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Join our NEW Minigames server SPIRITMC ( in development)
LOOKING FOR Builders, Devs, Players, and Staff!
1.8.9 - 1.14.4 Java!
Massive variety of Minigames!
Find A Game Community That You're interested in! Join Now! Includes Sports, Minecraft, Fortnite, Call Of Duty, And Much Other Mini Games like Akinator and Trivia! We also have Music that you can listen to while you are gaming! Enjoy!
Stardust Enders is a Minecraft-based community. Although we mainly play on Bedrock Edition, we welcome all Java players. We have a Bedrock Realm with factions support, an economy system, shop, and minigames. We are a humble community and we look out for each other, join now!
Hey! I'm Max, the owner of M2G. RetroPlay is an amazing minecraft server where you cane enjoy Mining, PvP, Casino Skyblock and Trouble in Terrorist Town! Don't have Minecraft? No worries! Here you can have fun by:
-Chatting with people all over the world!
-Winning weekly giveaways!
-Participating in minigames!
And much more! I have worked extremely hard on this server and would love if you would give it a try!
13+ For friends, gaming, roleplay, nsfw, dating and just to chill. We are a small community, We hope to get bigger one day, We welcome everyone. uwu pls join and pls enjoy your stayyy!
This discord server is a fun, inviting place to come and hangout. Everyone is welcome, and encouraged to join! We pride ourselves on being a drama-free zone, which is perfect to call and play games with friends! If you do decide to join us, we hope you enjoy your stay. <3
Minecraft is the largest part of Xenon Gaming! The majority of our members originally joined for one of the two Minecraft servers we have!
We run two servers because there are two main versions of Minecraft! One is for Bedrock Edition and the other for Java Edition, that way no one is left out!
However, these servers are whitelisted to protect the great builds which have been constructed, in order to access them you will have to apply in a channel on the server.
Wir sind ein PS4,Xbox und Mobile Citybuild Server wir bieten:

-Ein gutes Team
-strukturierter Discord/MC Server
-neue in MC sind Wilkommen!
-einen Shop,McDonalds 1 PVP Map, 2 Farmwelten und 3 CB

LG Der Owner!
come hang with us. please. anyway, this server is just for fun! the rules are pretty loose and its a group server where we all hangout and talk and play games! we have some interactive things like qotd, and cool bots to mess with. were all pretty chill and active, just looking to expand the server to meet some new people to talk with. (if youre really sensitive, this server isnt for you sorry broski)
Un petit serveur fait par moi (superjaja05) et GhostKillerZ , il est plutot sympa , plutot actif en ce moment ( 23/6/2019 au moment ou j'écris ).

General Description:
Zenith is a Towny server with many features! Our server has player chest shops, jobs, a custom nether, towny war, and many more features for you to explore!
The Future:
As the player base grows larger, we will add map expansions along with many large features! To keep updated on these expansions, make sure to join our Discord for more information!
The Present:
Our server is available to play right now! What are you waiting for? Join our Discord and Minecraft server today!
Phoenix was established in 2013, born from the ashes of a broken clan.
Our society is built by friends, for friends.
Our policy has always been to recruit based on personality and who you are, rather than choosing by skill or name.
We are not based in any single game, instead spanning across many.
AmiciInGame è un server nato con l'intento di creare una community seppur piccola, ma con molti interessi in comune ...
... in cui tutti possono unirsi e divertirsi con gli amici e con altri che condividono la stessa passione, ossia quella per i videogiochi.
Questo Server discord è incentrato sul Gaming in generale, ma con una propensione per il mondo di Minecraft in generale dove, a tal proposito, abbiamo creato anche un server Minecraft dove possiamo giocare tutti insieme...

Il nostro è un server semplice, ma molto bene strutturato in cui il rispetto reciproco e la collaborazione regnano sovrani. Facciamo questo perché crediamo che mantenere un esperienza libera ed educata basata sul rispetto reciproco è alla base di una convivenza armoniosa e divertente (volgiamo che NESSUNO si senta escluso)

Una volta entrati, ognuno è libero di giocare, parlare e divertirsi come vuole, per far ciò, abbiamo creato diversi canali si testuali che audio, per farvi sentire come a casa!

Come vedi, il server ha tutte le carte in regola per essere un luogo di ritrovo per ogni tipo di giocatore che desidera passare del tempo in compagnia, per scambiare due chiacchiere o giocare un po il tutto immerso in un clima di relax e tranquillità...

Se ti ho incuriosito, ti invito a passare a trovarci... non te ne pentirai...


Bienvenue chez Elaryia, un serveur multi gaming, et pour faire des rencontres :)
Amusez vous bien chez nous
Official Discord Server of Mystic Gang! Mystic Gang is a YouTube/ Twitch Label.

Mystic Gang is a place where content creators chill and work together to grow together and here at Mystic our CEO is ready to help any creators big or small. You're probably wondering why should I join Mystic Gang? I got you covered. You should join Mystic Gang as we like to do it different. We support and help people out as well as having connections all over YouTube and in the Gaming world which makes it easier for us to find you a collaboration or a sponsorship! Everyone is welcome to join the server and you'll have an amazing time playing games.

We are a community for all those who wish to join and can find new gaming partners and make new friends. Anyone can join and have a good time.

We are a YouTube and Twitch label like Sidemen, Team 10, etc but we are different in our own way.

《What we offer:》
• Editors
• Thumbnails
• Twitch and YouTube overlays
• Other kinds of GFX and VFX
• YouTube and Twitch channel analysis to help you grow
• Social media growth tools.
We are the offical discord server for the Minecraft network known as Mint Network. We strive to be the upmost friendly community. Feel free to join us!
Free speech 666 is a server with nice, but cancerous people. There'll be always someone you have something in common with. Like humor, games, and memes!

What we offer:
-Barely any rules, but that doesn't mean you can break them.
-A small community.
-And much more!

♥️♥️ hiiii, I see your looking for a nice discord? ♥️♥️

Well welcome to Kitty's Play Place! , a friendly server with an amazing community.

We offer the following:

- Thighs

Absolutely fantastic thighs from the best of the best! If you do wanna post, we have a talented team of anti pedophile team designed to find those who are trying to get underage girls/ guys to do crap that they don't want!

- Secret channels

Secret channels, only available for some roles / ppl

- Verification systems

A highly efficient verification system designed to minimise fakes and frauds. These poeple have a private channel and perms to post in channels others cant!

- Games


-Minecraft server!

A Alpha version of a 1.12.2 Minecraft Survival server with a reset every 3 months. with a brand new map and gamemode!


Hope to see you there !!! ♥️♥️♥️

Alternative one:

Welcome to Kitty's Play Place! We're a new server, with plenty of things to do. We have memes, games, hentai and more is soon to come! If you want a welcoming and accepting community, feel free to waltz right in!
This server is here for anyone wanting to make new friends and wanting to talk about random things. Please enjoy this server. If you have any issues please contact one of the owners/co leaders.
We hope you enjoy your stay on our
server, make friends and play games with members from our server, everyone plays on different devices and technology. Ask Owner or admins for any questions or feedback.
Welcome to the Lounge!
We are a very small server but we are trying to get bigger. The lounge is a place so you can feel comfortable! I hope you enjoy your stay!