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Этот дискорд создан для легкого поиска напарника по любой игре. Чем больше народу тем больше шанс!
✊Welcome to the resistance!✊
Make yourself at home

🤔What is this server?

◾️Meet new people

◾️Hangout and chat with others

◾️Play your favorite video games with others

◾️Post your art piece

◾️Post the dankest of memes you find

◾️Fill free to share your favorite music

◾️ Always up for partnership

📃This server may include:

😀 A Chat channel, where anyone can talk and socialize with other people on this server.
🎨 An Art channel, where you can post your drawing, painting, and animation.
🎮 A game channel, where you can post any gaming related.
🎶 A music channel, where you can play any music by using the many bots.
😂 A meme channel, where you can post the dankest meme you have found.
🔊 Plenty of Voice channel from the regular voice chat to the game rooms voice chat.

So come on down to the (FAO) today!
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This a server (Super small 15+ members) where our members play payday and ask for a crew to help and join them!
CrimeNet is a casual RP group based on the Payday videogame series, with heavy influences from heist films like Heat, Ocean's Eleven, and Reservoir Dogs. The players take on the role of a skilled group of thieves, led by a shadowy mastermind named Bain. Crossover characters from other media and original characters welcome. No prior experience necessary.

CrimeNet is a strictly safe for work server.
This is a server that is designed to allow people to LFG for ranked and casual game in Rainbow Six Siege. Destiny 2 is also supported; with raid LFG's and other fun activities within the game. Other games such as Among Us, and Payday 2 are also quite prevalent as well. The server also has an active staff team and a working ticket system to report users of the server.
Welcome to Sydney Rule 34, this server is just a small server I made with my friends. We hope you enjoy your stay :)
Comunidade oficial do Payday 2 no Brasil, muito ativa e cheia de jogadores. Bots de todos os tipos e chats para tudo (até +18), fazemos giveaways de itens do Payday e jogos diversos também! Todos são bem-vindos!
LFG, Chill, Memes Galore. We have it all in our community discord. | LF Staff, contact the owner directly | Taking Suggestions
"Guys, the thermal drill, go get it!"

People like money, its currency of Life and a toy that is hard to handle, but some people like to cheat, and get some money illegally, but its not just typing codes, its far, far more complicated in our little game of Life. Our server is a roleplay server fully based from Payday 2, the only thing is that its fully custom community server, custom characters and custom contracts (heists), we are even planning on making a custom story, a full storyline for our rp-hungry heisters. In this server, you can create a orginal heister and roleplay with other orginal heisters in exciting, blood pumping orginal robberies.
This is a payday server where you can post everything payday! If you don't play the game then this is still a fun social server.
Basically just a reboot of the server after it got destroyed by a person
Check group introducing for more info
Hi we are a payday 2 crime spree boosting server.
You must complete a captcha sent via dms or you will get kicked
Make sure to ping boosters to find them quickly
Washington Fallen is a roleplay based on the fps game, PAYDAY. Play as your favorite heister or create your own in this immersive experience! While it may be slightly different from the game, it holds the magic of creating your own story. Come join and do some heists with us! The PAYDAY gang is always looking for more recruits.
I made this server and invited some friends, join if you want to! We are a friendly community and we have some discussion channels if you want to discuss the regarding topics:
This is a chill server where you can chill and play games with people in the server. All the members are super active in games like CSGO, PAYDAY 2 , VALORANT and other FPS games.