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AuroraCraft - Season Two


AuroraCraft is a very fun semi-vanilla SMP based on the bedrock version of Minecraft. Although a small community now, we see it growing into something truly special. We have many things that set us apart from the competition, like a fully fledged government and economy. Yes, that means we have a marketplace where you can open your own shops to sell to your hearts content.

What sets us apart?

Our server does not have a diamond-based economy like most other SMP's. This is why we call it semi-vanilla. Our biggest draw however is the large government. The laws of the realm-itself are dictated by the players. Every two months we hold large elections where anybody may run for President. This means you! If elected, you gain full control over the executive branch. Along with your appointed cabinet of players like yourself, you will be able to make laws and policies that dictate how the server will run.

Besides all this…

Although this server is based on the realm, we are also dedicated to creating a thriving discord community. We have many channels for off-topic talk and a dedicated meme channel.

In Conclusion

We would love for you to come join our community and go on to be a remembered and important member of our realm.
Peachy's Gaming Server!
Join our server and our SMP Bedrock Realm and keep reading to see the different things we offer!

❀ an economy based realm, you can open your own shop! buy or build your first house!

❀ vcs every day! you actually get to become friends with fellow players

❀ different fun bots like rhythm and yes! we have mudae

❀ starter kits for every new realm member :) we are new player friendly

❀ weekly activities like hide and seek or bedwars where you can win rare prizes

❀ we are open to partnership with EVERYONE!
Omego Network
‘. .,’ •!

》Discord Server Features

-Eco Bots


-and more

》Omego’s Realms


-Kit pvp

And more!

Join here.,’

*realm link in the discord sever! :D*
Radiance is a server for chilling out and talking. We accept everybody and have the BEST humor. We have a nice set of rules and the emotes are just a cat.

We have:
1. A venting channel for when you have to let out your feelings (We always try to listen and help out)
2. A music channel for whatever you wanna play.
3. We DO NOT tolerate anybody being left out
4. Cat
5. We have some very nice members!
6. We vibe and have chaos (a good chaos)
7. A Minecraft Realm!!
LazerWorld is a Minecraft, Bedrock, minigame realm with over one-thousand members!

We have many games including Hunger Games, Parkour, Find The Button, and Spleef!

Join our Discord server today!
A Minecraft Realm where you can live amongst others, grow in a community, play with the economy, call Realms servers, and explore. Keep in mind this server is still in development, so we are sorry if anything goes wrong. With minigames and more, please consider joining The Apex Predator Minecraft Server Discord Server to start off your journey!
So on this server, different realms exist. You can be a fairy, an angel, a demon or even a vampire. The choice is yours! Make your character, roleplay with others and enjoy life in The Shadow Realm. Start a family, end a family this is up to you. Either way this is the Shadow Realm and anything can happen. You could follow the laws like an angel or rebel like a demon. With four different realms, cloud city, hell city, gothem city and pixie hollow there's always something to do.
Bedrock Realms is a community of Minecraft players enjoying public multiplayer servers that support all platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Mobile, & PC). Our servers are one of a kind, can handle 30 consecutive CONSOLE players, and is supported by the best moderation team in the Bedrock community. If you are tired of wasting time on tiny or poorly managed servers, this is a fantastic place to call home.
This server is for people that are interested in looking for Minecraft realms/servers to play in. It is also a hangout spot! Where you can meet new friends! We are an Accepting Server meaning anyone can join :D
Hello and welcome to Animal Kingdom Realm! In this server we offer:

•A responsible and kind staff team.
•Multiple add-ons, the main one being yCreatures (which adds over 50+ new animals to the game).
•Fun community events.
•And much more to offer!

We hope you consider joining!

- Animal Kingdom Realm Staff
Aether factions is a minecraft xbox realm that has now been up for 2 seasons, it has great staff, custom music, custom enchants, a fully automated shop, nice textures/sounds, and much more. We hope to see you soon!

Cloudy Network


Cloudy Factions:
🎈Rise Up And Become The Best!
🎈Working Sell and Buy Shop
🎈 Active Community
🎈 Claims!
🎈 Events

——===Join Cloudy Network Today===——
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Looking for a good realm to join?
Do it all here, completely free. No drawbacks, fees, or other advertisements getting in your way.

Welcome to the Minecraft Realm Hub, the original non-profit discord server dedicated to providing realms with no catches or fees. All of our services are completely free and are easy to use. Have your realm advertised without the cluster of other advertisements getting in the way of your well-deserved recognition.

Our server is always striving for a larger and better advertising platform. Join today with the link below!
of course you are here because you want to be in a bedrock realm with a nice majority of people, and have that nice banter. well you've come to the right fucking place. on the odyssey smp, we have war/love/betrayal/peace and everything inbetween.

Join us today for:
-SMP fun!
-Little bits of role play in game
-Great friendships
-Amazing staff and members to chat with!

Join the Odyssey today!
Welcome to TSN, this is a minecraft bedrock realm centered community along with other games such as among us!

We are in need of more active members so we can take the next step to being a great community. We have channels for posting memes, cursed images, as well as many other fun channels. We also have a few fun bots.

We hope to see you soon - Incon
Welcome to The Memorealm!
We're a small realm with 10+ games and more to come! The realm has it's own storyline that's been put together by our amazing co-owner! We update the realm frequently so there's always something new to do! Every now and then, we also do live events too!
Looking for Minecraft Bedrock/Java Realms? Thinking of advertising your Minecraft Bedrock/Java Realm? Think no more! Join our server, fill out the form, advertise your Realm and gain more members... FOR FREE! What are you waiting for? Join now!
__Lands of Fhisteria__
This server is unlike probably one you have ever come across, you always see those servers where it's in medieval or futuristic times or some zombie role play server, don't you ever get tired of those? Well Lucky for you this server does not sit on only one scene. Hold, wait, please, let me finish explaining before you dip on us! We do things a bit differently, as this server does what we call "Seasons" like how a call of duty game or Apex Legends is, except seasons change the setting and place. Here's a little bit on the lore before I explain further!

__Bit of Lore__
Basically the world has become a mess, the virus has taken over and governments are forcing people to stay home but as we know solitude can make people crazy. Well a VR system was created, in which it submerges your entire body into the video game (Much Like SAO) except the plan has slightly altered as you find yourself trapped by the developers of the system, forced to go through trials of seasons, this being your only escape out of your prison.

Do you understand a bit now? Basically you find yourself from in the real world trapped in a video game and forced to fight trials to continue to live or else you die. Things change every month or two months, spicing up rp and keeping it from getting boring since everyone likes a little bit of all wouldn't you agree? We all have struggled to find a server with a scene we like, so why not a mix of all?

__We Have__
➺ Changing Seasons
➺ Friendly/Helpful Staff
➺ Events
➺ Self Roles
➺ No Dice System or Stats (Things will be moderated!)
➺ RTK (Reason to Kill!)
➺ Simple Templates
➺ Big Brother Server (For lots of lewd stuff)
➺ Currency System (Not busted! This is for in RP to get like healing potions and stuff!)
Realms shattered by the prides of their own individual ways, Fracturia stands on the brink of it's own downfall from the millenia of infighting it has undergone. With its current peace treaty, the Fracturia Cassianum, there is a newfound peace in the realms, however it's but a facáde, one which could easily crumble away. Set foot in a world of wonder, where behind every corner there is an adventure to be found, a treasure to be had or a fateful meeting to be seen. Embark on a journey shaped by your own decisions and choices, may it be for the safety and flourishment of Fracturia's peace, or it's destruction.
Hello! We are a small realm(s) that is hoping to get more people. If your interested please join and fill our the ticket form. Thank you for joining!