Premium features and upgrades

Come join the support server and try out the bot before adding it to your own server!
The official r/Logic_301 discord! Come to discuss Logic and anything else with over 1000 members!
An Official Discord for the /r/IndiaSpeaks subreddit.

IndiaSpeaks is an effort to build a better online community for Indians. We take our pride in being the most friendly and user-focused community for Redditors and Discord users from India and across the world.
The IndiaSpeaks community value their freedom of speech the most and cherish the freedom they get here.
Community motto: "The True Indian Discord for India: For Indians, By Indians."

Please note, you must connect your Discord with Reddit for the complete verification to take place.
A new community for Computer enthusiasts of all sorts, whether you craft your own hardware builds, write scripts, or get giddy in looking over specs.

Any and everyone is welcome, as long as you abide by Discord's ToS.
welcome the misty world of s.zoology .So this server take place 5 millions years in future after human extinction on earth with various creatures possibly go extinct because humans while there are survivors out of this extinction repopulating the earth and evolve into new creaturess. Now it is 50 millions year in earth future right now .