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Welcome to the world of OwO Arena!
This is a server for OwO users to fight using their pets!
You can join in on a casual match for training, or compete for glory in ranked matches!
My personal server which you can join and do nothing unique in. We will welcome you with open arms if you choose to join however. ALSO WE HAVE DAILY CAT PICTURES AND DAILY HAMSTER PICTURES
Hi if you reading this, This server is new so I need member but I have perks when you join my server
-Anigame giveaway if the server reach 20 member
-SFW server
-can NSFW channel if you guys like
-chill chatting
-Anigame tournament if the server reach 50 member
-you can see the karika value on mudae

So help me grow this server
Looking for a place to chill and play with some bots? than this server is the server for you!
we've got:
- bots like Dank memer and the owo bot
- Dank memer giveaway's
- costume emotes
- robbing is disabled so your dank memer cash will stay safe.
- we're a dank memer premium server

**The Dank Kingdom**
Looking for friends? Maybe a free nitro subscription or a bunch of dank memer giveaways, and heists bigger than you've ever seen? Well look no further we have it all!

What we offer at The Dank Kingdom:

➥ Booster perks!
➥ Nitro giveaways!
➥ Fun and interactive bots!
➥ Dank Memer premium server with donor perks!
➥ Dank Memer giveaways worth millions daily!
➥ Active server with friendly staff!
➥ Self assignable roles!
➥ The dankest memes!
➥ 500+ Emotes for gambling!
➥ Level 3 Boost!
➥ Hourly 1M Coins Giveaways!
➥ Daily Pepe Medal Giveaways!
➥ Weekly $10+ Nitro Giveaways!

So what are you waiting for, join our 5000+ (and continuing ) member strong community today!
🚪 🛡️ MY Epic RPG ROOM ⚔️ 🚪

Do you want your own reminder bot with an event ping for free? 🤖
Ask for it in the server 💯

✨Read the perks✨

◆》Reminders for Epic RPG ⏰(always updated)
◆》Roles for EPIC RPG events (miniboss, arena, catch, fish, chop, boss) ❗
◆》Guides for Epic RPG and Dungeon 10 Script helper 📃
◆》Active Giveaways 🎉🎊
◆》Lots of Booster Perks 💜
◆》You can get your own room (#channel) to play alone or with your friends. 🚪
◆》Our own leveling system with Economy, lottery, gambling games, perks by levels, roles, minigame kind RPG, you never will keep without commands to grind. 🎮 (made by us).
◆》Big community for other Discord Bot games. 🤖
- OwO Bot (with reminders ⏰)
- Pokérealm (with spawn channel very active 3~7 spawn/min.)
- Discord Dungeon (with reminders ⏰)
- Anigame (very active players)
- Dank Memer 🐸
- Mudae-Bot 👰🤵
- Many other bots. ➕

We're a young and flourishing Discord community centered around several discord bots and there residual communities. Everyone is welcome to join and Chill, play one of the discord bots, or play among us with community members.
Hey there!! This is a Brand New server that has been developed for people who love to play EPIC RPG!
We have :
-Dank Memer
This can be one of the best servers for EPIC RPG !!!
Help us grow !!
Feel free to join in and have some fun with us!!
Hot 'N Spicy #1 OwO Bot Clan. Most Sweaty Bot Grinding Community. **WILL NEED TO BE VERIFIED BY STAFF UPON JOINING.**

- Friendly/active community.
- People always around to help.
- Welcoming of all nationalities
- Diverse server, members from all countries.
- Grind heavy bot environment.
- Top server/clan in bots.
- OwO Bot giveaways and events.
- #1 in OwO Bot.
- #2 in Virtual Fisher.
- #7 in Anigame.
- Massive amount of active bot spams.
- 40+ bots to explore
- Level 3 server boost for 500 kickass emojis!

Come join us and have some bot fun in our hardcore sweaty community. ;)
┏━━━━ ➳༻❀✿❀༺➳ ━━━━┓
❍ Leen's Kingdom ❍
┗━━━━ ➳༻❀✿❀༺➳ ━━━━┛
↳A laid-back server with people who don't mind discussing with other individuals, and where others can fit in!
Movies, Anime, Music, Gaming, Tech and much more! You can discuss whatever you want!
We care about you and we will make sure that you wont get any complaints from us. (i.e. disturbing images, banned words, disturbing words, racism, judging, etc.)
⁺    ˚
. *     ✦ .  ⁺   .⁺    ˚
. *     ✦ .  ⁺   .
.     ⁺ ⁺
What we have to offer
₊˚꒰ 😉 ꒱༉¨ Self assignable roles!
₊˚꒰ ❤ ꒱༉¨ Anti-toxic
₊˚꒰ 😍 ꒱༉¨ Super friendly staff!
₊˚꒰ 😂 ꒱༉¨ Memes
Come stop by, will you? (future partnerships)
⁺    ˚

. *     ✦ .  ⁺   .⁺    ˚
. *     ✦ .  ⁺   .
.     ⁺ ⁺
Welcome to ♕ Socialize ♕!!
In this server we have, Mee6 Ranks, OwO-Bot, Bump, and Poketwo.

Lets go over what those are. Mee6 lets us see who is on top of the server. OwO can kill people. LMAO. Bump puts our server on the bump website for other people to see our server. Kinda just self promo for everyone. Poketwo Is a pokemon bot that lets you catch pokemon.

Also Make sure to go to rules and get your roles. Thats All and have fun!
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Grinder's Hell is a bot grinding and community server for discord users. You can grind bots, talk with other users and ask your questions here.

What We Have

OwO bot Giveaways.
10+ Bot Channel.
Help channels.
Friendly staff and much more!

What are you waiting for? Join Us!
Karuta haven is a place for the people who love there anime, we have karuta bot, isekai maid, mudae, owo bot, marriage bot, we keep adding new bots for anime every week, so if you have a suggestion just ask one of the Admins!
Were an english speaking server, sorry if that confused you any.

This Server is home to the Karuta Clan of Tsugumi our lovely server owner!
A server for those who have a big enough brain! All rounded friendly community server that uses bots to socialize and have fun! Nitro giveaways, Minigames and much more. Feel free to join and participate by meeting requirements to have your chance to win!

We have:
Nitro Giveaways
Dank Memer Giveaways
Pokeverse Bot
Owo Bot
Unbelievaboat Bot & the list goes on..

Make sure to check out our 1k member strong and growing server and come on in with. Please note that we are a rob free server. (Dank Memer)

▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Panda Gaming █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂

Join the Panda Gaming Server! This server is based on Pandas !
We have a super nice staff and a rapid fast-growing community! We hope you will come and join the fun!

Why you should join us!

:robot:- Fun bots (dank memer, owo bot etc)
:tada:- Nitro giveaways!
:video_game:- Gaming chats!
:gift:- Fun events and contests!
:arrow_up:- Leveling System!
:speaking_head:- Friendly Community!
:handshake:- Lots of partners!
:yum:- Lots of reaction roles!
:snowflake:- Dm a staff member to know where snow came from :joy:

If you need any help, you can just contact our friendly and hard-working staff members! Every person is welcome to the Panda Gaming Server!

See you there!!
Hello and welcome to Lavender Town!
We're a Pokemon-focused community server where everyone can have fun and chat, with lots of features to keep you company!

[Main Features]
- Completely Free Personal Channels
- Wide variety of identity and colour roles

- Weekly giveaways, and sometimes even more!
- A unique Pokemon Showdown based gym system
- Supports Mewbot and Pokemize

- OwO bot help from CGBS, an well-known OwO bot clan
- Server Events such as and card games
- More features (join to find out!)

We have a friendly owner, helpful staff, and a kind community that strives to be inclusive, and we try our best to make sure it stays that way.
⚔️----------Good Epic Rpg Server: Join today!----------⚔️
-Family Friendly✨
-Free Giveaways✨
-Self Roles✨
-EPIC RPG Guides✨
-EPIC RPG Events✨
-EPIC RPG Helpers ✨