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100% competitive. 0% toxic.

Do you dread playing comp because you:
- get kicked because you couldn’t clutch a 1v5?
- are “too noob” and insulted the rest of the match?
- get griefed with a tk for not speaking in the “right” language?

Or have you never played ranked before because you don’t want this to happen to you?

If this sounds familiar, we hear you. We love Siege as much as you do, and suffer the same toxicity like everyone else. That’s why we created this community where you can play among friends while making new ones. All the comp you want, minus the toxic.

- Enter the mini-tourneys where players are randomly assigned teams – a great way to meet new friends and teammates.
- Join and create teams that fit your gameplay style.
- Create your own scrims with your own rules for others to join – the perfect way for teams to practice and build up skills.
- Auto-assign roles based on your language, platform, and game mode preferences to find compatible players.
- Participate in large community tournaments and challenge yourself without the associated drama of ranked matches.
- The more the merrier, so feel free to invite your friends as well.

Be part of this growing community of competitive but chill players. We’ll see you inside.
◼️ We provide Free Coaching and detailed map guides For Rainbow Six Siege.◼️

Join for:🔻
🔹 Custom Callouts Maps
🔹 Spawnpeek spots
🔹 Mira spots
🔹 Valk Cam spots
🔹 Maestro Cams
🔹 Defuser spots
🔹 Vertical Play guides
🔹 Find New teammates
🔹 Join our free Siege Classes
BlackADITUM - Deine Gaming Community | Clan [🇩🇪]

💬 Willkommen bei deutschlands *frendly* Gaming-Community.
RainbowSixSiege, GTA 5 / LSPDFR, ApexLegends, RocketLeague und vieles mehr.

✨ **Community wird bei uns groß geschrieben.**
Unter anderem bieten wir eine große Community an, welche bereit für neue Mitspieler als auch Clan-Member ist.
Wir bieten dir jede Menge gleichgesinnter, neue Freunde als auch die besten Spielkameraden.

🎙 Nutze unsere #talk oder auch gerne unsere Voice-Channel um dich mit uns oder deinen Freunden zu unterhalten.
Wir freuen uns sehr, wenn wir dich aktiv bei uns sehen könnten.

📲 **Immer auf dem neusten Stand!**
Unser Clan unterstützt aktiv viele Spiele, wie zum Beispiel RainbowSixSiege, GTA5, usw.
Durch unsere Clan Aktivität halten wir euch immer auf dem Laufenden, wenn es sich um Updates rund um E-Sport handelt.

🎥 **Youtube / Stream-Content**
Es gehört natürlich dazu, unsere Community auf SozialMedia zu vertreten. Somit bieten wir unterhaltsamen Content auf
der Streaming-Plattform Youtube. Mit wöchentlichen Stream's und lustigen Auseinandersetzungen der verschiedensten Themen,
könnt Ihr teilhaben, als auch selbst mit machen.

❔ **First-Class-Support**
Bei Fragen rund um RainbowSixSiege, als auch UPlay stehen wir dir zur Seite.
Wir sind Ersteller einiger LSPDFR Plugins für welche wir hier auf unserem Discord den besten Support gegenüber unseren Spielern bereitstellen.
So helfen wir bei der Installation, Fragen oder Problemen.

🔊 Wir erwarten dich!
We’re a new Rainbow Six Siege Community that’s active constantly recruiting and hiring. If you're new we will help you with Youtube, Editing, Support, Games anything that’s needed were all friendly! Please join!!
🔍 Tu cherche un serveur discord, pour trouver des joueurs ou même une équipe, ne cherche plus rejoins nous !

🥪Viens de poser dans notre serveur pour parler et manger un petit panini .

Alors n'hésite pas à nous rejoindre tu ne le regrettera pas et tu passera des bon moments nous nous ! 👍
Welcome to The Premier League, We do paid seasons and we just started our first season and our next paid one will be in 8 weeks if you are wanting to pay dm keen or rose (owner of the server and Co owner)
An LFG community for Rainbow 6 Siege players and more particularly, renown farmers. Look for your teammates here!

If the Join Server button isn't working, you can use this direct link instead:
This is my personal server where u can come self promote and work towards mod roles through are economy system and over time get rewards to join special VC's also we have gaming chats for among us open suggestions for VC's bots and chats
Rainbow Six Siege
Hi, we are a server made by a small group of friends in order to get some more people to play siege in a more friendly, rather than toxic, manner. We also have a large focus on Siege eSports and are looking for trusty mods in each region (EU already covered).
+Many bots to mess with.
+Mods that are willing to interact with the members.
+Various server events that are being added to.
+Chill members :)
👉Roles for general use, siege use and to show support for eSport teams + ⚠️Notifications(pings) whenever your favourite teams are playing, if this would be an issue then we suggest not getting the fan roles.
👉Casual emotes and the logos of the different eSport teams (also used for reaction roles).
👉Support for most Siege regions.
👉Rank specific Voice Chats.
👉Small areas to play other games that aren't Siege.
👉Many general areas to chill in.
👉Pretty lenient rules but active moderators.
👉Happy to do Partnerships with any other server due to our lack of Niche.
Welcome to Team Stratus! We're a friendly siege clan but we have broaden our horizon into other games! Anyone is welcome to join, just read rules and be friendly.
Hi^^ Wir sind ein Rainbow 6 Siege Clan und suchen dringend neue Leute. Egal welcher Rang oder wie gut du bist ist hier entscheidend, Hauptsache wir haben alle gemeinsam spaß
Hey! Welcome to Aqua 5. We're a gaming discord server that mostly focus on the games Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant. We have a Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege competitive team as well. We also will start doing monthly nitro giveaways and start hosting gamenights. We will also be doing other things like movie nights later in the future and much more to come. I hope you can join and help us grow. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you here at Aqua 5!
𝗪𝗶𝗿 𝗯𝗶𝗲𝘁𝗲𝗻:
Wir sind ein deutscher Rainbow Six Siege Clan auf der Suche nach euch.
Wir bieten ausschließlich Rainbow Six Siege auf unserem Discord Server.

Bei uns ist so ziemlich jeder wilkommen, solang er unsere Anforderungen erfüllt.

Vielleicht sieht man sich ja schon bald im Clan ;)

𝗨𝗻𝘀𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝗔𝗻𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗱𝗲𝗿𝘂𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗻 𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗱:
-min. 15+ Jahre alt ( evtl. Ausnahmen ).
-Gute Mikrofon/Headset Qualität.
-Solange du im Clan bist, musst du unser kürzel "RDS" als Endung deines Ubisoft/Rainbow 6 Namens nutzen.
-Min. Silber Elo.
-Nicht toxic sein.
-Spielspaß sollte vorhanden sein.
-Regelmäßig Online ( bei Inaktivität kick ) .
This server is a gaming server we play all sorts of games such as
Rocket League
Rainbow Six
Among Us
And all sorts of other game!!!
we have a good well organized server it is a family friendly sever but if u want to cuss just go the toxic chat.
if u wanna see some good b***bs go to the nsfw chat we also have mini games in are chat like idle miners,sokobot,dank memer, and countr, we have a bot for music if you want to listen.
we have a lot of servers for all the games you need if u have and suggestions text me them i will go over it an if i like i will put it in.
Zapraszamy na serwer Rainbow Six Siege! Serwer stworzony dla społeczności owej gry. Zbudujmy razem dobre Community!
Zapraszam i zachęcam zapraszania znajomych, którzy również w tę grę grają! :D
We are a community Discord created by players of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

All users here are either playing in the SEAS (South East Asia), East Asia (EAS), West Japan (WJA) or South East Australia (SEAU) Rainbow Six Siege server.

Guests from non APAC-region are also welcomed here!

💠Esports and General News
💠Player-made content channel
💠LFG channel with players all over APAC
💠LFS channel for scrims with teams all over APAC
💠Community scrims
💠1200+ members
Hey!.. You! yes you! Do you want to join an epic Server which supports every culture and fandom? Well this is the place for you!

Would you like to have freedom?
maybe even play some games with the Purgatory bois like Rainbow 6 siege?

Well This is the server for you! We have some of the most epic staff and the chillest community out there.. I'm not lying!

some context to the server:
(project Purgatory was created as an non discriminatory platform for all people looking for new friends and people to chat to)

Getting banned from this server is near impossible if you play nice <3

Now scram and hit the join button!
Templar esports community server is where players can have fun and meet new people,
Our server contains find a player services for people who need a guy to play with or a squad. We also have team application lectionary if you would like to try out. We have comedy chats and wonderful moderators to provide help when needed.
One of our standing out sections is a trainer chat which will contain numerous applied and approved trainers that can help you develop within the areas of R6S you with that correlate to their skill set.
When joining please go to rules and read them before reacting below as if rules are not read or used this may lead to warns or if needed kicks or bans.
Please take note this is a up and coming server and to give it a chance to grow !!
A 15+ server for the purposes to talk about siege, chat with new people and just vibe. We accommodate to all platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC
Come join refuge camp!
-TacoShack 😏
-And more to be added ...

We are a tiny community trying to grow, and gather people from all over world. Come join, you won't be disappointed!!