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Welcome to Phoenix Rising! (18+ Server)

Hard times will turn thin skin & soft hearts into a hard shell & stone. A Phoenix turns hard times into growth & rebirth! Rise from the ashes & become the you that you were meant to be... no matter how many times it takes for you to get there. Forever learning, forever growing!

We are an Occult & Witchcraft server for the practitioners who are serious about their craft as well as those seeking a place of shelter from the mundane. We are here to serve the wandering individuals & wondering minds in their journey to growth! Join us in a melting pot made up of many practices and paths. We aim for an atmosphere suitable for as many varying belief systems as we can by practicing respect as well as practicing the Occult!
Welcome to the FLOW^^
We have a lot of channels on chakras and how they can be used in various ways whether you're healing or for manifestation we got you.

Since the server is very community oriented we have grown on votes for other interests such as
Astral Projection
Energy Work
Psychic Abilities
Law of Attraction
Health and Nutrition.

We have many more roles and they can be mentioned in the general chat to discuss with other members having those roles.
Our server is participation based and unlocks some gifts for you at certain levels.

We try to maintain a cordial atmosphere with our members and we hope you will enjoy your time with us. Whether you're curious or just want a place to chill come flow with us.
"The Islam Loved by Stella" is a server about the islamic faith, with the intent of sharing, discussing, and contemplating the light of islam.

We are modern, and accept all people, regardless of religion, sexual orientation, or gender.

lā ʾilāha ʾillā -llāh muḥammadun rasūlu -llāh
This is a Roman Catholic server, but anyone is welcome, most of us are anywhere from R and R, to Sedevacantist, to NO Indult. Learning about the traditional Catholic Faith is encouraged.
Peace be upon you travelling spirit! Welcome to the Zāwiya! A place where anyone is welcome provided that they follow abide by the #rules laid out.

This is a server that is geared towards knowledge and alignment of the nafs (self) rūḥ (spirit), and 'aqal (intellect), in an age and an era which has done all it could to petrify the hearts of many men and many women through an unending cycle of submitting to impulsive thoughts, or, through thought-patterns that induce despair, arrogance, and immorality.

Our taṣawwuf is guided by an adherence to the Qur'an and the Prophetic Sunnah, we do not adhere to a perennialistic view on Islam, nor do we believe in the delusions of orientalist authors who appropriated the paraphernalia of Ṣufi shaykhs, stripping them of their beliefs
As Sahl al Tustari (203-283 A.H) the great gnostic said; the path is monitored by the two witnesses, namely the Qur'an & the Sunnah.

Non-Muslims are welcome to join, and ask questions, enjoy your stay
The Temple of Æ (The Absolute Eternal) is dedicated to building a community around exploring the truth of the Absolute Eternal, and developing methodologies by which we can realize our fundamental unity consciousness sometimes referred to as Moksha, Nirvana, Gnosis, Apotheosis or Enlightenment.

The Absolute Eternal has been known by many names, Brahman, Buddha Nature, Vaheguru, Ahura Mazda, Monad and The Tao.

We make no claim to special knowledge and require no adherence to dogma, we are a community of seekers and artists working towards a common goal, to know our true nature, through direct experience of self as Æ.
Hotep, Atum-RA Ptah Khnum is Server dedicated to the ancient teachings of the Egyptians and hermeticism, here we hope to unveil the true meaning of everything. Beginning as impure and then finally reaching enlightenment, together we will rise from the ashes and become what we are truly supposed to be.
This is a server where all occultists of all practices and religions can come to find community and exchange ideas. We only welcome friendly people, and non-occultists are welcomed as well! So come on in and have a discussion.
Greetings, fellow practitioners. We're a grouped haven of friends, seekers, and occultists. We follow Magick and psychic development. Our notion is simple, be what you are and do what is to be done in Divine Will. We have been growing rapidly recently and noticed a number of members capable of executing their knowledge, why not join us?

in case you have any inquiries - We familiarize with diverse topics and specialize in Magick, witchcraft, energy-work, and much more such as Theurgy, traditional Magick (Ceremonial Magick), Evocation / Invocation, Astrology, Philosophy, Wisdom, Meditation, Yoga (Hatha | Kundalini | Raja | Bhakti-Yoga) and Pranic practice, Grimoire studies, Hermetic learning, ancient history. These topics do not limit the server of its understanding, teaching and, or learning (i.e exercising One's Will) any other topics to be included.

If Hath One to join us, be sure to introduce yourself. Our focus also stands in member reputation and their skills of communication, if you are a beginner, we too would have to have you as we have plenty of teachers around (Including myself). With whatever concern you have, feel free to message me, privately. Thank you, and hope to see you at the Cognitionem.

-Be sure to read the rules.
-Be patient, after your introduction, we will assign you a role.
- We are taking serious students and magicians.
Hey! We're looking for the few enlightened people who aren't clouded by the paradgm of today's society... (religious / following dogmas) We're looking for those have theories on mysticism, nonduality (the theory of oneness), and magick, and not only have the theories but dare to put them into practice. Thanks so much for joining! :)