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This is a server for a SMP Minecraft realm! Where you can build, fight, and chat with buddies.
Hey this is a kitPvP server you can have fun in it make friends and much more you there channels and a lot of chat the realm is not dont just yet we are working on it and as we are making the server trying to grow the Community of the discord can’t wait to see you all in the discord! (:
Hello, fellow MCBE player!

Are you in search of a good SMP realm? Then I would love to invite you to Borderland𝗦𝗠𝗣!

Borderland𝗦𝗠𝗣 is a survival multiplayer realm with KeepInventory on & Achievements off. Our realm also has little behavior and resource packs that will give you the best survival multiplayer experience. We currently have 200+ members. Would you like to support us and have a good time by joining this growing community? 🙂(Looking for active people.)

You must be 13+ years old to join, in following Discord ToS.
Welcome to Killfeeds server! In this server there is plenty of people to hang around and talk with, while talking about topics you like such as, minecraft, roblox, youtube, and many more! This server is also made for the minecraft youtuber known as Killfeed with 40 thousand subscribers on youtube!!!
Welcome to Realm Queue! Realm Queue is a server based around Minecraft realms. We are a server formed for the purpose of bringing back the realm community and allow for easy access to quality realms. The server was formed in 2020 after the owner (Realm Queue) started a realm group. We have many chats and fun activity's such as giveaways in our server. We Also have many chats and channels that can help you with alot!
--- The Monster Network ---

We a new Minecraft Bedrock Network

We do UHCs, events and even have a skyblock realm coming soon

Join Now!
Welcome to The Bois!

I am doggo, the Owner of The Bois. This is a discord that not only includes Minecraft related stuff, but so much more!!! This is just a regular discord with 2 working custom bots, most likely more in the future, and a lot of bot games to play! This is a nice place to chill and hang out.

The Bois Minecraft:

We are a small bedrock minecraft realm that will include more in the future. It is currently season 3 (which ends March 1st) and we are really looking foward to more people joining us!

Currently on the realm (when you join the discord, in a channel named realm-code, you will find the code in there) there are multiple things you can do

Such as,

Minigames, and Factions, we are going to be adding more as this is a new realm. Make sure to read the rules once you join, and if you want to keep track of whats going on in-game, make sure to look at #updates, and #announcements. Hope to see you in our discord!
╭┈┈┈┈┈┈꒰Introducing꒱ ˎˊ˗
╰・Realm SMP ! ❞ 💬 ↷
. . .
╰─▸ . . . What we offer

┊An active minecraft realm,
┊Minecraft bedrock edition.
┊{Cross platform playing.}
┊With an active discord server.

╰─▸ . . . Help wanted

┊Currently looking for new staff
┊if you're interested come hang
┊out for awhile. 🕊
• Lgbtq+ friendly
• Minecraft bedrock realm
• supports blm
• supports equality
• kind server
• movie nights
• events
• trying to get popular
• bots
• kind mods
• funny server
• supports small server
• You can put in channel suggestions and bot suggestions
join the arsonists today :).
≻ Updates still to come.
≻ People are supportive & Respectful.
≻ Active Chat.
≻ Staff members and Server members are supportive and always here to help.
≻ Minecraft Realm. (Bedrock)
≻ Fun Rules & Daily Announcements.
≻ Events & Fun Activities.
≻ Updating the Server Emotes.
≻ Feedback is most wanted!
≻ Most people are always 'dm open'.
≻ LGBTQIA+ Supported! :D
Welcome To LandMark Factions, The Most Unique One Of A Kind Faction Gameplay You Will Experience, Always Active, Always in Motion, And Hourly Events To Keep You On The Top Of The Food Chain, We Expect Quality In Our Work To Provide A Great, Fun Community!

𝘑𝘰𝘪𝘯 𝘛𝘰𝘥𝘢𝘺 𝘙𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘮 𝘤𝘰𝘥𝘦 : - hGutfVArYa4


• Modded Villager For Custom Trades
• 3 Kinds Of Faction Claims
• Modded Kits
• Auto Drop Party Event Every 4 Hours
• Mining Event Every 2 Hours
• RARE crate Drop Every 30 Minutes (over 22 Crates in over 20 different locations, each one will always be different)
• Amazing Crate System (over 80,000 combinations)
• /Warps
• Donations Available!
• So Much More!

Any questions please PM me!
SMR Minecraft invites you to our Minecraft realm. Here at SMR Minecraft we play a traditional survival world with a great community we have a discord server where we can monitor and chat. We also have a event each week for the community to play with prizes. If you’re interested please click on this discord link.


SMR Minecraft Trailer:
Welcome to the realm Dear Visitor!
We are SFW and non toxic Server
A place where you can comfy with
Many exciting bots
Highly moderated
A cute themed server and more
Bedrock Realms is a community of Minecraft players enjoying public multiplayer servers that support all platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Mobile, & PC). Our servers are one of a kind, can handle 30 consecutive CONSOLE players, and is supported by the best moderation team in the Bedrock community. If you are tired of wasting time on tiny or poorly managed servers, this is a fantastic place to call home.


A Minecraft Survival Realm with a map of Earth

Each season is one month

The map resets at the end of each month

Similar to SMPEarth is some areas

We hope to see you here! - Psycha
We are a Minecraft Minigames realm with 150+ Discord members. We host events such as Deathrun, Hunger Games, Kit PvP, Survivor Series, Party Games, and so much more. We also play other games on the discord such as among us, Cold War, rocket league, and any game you request!