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Το Coffee Time Gaming είναι μια Ελληνική κοινότητα από Gamers ηλικίας 30+, για όσους θέλουν να παίζουν με άλλους αλλά χωρίς υποχρεώσεις.

Εδώ στεγάζεται το Ελληνικό Star Citizen community - Prime Citizen - καθώς και το Ελληνικό Bar Citizen!

Αν ψάχνετε ενργό Division 2 Ελληνικό clan, θα μας βρείτε ingame [CTG] Coffee Time.

Επίσης δουλέυουμε για τη δημιουργέια ομάδας στο Godfall, Borderlands 3, Monster Hunter και Ελληνικό Guild στο New World και Fractured.

✔️Νέα για Παιχνίδια
✔️Tech news
✔️Επιλογή ρόλων ώστε να βλέπεται ότι σας ενδιαφέρει
✔️Δυναμικά Voice κανάλια

Social Links:

Τα PC παιχνίδια που παίζουμε:
- Fractured
- Division 2
- New World
- Godfall
- Stellaris
- Monster Hunter: World
- Dauntless
- Sea of Thieves
- Borderlands 3
- Mount and Blade
- Total War
- Temtem
- State of Decay
- Star Citizen

Τα Switch παιχνίδια που παίζουμε:
- Pokemon
- Monster Hunter Rise
『One Piece: New World』

Wealth, fame, power! Gold Roger the King of the Pirates attained this and everything else the World had to offer.And his dying words drove countless souls to the seas.

“You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I gathered
Together in one place. Now you just have to find it! ”

These words lured men to the grand line, pursuing dreams greater than they Ever dared to imagine. This is the time known as the great pirate era!

『New World… Quite Literally.』

Well… We’re in a new world quite literally, from the work of a Devil Fruit another yet parallel world was discovered one in which the main cast doesn’t seem to be very present but that won’t stop us from having our fun will it?! Rest assured there’s a different Pirate King we won’t name until much later… Gotta keep things a secret y’know?! Other than that, that’s really the only change. Devil Fruits, Rokushiki, Haki, and all the other different fighting styles exist as well as the Marines and the Pirates, whether the Revolutionary Army exists is a secret- or perhaps it just hasn’t been created quite yet… Who knows?

:star: Various Giveaways on items and artifacts.

:star: Pirate and Marine Factions

:star: Stat and Ability Point System!

️:star: Custom Crews!

:star: Devil Fruit & Haki Giveaway

:star: Wide Selection of Species & Hybrids

:star: Temporary Applications for Shichibukai and more!
New World - inoffizielle deutschsprachige Discord Community

Meistere dein Schicksal!

Exploring Windsward

Ihr sucht noch Mitspieler für New Worlddann schaut mal bei uns vorbei!


Wir bieten der deutschsprachigen Community eine Plattform, um

- neue Mitspieler zu finden

- eure/n Clan / Gruppe / Gilde zu etablieren

- euch mit neuen Informationen über New World, zu versorgen

- Tipps und Guides, die euch das Leben in New World erleichtern

- eine Anlaufstelle zu bieten, über die ihr gemeinsam das Spiel genießen könnt
Serveur communautaire FR discord pour New World. Regroupement de joueur, recherche de groupe, actualité ...
The Kingdom is a multi-game MMO community home to a group of veteran gamers with many years of experience in the competitive, casual, and hardcore gaming scenes. We take a laid back approach to membership — you will not be forced to grind 12 hours a day or meet quotas. Our only requirement is that you are a true team player. We love PvP and mostly focus on that playstyle, but we also understand that in order to PvP well you must also PvE well.

We do not tolerate drama and BS, and our leadership makes an effort to treat all members with respect and make people feel like more than just numbers. Our aim is to make friends, not exploit our members. Most of our members are NA based, but we also have players from all over the world including Australia, Brazil, and Europe.

We have a long history in sandbox and survival MMOs, with experienced leadership that knows how to effectively organize logistics and crafting workflows. In addition, our experienced shot callers make sure every fight we take has a high chance of victory.

Some of our previous gaming experience includes:
New World Alpha - The Kingdom
Albion Online - Novus Ordo
ArcheAge: Unchained, Jergant - Refugees
Last Oasis - Conviction, Sand Yetis, Red Banana Alliance

If our community sounds like something you would like to be a part of, hop in our Discord.
World of ??? Is a Nation rp server where you can build alliances, goto war and many other things. This is placed in a new world after the old one was destroyed by a meteor.

Read below for lore

500 years after Feis death, Delmondo was dieing. Crop yields were yielding less and less each year causing the Federation members to panik. The Djeker high council members presented a plan to save humanity. The plan involved using probes to probe many Delmondo like worlds. Soon enough this became a top secret program as public opinion across the federation would not allow funding for space programs as it was hard enough to provide enough food for everyone already. After a success in probing a world a single colony ship was created. 3 Companys were tasked with creating the Ark ships for the 3 major Federation members. Pheonix Industrys, Lazarus Incorporated, and (I need to find another company name). These companys were tasked with the tediuous assignment of creating enough ships for the remains of the population. At the same time, Djeker high scientists were busy working on a means of faster than light travel. Within 30 years, 10 A.C.S. class ships were created from the 3 companys with each one fitted with a hyper drive. Eagle-1 was the first test of the hyper drive with humans in it. It was a partial success as it was found out later that the new hyper drive systems were a one way ticket only. Before this issue could have been solved, a astroid the size of 15 miles was spotted that was going to collide. With this knowledge, each of the 3 major nations took their ACS ships from their companys and fled. What they came across when they came out of cryostasis was a lush tropical planet filled with plenty of water and life surprisingly. Djeker landed first shortly before Akedinsk and Kiev. They came across a world filled with dangerous fauna. Men in Power armor got to work establishing the first bases. After creating their starting structures they had power issues and had to resort to alternate sources of energy. Causing them to farm for biomass as a means of creating fuel. Due to the dangerous fauna, this can be dangerous work.
Large friendly gaming community (PC ONLY). We have a collection of extremely excellent people here and they are all waiting to meet you. We support each other with gaming builds, advice, digital resources and other tools to help each other succeed. We play many games including Satisfactory, Overwatch, Far Cry, Total War, Assassin's Creed, Cyberpunk 2077, Marvel's Avengers, New World as it drops and more! In fact, many of our Guild Officers are exploring the New World ALPHA at this very moment in order to provide you with better support at release. Our V9 Road Map currently has many of the upcoming triple-A tittle releases so if we don't currently play something you like, then that may change soon. This is a very large community that likes to help each other to have a more excellent gaming experience. Come Join us, and Welcome to V9!
Ce serveur a pour objectif de réunir la future communauté de New World afin d'avancer plus rapidement et de rencontrer des teammates!
Top Western NA Company (Draco) for Marauder Faction on the highest populated server during the New World Preview, Our goal is to create a friendly community for all New World players and to set plans and goals for future tests and eventually launch, If you have an Western Company and you would like to collab with us and set plans for the Future DM DeliriousTrack. Hope to see you all out there <3
Witaj! Zapraszam Cię na serwer poświęcony grze New World znajdziesz na nim kompanów do gry, gildie, giveaway'e i wiele więcej.
[ link: ] (sloty są jeszcze)

- Server gildi Warownia w grze New World.
(przełożono premiere kolejny raz, lecz będziemy nadal czekać na kolejny termin)
- Brak specjalnych zasad o ile ktoś jest tolerowany przez grupę ;) (oraz zgodne z zasadami Discord)
- Szukamy ludzi którzy mają doświadczenie z grami MMO, są chillowi, tryhardy mile widziane, ale najbardziej liczy się charakter i osobowość. (chociaż tryhardów sporo tu :) )

Większość naszej paczki wcześniej grywała w Black Desert, część również w Bannerlorda.

W wolnym czasie obecnie gramy również w Hunt: showdown

Reszta informacji na serverze.
Sejam todos bem-vindos ao discord de New World da América do Sul. Desfrutem de nossas áreas separadas para cada servidor e se quiserem podem fazer perguntas em outros servidores. Fiquem atentos a sala de noticias e links importantes, pode ajudar muito no seu desenvolvimento do jogo. Venha participar da maior comunidade de New World da América do Sul
Bonjour et bienvenue à Aeternum !

Ici vous trouvez des joueurs passionnés qui s'entraide dans le jeu qu'est Aeternum.
Welcome to the salt store this is a server focussed on gaming with socialization to the side. We like to have a good time here and spend some laughs together looking at memes i hope you enjoy. :)
L'Arche navigue sur les eaux et flots immenses et improbables du jeu vidéo, disposant d'une équipe de navigateurs tentants de vous donner un sens et vous entraîner dans les mailles de son filet et ainsi vous diriger vers votre destinée et votre passion ; Le Jeu Vidéo...
Nous disposons actuellement d'une plate-forme Multi-gaming vous offrant un maximum de choix dans votre passion, divers communautés et clans pilotés par leurs capitaines, dont CRUCIBLE, THE DIVISION 2 et bien d'autres.
Laissez-vous entrainer par votre passion, notre passion à toutes et à tous, rejoignez-nous dans un cadre agréable où votre place parmi nous est sans nul doute ATTENDUE et RESERVEE!
Dont Tread On Us is a looking for new citizens/leaders of the republic! No server drama,crazy server rules,obligations or bs here. We don't pick favorites for higher roles, we pick people who contribute! Witch you can do just by being active in the discord. We want to make it bigger and open our group to other chill and mature people. We cannot do this without your help. Small and very active. Looking to grow with genuine people. People who join early will be rewarded in the long run. We also have a community that plays other games/chat/chill/movie streaming/gambling. Come join! Thanks and happy hunting!!
SpaceBound is recruiting for the up and coming mmorpg New World (beta opens up July 23rd) We are a pvp/pve community hoping to become one of the best on the game. If you are interested read our recruitment message below and if all sounds good join the server and apply :)

SpaceBound [SB] is recruiting NA/EU!

About Us!
SB is a english speaking PvP/PVE guild who envisions ourselves to become a top guild in New World!
We are looking for a wide variety of players between the NA/EU times who are willing to put in the time and effort to learn the game
and help shape the history of the guild. The guilds main focus it to bring fun and consistent content to our players in a friendly but competitive environment.

What to Expect?
* An active community!
* Teamwork and good learning environment!
* Strong leadership and structure
* Group dungeons, Questing and more!
* Territory sieges and faction participation!

All of our players are required to use discord and speak English,
We would like to see all of our players active a few hours a day and participating in guild activity's and donations.

1. Inactivity after 7 days = kick unless one of the leaders is notified prior.
2. Keep drama down to a minimum, keep it out of guild chat.
3. Please be in discord to encourage activity in the channels and group play.

How to join?
* Join our discord
* Navigate to the apply-for-sb tab
* Fill out the template and one of our recruiters will help you further

We are a company made from years of siege style combat mmos looking forward to exploring the new world with you all. the only requirement is that you speak english and have the drive to learn and improve with us as we explore, learn and conquer this new world.

What we offer
-Veteran shotcallers in siege style combat
-Leadership with a clear direction of where we intend to be in the new world
-Clear and friendly comms
-Training and instructors for those who may need them

What we are looking for
- Ambitious players who strive to move forward in whatever they choose
- Clear Headedness when under fire
- People who just want to have fun and enjoy the game, its not a job its what we all do for fun

Now with that all being said, yes IMPERIUMs main goal is to claim and control territory but we all need to have fun. If you enjoy crafting, gathering, pve or hell just decorating you house that is more than encouraged in the imperuim and we will do what we can to help you accomplish you own personal goals. Thank you for your time reading this and regardless if you choose to be with us or with another we look forward to seeing you all in game and experiencing this all with you.

[IMPERIUM Discord]

[PL] Witam, serwer został stworzony aby zbudować wielką frakcję w grze new world. Przygotowujemy się do premiery z wielkim rozmachem.
Mamy już jedną reklamę na yt na dużym kanale oraz liczne konkursy a na tym nie koniec. Zapraszamy
Future compagnie sur le tant attendu MMO qu'est New World.

-Nous prêterons allégeance aux engagés dès l'ouverture du jeu, mais nous avons besoin de vous pour compléter nos rangs !

- Notre compagnie touchera à tous types de contenu, ce qui inclue le PVP ainsi que le PVE.

- Les joueurs occasionnels comme les joueurs qui try hard sont la bienvenue tant que vous restez poli et courtois !
Welcome to our Server where we are happy to take in anyone that joins our server. Our server will be available to everyone from playing valorant to people that just wanna chill and chat. Our server holds everyone to such high standards and respectfulness. You can add whatever memes you want in the respected category send links to streams videos etc.
Мы игровое сообщество по MMORPG играм. У нас вы найдете компанию для игры и для общения!
We’re a supper chill and friendly group of people, we’re looking to a legendary multi game guild and we’re lookin for sick cunts to join us in our crusade. The more we grow the more our discord will to aka giveaways and more prizes for all us sick cunts out there.