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We're a family-like community with lots of our close friends in, but were looking for new members! This server is aimed at everyone from casual to competitive gamers and even people who just want to hang out. You can also self advertise anything you want in our advertisements channel, from YouTube channels to other servers. We also love gaming! Playing games ranging from rainbow six siege to minecraft, csgo and were always looking for new games to play. Hop in and take a look at our server, and if you like it feel free to stay.
A nitro-boosted chill server with a bunch of people who play siege. Join our active community if you're looking for chill people who play siege and many other games! Looking for staff members and active members!
This server is the community for Deq Gaming! In here we play games together, chill out and talk in chat, have game nights and so much more! If any of this interests you then consider joining the server to chill with us and have fun!
The best of the world's operators have come together to form Task Force Rainbow, an elite division dedicated to the response to terrorist attacks. Pick a character, a canon operator or an approved OC, and work with your team to face the threat head-on.

+This is a Roleplay server dedicated to Rainbow Six Siege, where you will be role-playing operators from the game, building character, making headcanons, and interacting with other Muse's and Mun's. It's descriptive, and texting based role play..

Staff Notes:
+We, the staff, encourage rich storytelling, detailed roleplay, and above all a commitment to having fun. We require that you are of age to participate, as we do allow mature themes.
+Our staff is enthusiastic about encouraging other members of the community to join in during role play, or have themselves personally engage with said role-player.

Events are hosted by our GM staff, The Gm’s will tell the higher-ups of their event and get approved, then announce their event for the future. The events will always be a week out and not just unexpected and unannounced.
Disclaimer: During events, we keep it very serious.
We offer
-A place to find other Siege players
-Looking for game channels and roles
-Community fun
-A place to make friends
Welcome to a Rainbow Six Siege roleplaying server! Here, you can be your favorite operator or even make one of your own! We're relatively new, so you can join us and snag an operator before someone else can. We're 13+ so expect swearing, but no NSFW in most channels.
Servus liebe Gamer und Gamerin. Herzlich willkommen Auf Craftingbase.

Auf Craftingbase gibt es verschiedene Channel und Events wie z.B.

Dead by Dalyight
Gta 5
Rainbow Six Siege
Sims 4

Monatlich wird der Server ein update haben das heißt Aussehen Verbesserung oder Spielchannel hinzugefügt.

Ich hoffe ich kommt mal vorbei und kuckt es euch an würde uns Freuen

Liebe Grüße: Team Craftingbase
Darq’s Club is one kind of a Club! You get to chat with amazing other members or admins. In Darq’s Club we do all sorts of things such as playing together, posting memes, chilling, etc.
Make sure to join the server so you dont miss out!
Hallo! Dies ist eine deutsche Community mit einem Fokus auf Gaming. Hier kannst du dich über alle möglichen Games unterhalten oder neue Freunde machen. Unsere Hauptgames sind:

• Rainbow Six Siege
• Apex Legends
• Forza Horizon 4
• Among US
• Phasmophobia
• Minecraft
• Sea of Thieves
• Bald Mehr!

Also schau einfach mal rein. Wir akzeptieren auch Leute die nicht spielen und einfach nur chatten wollen, solange man sich an Regeln halten kann! (+15!)
My server is all based on Rainbow Six Siege and memes my server is also looking for staff so if you are interested make sure to join and stay active and be helpful
🌍 Global & Diverse Community (75+ nationalities)
🎮 Rocket League, Siege, CS:GO, LOL, Minecraft & More!
💬 Memes, Food, Music, Study Group & More!
👑 Self-assignable Roles & Level Roles!
🤖 IGSQbot™, our own Exclusive Discord Bot!
🏆 Tournaments, Giveaways & Events!
⛏️ 24/7 Minecraft server (Modded, Survival+, BlockHunt,Creative)
🌟 Our members use VC a lot, there's always someone to talk to!
200+ Member Rainbow Six Siege Discord server!

Daily 5v5 Scrims at 8 & 10 pm EST

Friendly and respectful community

Active staff members

Giveaways every 100 members!
The official discord server 🪓"Valhalla E-sports" Competitive Rainbow six siege Team🪓

Entry requirements for the team:
-Good Map knowledge
-Respect for all members
-Descent Mechanical skill
-Motivation/Determination to push yourself
-Basic English
-Belief that your rank does not equal your skill level

>Our aim
At Valhalla, as a team we work together to train for future events and compete
in matches to strive for victory. As a team we push ourselves to win to be
seen in the community and competitive scene.

>How we will provide:
One of our top priorities here at Valhalla is to help improve new and current
players to be ready and have the dedication to play for the team in the
competitive scene. Our current rosters will be busy competing to enhance
their competitive skill but most importantly to push for achievement for the

Valhalla Esports is an upcoming and growing Esports organisation
specialising in Rainbow 6 Siege. We accept all races, sexualities and
cultures- Valhalla has both competitive and ranked teams for siege. You don't
have to join the team to have fun. Come join and chill!
Intel is mainly focused around people interested in playing Minecraft, League, and Siege. We also watch movies, play games and hang out. Looking to expand our group with casual players interested in joining.
welcome to eLogiK a r6 gaming community for all types for r6 players casual (terrorist hunt and quick match) and competitive ranked unrank so join and meet your new squad
My server started with my friends because why not? Now I want more than just 100 members or whatever it is. This is a mostly chill server where you can hang out with your friends and have a good time. I also named this server after my
Minecraft server address. The sad thing is, that the Minecraft server got deleted. So now I named it this. If you wanted to be promoted to an admin or moderator then you have to ask to apply for it and I'll be able to assist you. Where do you apply? I will have a form that you can do. And that's why I think you should join the server. Yes, we're friendly... I think
Hello! Welcome to the .EXE server, we have a community of gamers and non-gamers! This server very social and we hope you have great time! We often host among us matches with vc!
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WELCOME to Gaming Community!
We are a gaming community focused on making a fun
and enjoyable experience for all!
Our community is directly driven by your feedback to
ensure what matters most shapes our destiny.
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* The Games We Focus On *
* Rainbow Six Siege *
* Rogue Company *
* Rocket League *
* Sqaud *
* WoW *
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✥Dies ist der Server von Chill Lounge Gaming.✥
Hier triffst du viele nette Menschen und das Server Team ist stets für dich da!

⫸ 14+

⫸ An die, auf dem Server gegebenen, Regeln Halten.

***Shirø E-sport***

━━━━━━━༺༻ ━━━━━━━

Vous cherchez des Mates ? Une Team ? Une Structure ?
Que vous soyez un joueur "Lambda" ou une structure voulant créer une nouvelle Line-Up :
Le serveur Shirø E-sport est fait pour vous !


Avec des salons pour vos différents jeux (r6, Valorant,lol), ainsi que des salons de recherches de joueurs, team, etc...
Vous trouverez tous ce que vous désirez pour vous lancer dans l'esport ou même s'amuser avec des nouveaux Team-Mates !

━━━━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤ ━━━━━━━━
** * TEAM Shirø Esport* **
━━━━━━━༺༻ ━━━━━━━

→ passer sous loi 1901
→ faire des lan et se faire connaitre dans le monde de l'Esport
→ avoir une gaming house
→ etre 1k sur notre discord

Différents Rôles seront mis a votre disposition, pour votre confort et l'organisation de vos recherches !
De nombreux vocaux pour les recrutements, les games ou les discussions !

●▬▬▬▬ஜ RECRUTEMENT ஜ▬▬▬▬●
→ **R6S : roster1 : OFF roster2 : ON** ( minimum platine ) (minimum 16ans)
→ **LOL : roster1 : ON roster2 : ON **( minimum gold ) (minimum 14ans) → **recruteur : 0/1 ** (minimum plat , 16ans )
→ **VALORANT : roster1 : ON roster2 : ON ** ( minimum platine ) (minimum 14ans) → **recruteur : 0/1 ** (minimum plat , 16ans )
→ ** *GRAPHISTE & MONTEUR&programmeur* **

***cordialement l'equipe Shiro***
We provide the best r6 tips and tricks! Also we have a fast growing community so if you need to people to play with join the discord! dont feel afraid to join!
Здесь вы можете поиграть в ламповой компании во множество игр, таких как Rainbow six siedge, Overwatch, CS GO, Forza Horizon 4,Civiliztion 6,RDR2 и GTA V. А так-же, вы можете просто пообщаться с людьми