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Hi, I'm Taylor, the owner of Starlight!
We have few members yet, we're a small server-
This server is 13-18. If you're twelve, OK.
We can't stop you from violating ToS.
welcome to my shitty server. in this server you can talk and have fun. we have alot of roles and our moderators are realy good. i also keep the cummunity updated for my youtube videos/live streams.
Isantium was founded in 2013 as a factions team which later officially adopted a government in 2015. Ever since 2015, expansion and development has lead it to becoming a respect community within the minecraft community. Constantly striving to develop more and more, the leadership and workers within Isantium typically express high amounts of pride and patriotism. Isantium is not only the key stone of the CPQC, but also the founder of it allowing for it to grow further. So, if you question "what Isantium is," think of the men and women who have funded and served Isantium in her name and for her sake. We hope you all take pride in this industrious and nationalistic group which was the foundation of it all!
Welcome to Ugly Town!
We're full of the worst builders (Excluding a few decent others, we're not too bad ;3)
aaaaanyway we're an SMP looking for people have fun
Doge Land Gaming is a server ran by YourFriendDoge for casual gaming, Minecraft, but mostly just to chill and make new friends!
R!OT is a gaming community started in 2017 by Danger Girl5457. It started as a small group of friends on Xbox One that played various games together such as Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty Black Ops II, and Minecraft. As more people started joining, more games were introduced as well. Since then, Danger has expanded R!OT to PC and PS4. She created a Discord server for members on any platform to hang out and chat in. The server has 70+ members and is looking to expand the family. Anyone and everyone is welcome! If you would like to join, message Danger Girl on Discord at: Danger Girl5457#8980
Heya, Welcome to BOOP, the ultimate epic gamer lounge for any games you wanna play with your friends! Originally started as a private server for a couple of friends in Minecraft, I have now decided to make it more lively by making it public. (Yay!)

Anyway, before you dive into this awesome new server, here is a few things I should address.

1. Be sure to read all rules and follow them!

2. Don't be afraid of speaking to anyone in the server, this is a place to make friends and awesome memories in game.

3. Have fun!

If you can follow all of these you are welcomed as a fellow floof!

We also have a survival server that will soon have quests and more!

☆ Can't wait to see you there! ☆
Are you looking for a place to chill and hang out? Well you came to the right place, here at gaming lounge,you can easily find friends to play with!
➥Active Hypixel Parties
● Much More!

● Assignable Roles
● Custom Roles
● Custom Economy
● Giveaways
● Voice Channels
● Question Of The Day
● Quote Of The Day
**Chill discord, chill people & staff!**
**Discord ➥**
Hello, A New Fortnite Save The World Server On The Rise
Join Today! We offer numerous opportunities. We support Minecraft and roblox players as well.
We've been developing the server to make sure it will be different than most Minecraft servers. We are preparing to launch soon! We could use a couple more developers and any suggestions for the server are welcome...

Embark on a difficult Minecraft journey of survival, alone or with friends.
Create a masterpiece to show the world.
Parkour your way to victory!

The choice is yours... Earn rewards the more you play, compete for the top spot on the leaderboards and invite your friends to play along with you.

Join us today for a fun, but challenging, adventure! SMP, Skygrid and Creative launching soon... Factions and Skyblock in future plan.
Simply put, a chill zone where me and my gay friends play minecraft and yell about stupid stuff. Come join us, we're looking for friends!
Stardust Enders is a Minecraft-based community. Although we mainly play on Bedrock Edition, we welcome all Java players. We have a Bedrock Realm with factions support, an economy system, shop, and minigames. We are a humble community and we look out for each other, join now!
A Minecraft based community discord server. This is a place where you can find and talk to people and play with them or just chill.
Zerconium is related to the famous game Minecraft. We are more into Hypixel (which is a Minecraft Server) We have people who play hypixel bedwars. We have ranking system like (e.g VIP, MVP+, Bedwars Amateur, Youtube) Its a friendly community. I hope you won't regret joining. Have a nice day!
Join The great server Shyke Clan! Have fun with team games on servers and win with the squad! You can also get new friends!
New World (MCRP) is a story-driven Minecraft roleplaying Discord Server! The gimick here is that, instead of roleplaying in an actual Minecraft server, it's all done in Discord. This not only allows for more interesting and complex story mechanics, but also allows for a greater flexibility for our writers. Not only that, but it allows for us to build a community in our non-RP channels and to discuss both real life and Minecraft the game!

Though we currently are small, the Admin Team has big plans for the future of the server and the storyline it follows. If you'd think this sounds interesting, feel free to join and check us out! There's no obligation to stay and, if you feel that the server isn't a fit for you, it is completely understandable!
Our only rule is no spam/blatant autism
5v5 customs
Peaceful Server
Server IP:
Version 1.15.1
League of Legends
We usually have 10-15 people Voice Calls every night
; )

> Nordvpn
> Robux
> Spotify
> Minecraft
> Hulu
> Origins
>Much more coming on request
`All for a very low requirements and fast and quick payments`

We wont break your trust. give us just a chance to prove this is legit.
We are a growing community of Minecraft gamers who just want to have fun and meet new people to play with, we play a large variety of servers on all platforms
This is a Minecraft Realms server established by Ruhveun and his friends. Come join us to have some fun on MC! We only ask that you don't be toxic or swear, and joke around while being partially serious still. To join the realm (optional): Contact Ruhveun for his paypal, and then pay 1$ per month you want to stay on the realm (up to 12$ or 12 months at a time) You also have the choice of just hanging out and chatting with everyone to have a great time.