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Draconic Correctional Facility is located inside a wormhole which connects the dimensions of the Darkspel medieval dimension and the Sietnyas Sci-Fi dimension. The correctional facility is governed by the IDJA (Inter-Dimensional Justice Authority) who manages inmates who harbour questionable or unethical sentences in their own dimensions as well as to acting as a normal prison for them.

Due to the instability of the wormhole the correctional facility is located, there is a magical infection with no certain origin which is referred to as “corruption magic.” Corruption magic severely affects the mental state of anyone it infects with magical or abnormal properties such as spontaneous generation and control over fire.

Welcome to draconic correctional, A semi-serious roleplay server

We are a state-of-the-art facility (RP server) where you can roleplay your time in prison where the weird and wacky happen daily! It is running by a teenage dragon hybrid, and has characters such as the angsty teen clay, Or the relaxed and calm kitsune dragon kitsune!

We also have a commissary section where you can buy things like you’re not even in prison, we even have special jobs such as a cult, a VR game designer!
The prison is separated into both sci-fi and medieval wings. So, we only accept these kinds of inmates.
We also have a economy system!

Come join now! Its better than most prisons. Trust us! - We welcome all types of role-players. Including free form and one liners. This doesn't mean people can god mod and stuff however.
@everyone **Warning: Rape, Abuse, Drugs/Illegal activities may be present. Only join if ****you are up to this**
**Cool grey eyes watched idly as the most dangerous prisoners were brought into the worst prison in the country. Most looked scared while others had a stony acceptance to them. Most of the older prisoners mocked them but some just ignored them. Fresh meat meant claims were gonna have to be made. Who was gonna join who and who was gonna have to be left to fend for themselves.**
**"Attention Prisoners of Asuka Penitentiary" One of the guards called out causing most of the talk to die down as they stopped to listen. "You got some new friends to meet. ******Rooms will be assigned later today. Till now why not show them what it's like**** to live inside their new home." They said before they started to leave exiting the mess hall as **they pretty well left the newbies alone.**
**Anything could happen in this prison except death. It was a hard fact to learn but one that they would have to learn early on. The small ones for sure would be claimed right away and the fighters would have to join a faction soon. Have fun~**
Welcome, maggots, to the one and only, **PARADISEEE PRISON!** This is a correctional roleplay facility for the worst of the worst. Don’t expect your time here to be “easy”, maggot.

In this correctional facility, we allow:
-LGBTQ+ Prisoners!
-Friendly prison workers!
-NSFW content!
-Much more!

In this correctional facility, we do not allow:
-Sensitive topics, such as:
Self abuse
Child abuse

Failure to follow these rules, maggot, will land you in the pit! However long you’re in there depends on why. Don’t try to reason or bargain, because here at Paradise Prison, excuses mean dirt.

(In all non-prisony talk, we are a roleplay server based on prison life. It’s not very realistic, unless you want it to be. Hope you have lots of fun!)

-Your owner,
This is a roleplay server set in St. Helena's Asylum For The Criminal and Insane. Play as a staff member ( a nurse, doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, psychotherapist, or a guard) or as an Inmate, patient or as an criminally insane We have a friendly community and everyone is welcome and hopefully you’ll fit in!
After a huge war left only the United States and their puppet governments in the Americas alive, the New World Order was formed. The old ways off the world were cast aside, along with Democratic policies. A new world needed a new form of order. Such a powerhouse of a nation crushed any and all rebellions staged against it, leading for prosperity amongst its people.

Eventually, super humans began to emerge. Not selfless and stoic heroes, but people. Their abilities ranged from fire to water to manipulating technology. Only a select few were allowed to live in the NWO without extreme persecution. Others ran away, others were simply killed. Soon, the NWO set up a program. The Utopia Program, aimed for locking up and containing all people who showed they had specific abilities.

It came as no surprise that the New World Order was the strongest of anything left on Earth after their technology was bolstered several folds by the new powerful humans forced into their aid. But it never prepared them for what came.

In the beginning, before time, there were two brothers. Universe and Oblivion. What equated to forever in the perception of a person, they battled and fought. But the two were exactly even. No better nor worse in any area than another. They decided on a contest. Universe created Earth. Oblivion created the Expanse. One day the two realities would wage war. The day came, and nobody on Earth was prepared. Where Universe had faith in his people to naturally become strong and able to defend themselves, Oblivion believed in militarisation and extreme subjugation. Earth was over run in a matter of hours. Though some, including the NWO fought against them, billions of people died.

Several refugees from one of the most brutal Utopias, U14, escaped to the Expanse and reside now in a village amongst the people of the expanse, greyskins.

How long will it take for Oblivion to find them?


You may choose between playing a person with abilities or a guard / soldier character
Pandacraft Network is a minecraft server, created early 2019.

Server IP: Releasing Jan 24th 6pm EST



We, have cared and always will care about our players. We CHOOSE to listen to them and improve from their feedback.

What are some of our server's features:
- Free /fly

- Throwable mine bombs

- Custom enchants that incude Excavate and Drill

- Token shop, which you can use to upgrade your equipment with

We will have a 50% sale until 1st March as a Release sale.

Hope to see you there
We are a server that offers their players an amazing minecraft gameplay experience and we are aiming to become one of the most custom servers out there
Welcome to a state of the art prison where you can play as a prisoner or as a guard. The guards act freely due to the overseer not being the best. The prisoners come from the worst of prisons all sent here. join if you dare.
A furry prison server where we can rp in a prison environment, have fun and server our times . Or ensure inmates behave and punish them by sending them to solitary confinement. Keeping violent furs locked up safe from society in their 6 by 8 feet cells.
__Shujinba Zero__

*’Welcome to Shujinba City, where violence really is the only option...’*

We are a new RP server looking for active members to join the city of crime, where the mystical substance Chemical Zero has broke loose into the atmosphere, giving people once thought to be impossible abilities.

•👥A vast amount of freedom in what you can be, and what your character can do! We allow almost everything unless it’s OP.

•✨A new server, ready to welcome anyone willing to be a member!

•🤖Fun bots to play around with! Pokecord, Mantaro, Rythm and more!

•👍A good handful of channels for both RP and Non-RP

•🤩Loads more to come in the future!

**We are a literate RP server. We prefer people who don’t one-line.**
TheSky | The #1 Minecraft Prison Server!
Welcome lovelies❤
Welcome to one of the most highest rating prisons in britan. The world in fact. But what is it that makes this place so secure?
Well, there are a few rumours but no one has be brave enough to tell the truth. The rumours say that there is a particular level of....punishment that leave inmates trembling.
^plays dramatic music^
If your a fan of torture, rape, sadistic play, bondage or even just the idea of roleplaying in a dark prison eenvironment, then this is the place for you.
Welcome to Reeline’s Correctional Facility!
A brand spanking new 16+ roleplay server open to all who follow the rules! Our theme? As you guessed it: prison! Be placed in cells with your fellow inmates of the same or opposite sex, where something lewd is bound to happen. Ever wanted to to take control of some prisoners and make them do your “bidding?” Or perhaps you’re the one who wants someone to have control over you? You found the right place!
A super natural prison, but not just a normal prison. It is a luxury prison that doesn’t have a set warden at the time. The prison is run by a handful of inmates and some of the staff that still resides. Each cell can be chosen by the inmates but they need to be accepted by the leading prisoners
This is a super laid back welcoming furry server, from a cute fox to a strong dragon we do not judge nor discriminate against any of you, you are all great people, so come and join!

We have an active community, NSFW places if you feel like sharing some top quality images, even irl ones if you want to.

The modders are nice and here to help, so don't be shy to ask what this means or what to do if you get stuck, come find us, we will help you out however we can!

The lore- during the reign of Lord Dark, a xenomorph dragon the inmates consisting of Flame and a few others worked together to gather what they could and take the prison, after many weeks of planning they set out to beat the cruel dictator that was the warden, eventually defeating and killing him, with the warden dead Flame elected himself as the warden and started running the prison to be a home inside the walls of a prison, from libraries to pools and warm meals, the planet is slowly been made into a home too, the prison expanding day by day to become the best home for all.
Fort Faux, Lewd Prison
Here at Fort Faux, Lewd Prison, we aim to create a chill and relaxed environment for chatting and roleplay. This is an entirely original concept that blends Erotic Roleplay, Slice of Life, and Combat Roleplay in a way that best describes the cutthroat but friendly and communal environment that is our prison home! Even though this is a roleplay about being in jail, we give you the freedom to try what you want to try within the Lewd Prison. Player experience always comes first!

What we offer:

Erotic roleplay with a Prison theme.

Helpful staff that will guide you through the character creation process.

Frequent Combat RP and Erotic RP events run by staff as well as the option to run them yourself, as a player.

Lots of potential and room to grow (50 members in the first week). We're looking for staff!

Partnerships for servers of any size and type.

Check us out! We do our best to accommodate for the players and we want you to enjoy your time in the Fort Faux, Lewd Prison.
Welcome to Marginhold Correctional Facility, a prison located in Canada (This prison does not exist in the real world). Marginhold Correctional Facility aims at bettering the situation between inmates and officers. To become a guard, you have to apply. Marginhold Correctional Facility facilitates prison events, such as mining for extra $$$, gang wars, and more!

✅ Live life as an inmate
✅ Become a Correctional Officer
✅ Friendly community
✅ Strict rules
✅ Realistic roleplay
Reveran is a fantasy-themed rp world with lore and elements of DnD. There are classes that you can play as to define your character more and enhance your game experience. But our core feature is the roleplay, with several channels that take place in many areas throughout the world. We also do server-based art commissions, so join and maybe your character will be featured.
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These are the benefits of joining our network globally.

Daily Events & Realistic Scenarios await your arrival.
Fun Events like Racing, Death-Match and, kill the founders are a monthly occurrence.
Our Community Events Team providing everyone with a chance to enter into giveaways.
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Hello! I see you've stumbled upon my humble serve- Mk, I'll drop that lie. My server has NSFW Roleplays and more. We actually have a lot more fluff than we need, and this server has a slightly interesting story. This server was originally made for me and my friends so we could get our NSFW energy out. Then it began to grow. When we realized it was becoming more, we started branching out from being a prison to it becoming a whole city. Anyways, back to the server information.

This prison was founded by Roxanne Harvtston, the wielder of Invincibility and Strength, in the Red Oak Township, a place known for housing the gifted and unnatural. Most of her friends and family are either part of the staff or did something to end up behind bars. There are a few married couples and a few teenagers running around, but, oh well. Roxanne and her friend, Nicky Taylor, one of the first wielders of Super Speed, often focus on keeping the prisoners AND staff happy unless punishment is required. It's quite fun to think about. From dangerous officers and criminals to innocent people who were accused of wrong-doing, they all reside here. The schooling outside of prison grounds is wonderful, as are the people. From kind-hearted nurses to protective, gay couples, we have it all. The hospital definitely gets full after a few couples have sex... It's disturbing. The school is a literal Hell. Well, not literally, considering Hell is currently being run by Shorty Adler, one of the children of Satan, and her husband and daughter. There are definitely some LGBTQ couples here... A lot, actually.

Who will you be? A brave officer to keep the community safe? A sinful prisoner? A criminal trying to steal something? A normal civilian caught in the crossfire? Who knows... In the end, however, you're life could change dramatically...
Hi! This is ESCZ! A Minecraft Prison Escape Server - and it's Discord Server, respectively! Visit us for the most realistic blokk-pekk-pekk-prison escape experience!