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🌟We are the discord server of a Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server called
EmperialsPE, Based on the Famous SaicoPVP
🌟We offer Head Hunting, Leveling, A Welcoming Community for all New
🌟We have many extremely active staff team waiting to teach you how to
ultimately dominate the server.
🌟Are you ready to Experience a Different Type of Server, We are ready for

⭐Minecraft IP:;19132
⭐Twitter: @EmperialsPE
Greetings, everyone!
Welcome to the Freecreatures' Guild. That is, if you would like to be part of our community!
We are a general hangout/roleplay/chatting server, 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐟𝐭 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐫, custom canon and OC role applications, unique commands for each role, events, leveling, awesome members from all over the world from many different fandoms, and more!

No matter where you come from, what you like or how you look like, you are welcome here. Just make sure to be nice, and respect other people!

With our zero tolerance to toxicity, harassment and unnecessary hate or bullying, we have ensured a very healthy, safe and friendly environment, where every member can be themselves without any fear of judgement or hate for any reason, and are proud to be called by many, a "Second Family"!

We are a group of people who wanted to create a server where toxicity won't exist and people would be kind to each other and we did it! Join us and enjoy talking with kind people as much you want!
• Team EoN is a team trying to grow!
•We are now recruiting players from every region!
•We are not only a fortnite team, we play many different games, for example: Fortnite, Apex, Minecraft, Ark, Pixel Gun, Call of Duty, and much more cool and fun games.
A hangout community discord server:

•18+ and -18 roles, everyone is welcome :)
•Currently looking for discord server managers and other staff.
•Gaming voice chats and text channels.
•Music bot
•NSFW bot
•Post and promote your social media!

Join for free kisses~
Join us. We are a growing server gaming oriented and we love to talk to each other. We are as active as can be. We do play alot of minecraft and gta. We have our own paid for minecraft server hosting. Come have fun with us. We are an English only server.
We welcome everyone to join Spectre Gaming!
We’re a fun, casual, 18+ server hoping to meet new PC/Nintendo gamers who want to be part of an awesome gaming community.
We also run events/tournements with prizes.
Join Spectre Gaming today!
──────── Welcome to invite rewards ────────

we are a Giveaway and Community server with more than 3000 members. We believe in giving to others, and host daily giveaways and drops where everyone's in with a chance! Games, Entertainment, Accounts.
we've got it all! 100% legit server. +200 vouches.


Spotify Premium Accounts, to listen to music anywhere, at any time!

Is Minecraft your thing? Well we've got lots of accounts to give away!

Crunchyroll Subscriptions for all your anime needs!

Stay Safe on the Internet with NordVPN Accounts to protect YOUR data!

Like sitting down for a weekend binge? Well we've got Hulu Accounts with, that's right, NO ADS!

Are you a PC Gamer? Well we've got Steam AND Origin Accounts with over 40 games just for you!

nitro and discord games giveaways!

All this and more

So give it a try and hop on down to our server to get started! See you there!

invite link:

We are the muffins!!
Talk about BadBoyHalo/Skeppy/a6d related stuff here!
we're a friendly community and we have a subreddit and a minecraft server too! (Skeppy himself is not on this server)
We also have more than 200 members!
subreddit: r/thesaintsofgames
Minecraft server IP: [See in the discord server]
𝘈𝘤𝘤𝘦𝘱𝘵 𝘪𝘯𝘷𝘪𝘵𝘦?
⊳𝙮𝙚𝙨 𝐧𝐨

Inclusive video gaming server that bonds the LGBTQ+ community in one Discord. Opened to all! Active community and relatively small. Looking for new friends and people to talk to! Active voice chat.
Simply put, a chill zone where me and my gay friends play minecraft and yell about stupid stuff. Come join us, we're looking for friends!
Our server is the home for all of the Otaku Outcasts. It's currently made up of a large group of friends that love to watch and discuss anime as well as play different games on PC. We mostly play League of Legends, but we also enjoy other games such as WOW Classic, Minecraft, and Overwatch!
Come give us a chance as we have many different channels and would love to make new friends!
its lit
its fun
its hip
its awesome
its RedCord
...Welcome to Redcord!
A fun, loving, entertaining community!
We have some info to give before you join us!
We have great staff
Great people
PG 13+
Owner is a YouTuber
share art, memes, etc. partner up with us too!
Events, Giveaways and MORE!
What're you waiting for? Join today!
Welcome to our discord server, we have a youtube channel as we stream with fans and play with people.
You'll have a chance to join in our streams sometimes and we'll do lots of giveaways on different games so join us and support us a lil and we'll make sure you have lots of fun in our growing community. <3
Friendly community. Primarily brawlhalla but also a general gaming server. Stoner + LGBT Friendly
Hola Somos Netsky Community Somos Una Comunidad Random Que Jugamos A Cualquier Juego Y Hablamos De Cualquier Cosa
A neat and chill server with loose non-strict rules, made by a group of friends who want to talk to more people. Also a place to hang out with epic gamers, and we have NSFW channels if that matters. Also, we have a Minecraft server!

We're trying our very best to make this a great, clean, and active community. If you're lookin' forward to this, feel free to join!
This server is very epic, join if you are mature and like the epic memes as well. We are very welcoming and hope you guys enjoy your stay.
We play many many many games, and if you dont have any, dont worry! There are plenty of bots in the server that you can play with and plenty of people to talk to!
Dont like talking? Dope! We have great text channels you can talk in and meme with if you're bored!
Love talking? Great! Everyone is down for a good chat, or some in depth games with the homies! We really would love it if you were to join and I think you would find yourself right at home with the rest of us!
We have a minecraft survival server we all play on as well! So if you have minecraft java edition then you can play with us! Anyways enough rambling... Come and join and see what you've been missing!
Hamster Hub is a small community of members who just talk about random stuff. A lot of us play minecraft and a wide variety of games so if your into that kind of stuff I'm sure you will fit in. We host 2 events every week and you can win a variety of prizes.