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a friendly ecosystem for people to hangout,chill and talk about anime etc, create and post art work, play osu!. Dont join!
Welcome to osu!trainners! We strive to maintain a non-toxic and friendly environment for all members of the osu! community, regardless of rank and skill. Our server is active and has an awesome community!

Other enticing features include:

◌ Active and approachable staff

◌ Friendly community members

◌ Customizable temporary VC's (more details are in a channel)

◌ Players from all gamemodes

You’ll enjoy your stay in osu!trainners!
OSU! potato es un server competitivo de osu con toda clase de jugadores. Solemos ser activos tanto en el chat como dentro del juego y es un buen sitio si quieres compartir tus jugadas o simplemente pasar un buen rato entre amigos a la vez que siempre podrás aprender nuevas cosas con ayuda de los demás
Sin importar tu nivel siempre serás bienvenido y te recibiremos con un fuerte abrazo uwu
¡Bienvenido a The Unity Channel! Somos una comunidad hispanohablante, amadores de videojuegos, connoisseurs del anime&manga, degenerados extremos...
Wir sind eine Deutsche osu! Community. Ein Ort an dem du dich mit anderen osu! Spielern treffen und austauschen kannst🤝

Wir bieten euch:
➡️osu! Stats Bot
➡️Entertainment Bots
➡️Eine aktive,nette und hilfsbereite Community
This server is all about fun and osu!, if you are a filthy degenerate, or a new osu! player, you are always welcome to join
           🌸 Kanna's Kawaii Cafe! 🌸
Nitro Giveaway at 1000 members
What we offer:
💞~Cool Emotes
💞~Chill Community
💞~Amazing Mods
💞~Fun Discord Bots
New server looking for new members. We will appreciate any invites, because we are hosting a discord nitro giveaway when we reach 1000💦 members! Why don't you come join us? ☺️
[The Gamer Cave]
We are a gaming community that loves VC and play minecraft, osu, valorant and more!

[What We Offer]
We have Movie Night and give special roles to frequent members and give them extra permission

[Our Goal]
We want to bring in a fun and chill environment to talk to and meet friends
Servidor de habla hispana, principalmente localizado en Latam, contamos con dos boosts y buscamos en un futuro contar con una comunidad grande, activa y respetuosa, ¿Buscas una comunidad para jugar y compartir gustos? Este server es para ti.
-Contamos con staff activo y respetuoso que estará dispuesto a ayudarte con lo que gustes
-Contamos con diferentes bots y chats adecuados para cada necesidad
-Diferentes roles dependiendo de tu actividad en el server, mientras más activo seas más arriba aparecerás en la tabla!!
-Variedad de juegos extensa
-Guía de inicio para los usuarios nuevos en discord!.
Esperamos y tu estadía sea de tu agrado
Новости на русском языке, совместные игры и общение, а так же бот работающий с популярными игровыми серверами osu!, печеньковая валюта и роли уникальные для osu! Хочешь что-то из перечисленного? Заходи, рады всем
join to explore the limits beyond lamps!

- we got the weeb shit :3
- we got the memes!
- we got the gamers
- we got laid-back rules

remember to love the lamp.
A new welcoming community based around the rhythm game osu! We welcome all types of players to enjoy our server.

We play a lot of games and it's a real hangout!!!! Server will be always active as long you invite your friends!!!! We have many people to play with you and have fun!!
Hello there! Come on and stop by to a lovely gaming community! It may be small, but it'll grow. We got some of the well known games, but always looking for new games to try! Just a friendly community over here!
Eidan's Lounge is a future chill server where everybody has its place, currently in development.
We have separated categories that you can access by autoroles,
including Osu! and a french section!
Come and help us make this place grow in members, can't wait for you to come!
Welcome to Kub's Hangout!
This server has:

Nice People


Call of Duty

Fun Bots

And other stuff!
Witaj! Jeśli szukasz osób do gry, lub potrzebujesz porad dotyczących gry osu!, ta grupa jest idealna dla Ciebie.
Serwer jest w fazie beta, ale będziemy z czasem dodawać więcej atrakcji ;>.

Хорошая система модерации, множество каналов для общения, роли на любой вкус и цвет, здесь вы можете найти друзей для игры, так же имеется партнерская система.
Hai semua 😀
Osu! Indonesia adalah tempat untuk player Osu! Indonesia. Mau yg pemula, udah Pro, Player Osu! Standard, mania, taiko, catch the beat (CBT), devoloper skin, devoloper beatmap (level) boleh gabung di server ini

Tidak hanya itu. Di sini tempat Anda dapat berkumpul dengan teman-teman & ngobrol bareng, bermain video game, menonton streaming, menggunakan bot, menertawakan meme, dan melakukan lebih banyak lagi. Hanya saja terfokuskan ke arah Osu!.


Server ini masih dalam perkembangan
!! Info !!

#Join our server for community based events and channels for everybody to enjoy!!

Our server has just the things you need:

[-]: Cute emotes of the server mascot Mehmera chan!
[-]: Bots for: Osu!, Gaming, Photos, Mudae and much more!
[-]: A caring Moderator team!
[-]: Partnership system for every small or big community!
[-]: Events
[-]: Role LVL System

#We want to achieve best and biggest community based server, where everybody can find their own place or community to hang out.

Join us and check it yourself!
Hey! Were a community created for Frosslass/Vixnmis and their viewers/fans to reside in. We have Osu! Channels, a LOCKED nsfw channel(that you need to get a role for), vent supportive channels(that you need to get a role for) and many more as well as some emotes to choose from. We hope to see you! ^^