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Semi-Social Switch Gamers is basically just a server where you can find someone to play switch games with or just talk about them. Mainly focusing on smash, splatoon and stardew you can really play any game you want. We look forward to meeting new people, but I ask you be patient and not leave inmediately.
A small community of friends and gamers that just chill ad play games with each other, once you become trusted you can join our Minecraft server!
Hang out with new people in a chill environment.
We’re a fairly new gaming server that’s steadily growing in members. We’re a community of non-toxic gamers that chat and play together! We play on multiple platforms, PC, console, etc... We as a group strive for friendship and bonding, and we always welcome newcomers!
This is HearthCraft's official Discord! HearthCraft is an always-growing SMP server with a laid-back yet lively community, making the best experiences since October 2018.
The Gayming Community is for anyone and everyone. We welcome everyone of all genders and sexualitys. We play lots of games and are very welcoming. We may not be that active but we are willing to talk. Some things we have are:
~Nice owners and admins
~Partnerships with anyone

We hope you join, we'd love to have you!
Fun and Friendly server. You can talk about all types of things including games, music, and more. There are also NSFW Roleplays and other nsfw channels. Overall the community in this discord is really fun and amazing.
DowntownCity Roleplay! A huge city roleplay server, become the most succesful person of Downtown. Start your own company or become whatever YOU want! More than 20 Jobs, What role will you play?
A neat and chill server with loose non-strict rules, made by a group of friends who want to talk to more people. Also a place to hang out with epic gamers, and we have NSFW channels if that matters. Also, we have a Minecraft server!

We're trying our very best to make this a great, clean, and active community. If you're lookin' forward to this, feel free to join!
My name is WadZee, Welcome to the Channel!
NEW VIDEOS: Every Wednesday & Sunday!
Minecraft, Fortnite & whatever other games!
๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡ Ѵєгуƶiυɱ
Bienvenue sur le serveur Veryzium
Veryzium est un serveur Mini-Jeux Minecraft en développement accès à tout public !
⚠ Avoir Minecraft Premium pour se connecter au serveur ⚠
Nous recherchons aussi des joueurs actifs et motivés impatients de l'ouverture qui feront tout leur possible pour faire Véryzium soit un grand et beau serveur.
『🤝』Si vous souhaitez être Partenaire sur notre serveur, vous devrez avoir un serveur comptant au minimum 100 membres.
『🎥』Si vous souhaitez être Youtubeur, vous devrez avoir au moins 500 abonnés sur votre chaîne YouTube ou réseau sociaux.
『🤩』Un serveur Minecraft sera créer pour accueillir tous nos mini-jeux.
Nous recrutons actuellement du staff !
➱ Des Builders (Gratuit) ✅
➱ Des Développeurs (Gratuit) ✅
➱ Des Modérateurs ✅
➱ Des Helpers ✅
➱ Des Animateurs ✅
➱ Des Rédacteurs ✅
➱ Community Manager ✅
Alors qu'attend-tu ? Rejoins nous vite !
Serveur : 『』
One cannot defend Monkeism, but we can! Join our server and become troops for battle (Currently mcpe)
🎮 **Gaming for Dummies** 🕹

**Have you been looking for a server with a great community that supports all your favourite games? This is the one for you, from active members and fun community to our devoted staff members! You can’t find a much better server than this! What are you waiting for? Come become a dummy!**

**What we have to offer:**
[💬] Active chat and helpful staff
[🥇] Regular events with prizes and giveaways!
[🤖] Fun bots - Pokécord/Casino/Akinator
[🕹] Different game chats - Fortnite/Minecraft/Apex Legends and more to come
[🛃] Custom server emotes
We are a server that is a community that talks about the game Minecraft. We offer the following bellow and much more!!!

- Giveaways
- Gamenights
- Dedicated rooms to find someone to play with
- Voice Chat
- Listen to Music through Rhythm
- Games to play on the Discord server
- Make new friends

We also take suggestions for any channels you want.

So what are you waiting for, join Galaxy Realm today!
🎉WELCOME TO •🎮Gaming Dungeon🎮•!!!!🎉 @everyone

😇☺️here are the things we have for you☺️😇


•😃We have Fun chats😃

•🎮We Play Rank,Classic,and Custom Matches in Mobile Legends:Bang Bang

•🎮We play Murder Mystery 2,Bee swarm Simulator,Jailbreak,Build a boat,Arsenal in ROBLOX🎮

•🎮We Play Hypixel and The Hive server’s for MINECRAFT🎮

•🎧Fun Music Area🎧

•🎮Game Chat Area🎮



•📸Gallery Area with memes,photos,films,arts,drawing📸

•🎊Hangout voice chat🎊

•☺️Great staff members☺️

•🚫Secure Server🚫

•🤣😂Fun commands😂🤣



» ────:zap:LEGACY ATALAYA:zap:──── «

Legacy Atalaya es un Server de temática diversa, creado para que conozcas gente nueva, hagas amigos, puedas demostrar tus talentos y mucho mas!
╰───▸ O f r e c e m o s

❃Un servidor lleno de distintas actividades para pasar el rato
❃Roles Interactivos
❃Distintos Bots tanto interactivos como de ayuda
❃Una comunidad creada para hacer nuevas amistades
❃Diversos canales de voz para pasarla con todo tipo de personas
❃Canales donde podrás mostrarle al mundo sobre tus talentos!
❃Variedades de Juegos para todo mundo
❃Canal NSFW
-Bienvenido al infierno de **DemonCommunity**
Somos una comunidad Gaming que busca reunir muchos jugadores
para divertirse entre si.

Tenemos Variedad de Bots tales como:

-3 tipos de Rythm

Y varios mas!

Tenemos canales sobre:

-Juegos (Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, Brawl Stars)
-Memes (Shitpost, Memes, Cursed images)
-Autoroles (Genero, Colores)
-Canales de voz (3 de General y 3 de Musica)
-Pokemon (Capturar, charlar, hacer duelos y visitar el mercado)
-General (Charla, imagenes, comandos y dibujos Digitales o a Mano)
-Nsfw (7u7)

Hacemos Alianzas de ves en cuando y contamos con un **Staff** realmente
activo y miembros no **toxicos**!