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This is a server full of awesome, weird, and creative people who can help you with a lot of things in games, and art-based things! This is a art, jojo, minecraft, terraria, and hollow knight gaming server! Basically everything

(Feel free to leave anytime, we aren't forcing you)

People can have fun here with bots, chatting, and make new friends (and u can even chat with the owners!)

This server could be just for you, we could assist you with hollow knight advice or help you with anything! We can also help you on terraria, minecraft, apex legends, yakuza 0, titan fall, persona 5, and other games!
Even art :]
We hope we can help you with something and hope you enjoy the server!
Hey! Ihr sucht einen deutschen Minecraft Discord Server? Dann seid ihr hier genau richtig!

Join heute noch!
Welcome to Histoire!

We got numerous bots to keep you satisfied in our server:
- Mudae Bot
- League Bots (Baron/Ori)
- Rythm Bot
- MEE6 Bot
...and many more to come!

Our community plays a few games, especially LoL/Valorant/Minecraft/Dead by Daylight and recently: Among Us!

We're a small server, so come join us to help us grow <3!
The Premium Minecraft
Chillout here you can talk with friends and play videogames interact with bots and have fun in general if you are lucky you might win in our giveaways!
Welcome to VillagerMC! We are a community based on Minecraft. We host nitro and paypal giveaways. You can also buy an ad for ur minecraft server if u want more players. We are growing daily and looking forward to see u soon.
We're a community consisting of many Hypixel players, mainly focused on Bedwars, but play other games too. We are active in voice calls, and often play Minecraft and Among Us together. Feel free to check us out, everyone is welcome!
CatCraft has great ambitions to become the greatest survival server in the world, with some awesome features to back us up!
We feature a unique player experience while also maintaining the core-aspect of a semi-vanilla survival gameplay.
Courageous is a mod meant to overhaul the survival experience, adding brand new systems and ways of playing the game, such as world generation, pottery, traps, hunting, cooking, animals and more!
Jest to polski serwer dla graczy, na którym możesz pogadać o różnych rzeczach z ludźmi o podobnych zainteresowaniach. Serwer powstał niedawno więc byłbym wdzięczny za rozreklamowanie go wśród znajomych. Zachęcam do dołączenia
-------------------------------- [ Azania - PvP Faction Cheat - En Dev ] --------------------------------

PvP Faction Cheat
Complètement Farm2Win de A à Z !
Des enchantement surpuissant !
Des stuff incroyable !
Économie retravaillé !
Un market réfléchi !
Des Évent réguliers !
( Koth, Totem...)
Un système d'investisement inédit !
Un classement de Faction qui en vos la peine
Welcome to 50 Zones
We are a universal gaming clan that just made this discord server anyone who is a gamer, youtuber, influencer and ect is welcome to come join us we have
- Great supportive Staff
- Nitro Giveaways Weekly
- The Owner is a Youtuber
- Tournaments
- active chat
and more

There are many things to do such as

💬 Chat with new people and make friends
🎮 Find people who play the same games as you and chat/play with them
🎉 Enter frequent giveaways that occur every other day
🎧 Listen to your favourite tunes with fully equipped music bots
🚨 Exceptional staff that keep things in place, but are chill
👾 Multiple bots with games, tasks and more

🙌 Suggestions are always considered with good thought and will not be denied without a valid reason.

Consider joining today!
Invite link:
Voidslayer's YT for interest with Minecraft build tutorials, skywars/bedwars gameplay/challenges, trolling and more:

Enjoy your stay, hope it's permanent!
(No not in a creepy way)
Hi all! This is an OP prison server that strives to innovate on the genre! We would love to have everyone come check it out!
Welcome to Zera's Hangout, a fun and friendly place to support all gaming communities alike!

You may be asking: "What does this server have to offer?" Well I can answer that! We have:

- Events
- Movie Nights
- Diverse Gaming Support
- Friendly Community
- Helpful Staff
- Clean Channels, with no Clutter
- ..and much more!

Thank you for joining Zera's Hangout, and we hope you enjoy your time here! Please read #📕rules📕 before accessing the server! Thank you!
Hallo und Willkommen auf dem Discord Server von EierkuchenHD, die KuchenBase! 👋

Was die KuchenBase bietet:
Kostenlose selbstzuweisende Rollen!
Ein Memes und Spam Kanal!
Sehr viele Bots!
Sprachkanäle für Reden und Zocken!
Einen 24/7 Minecraft Server!

Wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn Du unseren Server beitreten würdest! 😁
.❀ welcome to ❀.

.*-ꨄ the basement ꨄ*-.

Hi there! I see you have found our server. Come check it out! Our server’s theme is a basement. So come be our hostage ; ) !! You can chat with others and participate in game nights ! Most game nights are Roblox or Minecraft (PE & JAVA). We have bots for you to interact with and allow partnerships also ! So come and join cause this server is super fun !

- chat with others
- share images and videos
- listen to music with others
- voice chat with others
- share your food

꧁--- we provide ---꧂

❥ giveaways of all sorts

❥ SFW-ish

❥ self roles

❥ partnerships

❥ game nights
⊂  ノ    ・゜+.
しーJ    °。+ ´¨)
         .· ´¸.·´¨ Join us Today!
Join us simping over internet nerds who play minecraft!
➥ 70+ emotes
➥ Friendly and active staff and members
➥ Self-assigned roles
➥ Gamers
➥ Constant upgrades to keep you all happy!
And so much more!
Boost the server for a custom role of your choice!
.-➹hey !! welcome to *béstÿ cult. this is a chill and fun server, ran by teens ! we would love for you to join our chaos

.-➹ we have active vcs, and chats

.-➹we got chill mods and low moderation

.-➹we do partnerships !

.-➹ we play all sorts of games like minecraft, roblox, league of legends, etc. so you can ask to play w/ us!

-➹you can get self assignable roles, and colours

.-➹we have music bots, dank memer, yggdrasil, and other bots



Pandora is a competitive greek themed factions server.

What we offer:
- Paypal Payouts
- Giveaways (Nitro and more)
- An Enjoyable faction experience
- Interesting new Items and Addons compared to other servers.
- A dedicated Player base.
Hello there fellow mortal! Here we play Minecraft, talk about the dream team, vibe, and much more! This server is new so we don't have that much people.
▌► La référence du PvP Français ◄▐ Nouveautés ➜ Guerres de factions automatisés ★ Système de Hauts-Faits ★ Rétroviseur en PvP ★ Pages de profil joueur et faction ★ Chat unique ★ Warzone optimisée ★ Génération de map personnalisée ★ 3 nouvelles potions ★ Serveur training 1VS1★ Classement Factions ultra compétitif ★ Meilleures factions FR