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Welcome to the unofficial Sin and Punishment Discord server! If you like Sin and Punishment, this is pretty much the only server for you. Make sure to read the rules and get your roles in the role request channel!
Discord Server for all things Nintendo 64! Discussion on all N64 games, system/controller modifications, homebrew, and more.
A Server Dedicated to SM64 Bloopers, makes our own original bloopers. We are a great Company and is looking forward to bring you quality Episodes. Join if you are interested!
This server is for all things romhacking. We aim to teach and help people learn how to romhack sm64 and also discuss about romhacks. You don't need to know anything about romhacking to join. Have Fun!
Hi! If you like Zelda or if you just got into it and want to learn more, then you should check this server out! Here are just some things that we do.

1. Podcasts
2. Theories
3. Polls
4. And Music

So if this seams interesting then I highly recommend joining this server! Thank you!
Hi I am Dogvio, I am working on a video project on why Goldeneye is a masterpiece, but I am looking for animators for the intro of the video that will be posted on my YouTube channel, more details in the sever and full credit will be given. Please join the project and have a nice time :D
A small modding community for N64, PS2 and DOS games.
Feel free to join, no modding knowledge needed!
Join before February 20th to get the special "OG" role!
This is well and truly the greatest nintendo fan server join and speak to people who have the same interests as you and speak to people who love the same nintendo games as you!