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We are a nofap server that wants to help you better yourself, we get straight to the point. no paragraphs no fluff, improve your life today.
Comfort Crowd is a pro-recovery positivity server for anyone neurodivergent or learning to cope with mental illnesses.

We have:
➣ SystemTime! for traumagenic systems.
➣ Movie Nights and events.
➣ Fun bots.
➣ A positive and welcoming environment.


Hold on!
Don't lose hope! 
You cannot give up just yet...
This is not the end.
You've come a long way.
You are worth saving, you are 
worth healing.
You are loved... more than you 

I own a tight-knit island with 
amazing members whom I call 
Maybe you'd like to give it a 
Come, if you wish to.
If not, you don't have to.
I'm always here, though, 
whenever you decide.

Welcome to a whole new world you're about to discover in a blink of an eye. ⛧彡


。.。:∞♡ We're on a quest to have more friends here, come help our fam grow together!!


Hi there!! Dear friends, you are all welcome as long as you follow the rules. You can still join anyway if you don't have any disorders and/or any other sort. We don't want toxic people, trolls, and raiders here. We prefer to keep our environment drama-free and toxic-free, thank you!! We're not professionals, but we hope we'll impact you within a positive light and we will help with anything you need, no matter how big or small. You have the option to give support and help others whilst we have warm hugs and lots of love to share!! Everyone matters, you matter too!! ♡

You're free to come in anytime with any reason. You, your health, your problems, and your feelings all matter. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!! You will be listened to, and you will be treated like family. We love you for you!! Your voice will be heard. You are not alone. We're willing to help you, no matter how long or short it takes. You have a purpose ♡

꒰🌸꒱ Proudly offering:
✿ A unique island filled with a tight-knit family who'll love you for who you are, including staff members whom have a warm heart and protect everyone by all means ♡
✦ LGBTQ+ friendly, as well as accepting of gender identities and many more ♡
✿ Several venting rooms for you to receive support (and help if needed), including anon confessions and your own private ticket channel ♡
✦ An opportunity to make new friends, reach out, and lend a hand ♡
✿ A fantastic pile of topic channels, such as hobbies and interests ♡
✦ Positivity channels to hopefully make your day ♡
✿ Fun and simple activities to be both a calming presence and distraction ♡
✦ Always taking suggestions, whether you'd like to improve the server or think there should be something to satisfy you and the whole fam ♡
✿ Reaction roles and color roles ♡
✦ PluralKit and SystemTime for all systems ♡
✿ Partnerships ♡
꒰🌸꒱ And more coming soon ♡

If you need a home, you know where to find us. We hope to see you soon!! ⊂( ´ ▽ ` )⊃
Inferno Gaming is a recovery server with free daily drops. Recoveries are very cheap, and drops are easy to join!

✅ FREE Daily money drops!
✅ Cheap Recoveries!
✅ Frequent Giveaways!
✅ Growing Community!
TRIO SQUAD - GTA Mods & Community
-We support Rockstar, Steam & Epic
-Free Money Drops/Modded Lobbies
-Cheap Recoveries and Modding Service's
-Community chat
-100% Trusted with Reviews!
-Cheap Recoveries (Ex. $3 USD = 100 Mil + 1 Mil Casino Chips + 1.00KD + Level 0-100 + Max stats + Unlock all)
-Other Recovery Packages that fit your needs
-Paid Mod Menu so you won't get Banned!
♦️Welcome to Cheap WNK MoDz!

▪️Hey 👋 First Of all thx for stopping by over here.
▪️Your probably here cuz your running low on money or need to unlock some locked stuff Or some modded ( outfits / cars / weapons..) and all that for cheap right? Well your in the right place!
▪️Once you join us , you will get to know all the details, enjoy your time with us 🤝
*:・゚✧ Welcome to Milk & Honey! *:・゚✧

A small, comfy, and new server created mainly to have a cute, optimistic, and positive environment for those who are mentally ill.
We offer:

✧ Relaxing Gaming events together (Stardew Valley, Osu and Minecraft)!

✧ A role pinged everyday for your sweet meds reminder!

✧ PluralKit for Traumagenic / Questioning Systems

✧ Self-advertisement for Twitch, Streaming, or Media where you encourage Mental Health talk.

We accept all illnesses, and much like you are opening a door to us by letting us help you, we'll open one right back, and give you a community which you deserve! A sweet and delightful one.

Flourish is a mental health server focused on recovery and wellbeing. It also mainly targets Eating Disorder topics. We pride ourselves in a loving, supportive group of people that can also be very memey and fun to talk to.
We offer...
- 80+ channels,
- lots n' lots of roles,
- recovery techniques & support,
- nitro giveaways & events,
- over 150 emotes,
- but most importantly, a loving group of people that want to support you through your journey of recovery.
Come join our community today and see what we have to offer! <3
We here at Don't Fapp as the name suggests are a nofapp community that started off in India, we believe in making a brotherhood a definitive structure to help you quit porn, we dont believe in hard blunt methods to do it rather we r the liberal nofapp people every individual has a preference and we respect that preference but to quit Porn Mastrubating and orgasm we r here to organize innovative methods in this quest to conquer your addiction, we are here for you!
》・━━ WELCOME! ━━・《
Welcome to The Healing Hub! We are a peer-to-peer mental health support server. We provide you with a safe, welcoming environment that offers both community and private support, mental health and recovery resources, and most importantly - a place to call home! Different from many other mental health servers, we treat each other like a family. We are a tight knit community always looking to support each other however we can. We have a big family with some top notch staff members who work hard to keep this server running smoothly and making sure everyone feels as safe and comfortable as possible. If you are looking for a server with awesome staff members, amazing supporters, and a fantastic community, The Healing Hub is the place for you! Come join us in The Healing Hub for help, hope and healing.

》・━━ FEATURES ━━・《
┈│ Tight Knit Community
┈│ Safe & Friendly Environment
┈│ Fun Bots including gaming, music and economy bots
┈│ Cute Emotes
┈│ One on One Private Support
┈│ Community Support Channels
┈│ Recovery & Self Love Channels
┈│ Partnerships

And much more!

》》》》》》》》・━ ━ ━・《《《《《《《《

Come join us for help, hope and healing at The Healing Hub!

》》》》》》》》・━ ━ ━・《《《《《《《《

Permanent Invite:

》》》》》》》》・━ ━ ━・《《《《《《《《

We are now looking for team members! Are you great at graphic design? Do you love coding bots? Have you always wanted to plan events? Are you looking to volunteer your love to people in need of support? Great! The Healing Hub is the place for you! We are looking to fill the following positions:

┈│ Administrators
┈│ Moderators
┈│ Graphic Designers
┈│ Bot Developers
┈│ Event Planners
┈│ Supporters

》》》》》》》》・━ ━ ━・《《《《《《《《

A growing support community for those with (or with traits of) narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) who wish to recover. We also accept members with other mental illnesses as long as you deal with narc traits (cPTSD, PTSD, other personality disorders, bipolar, DID, etc).

Whether you have diagnosed NPD or have some traits of NPD, if you want to recover or improve here is a space for you.

Recovery is possible!
LINK TO MAIN IN DISCORD GTA 5 Recovery Services (PC ONLY) 100% Safe with completely no chance of ban. Free Giveaways weekly! *Working on premodded accounts for sale*
- Community of coomers to help each other and to hold each other accountable

- A place to talk and discuss the difficulties we have with PMO

- Emergency channel where you can ask for immediate help

- Accountability channel to find an accountability partners in order to increase your chances for recovery

- This is a server FOR serious recovery.. do not enter if you still haven't made the decision to do no matter what and recover fully
Hey! We're a mental health server focused on recovery! We offer:
♡System bots
♡Reaction roles
♡Daily self care reminders
♡Lgbt channels
♡An accepting environment!
Currently looking for mods/admins! I hope you enjoy!
Come Join RecoverySanta
We host FullRecovery Giveaways 24/7
we only use the best undetected menus with undetected stealth money methods
and undetected recovery options
ps. We Do Not Sell Recoverys
Liberty is a recovery and safe space for Ex-Muslim women and Ex-Hijabis. This is a women only space meaning Muslim women and women who were never Muslim are welcome too. This is a space for connecting and conversing with other Ex-Muslim women. So if you're interested then come and join!

- Muslims and Never-Muslims are welcome
- Verification Process
- Women only
[please remember this is a verification server and our real server is much bigger]
┊┊┊┊┊ ⋆┊┊
┊⋆ ˚✯┊ ✩ ┊
。˚┊˚ ✩ ┊ welcome to
┊⋆。˚. ੈ ┊ the unknown
❝ 𝘭𝘰𝘴𝘵 𝘪𝘯 𝘢𝘯 𝘶𝘯𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸𝘯 𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘭𝘥. ❞

welcome to the unknown, an eating disorder server. please keep in mind we are NOT pro ed and that we only allow members above the age of 13.
we include
~lots of roles
~custom colors
~a tight community
~helpful staff
~special categories for interests
~a fun games bot and music bots
~weekly challenges
~voice channels and games such as kahoot and uno
~and much more!
☕ Welcome to the get yr shit together cafe ☕

We're a server dedicated exclusively to those recovering from EDs of all types, featuring ED-specific support and a tough love theme. We will be hosting challenges designed to encourage recovery and self-love. We also offer plenty of self-assignable roles, fun bots, and SystemTime! for systems.

Now are you going to sit there trying to decide if you'll join, or are you going to actually get your shit together? 🍰
Care & Comfort is an open community for eating disorder recovery! You are not required to have an eating disorder to join (we welcome allies!) and you are not required to be in recovery to join!! We're happy to have you wherever you are on your journey
Hello! This is a server dedicated to positivity! Wether you want to give or receive affirmations, self care, advice, or just cute animal pics, we’ve got you covered! We also have an anonymous confession bot if you have things you need to get off your chest:)
Hello from our family to you! We're a new server looking to build a loving and supportive group to help each other out on our roads to recovery. All are welcomed no matter your situation, we want to be a home away from home for you! We hope to see you soon.

We offer
❤ peer to peer support
❤ venting channels
❤ an encompassing variety of self assignable roles
❤ many bots (Poketwo, OwO, etc.)
❤ Channels that require access by roles
❤ and a suggestions channel for anything you want to see added!

The more we grow, the more we'll let you know what we have in the server!