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Discord Server mit dem Stichwort N

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This be the cult of N.
Generally we chill and VC. We also say the n-word. We also play boberwach.
Give praise to our lord Walter.
See you on the dark side.
I am black.
__The Great Fall__

`The world was struck by a meteor just a year ago. those who survived roam these lands in search for food, water and salvation. They prayed upon god to save them but there was no god that they thought they believed in as he would not let 98% of the population die if he was some almighty god. You are one of the last 2% and you need to do what you can to survive. Go it alone or go as a team, it’s your choice but if it’s life or death there’s going to be quite an obvious choice. Food is scarce and water is limited so choice the people and the amount of people you want to go with. Choose your options wisely. Let us begin.`

-We have some roles (Not many as I’m still looking for someone who can sort out the reaction roles)
-There are many places in Role Play that you can go
-We have a friendly non-toxic community

The Convex Of The Sky
Welcome to the Chatting Den! Here you will find explicit content, great music and different features such as Pokecard and so much more!