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У нас нет огромного онлайна и нитро буста. Но у нас есть нормальные модеры, адекватные игроки а также чёткие правила для всех. На сервере каждый сможет занять важную для сервера роль. На сервере часто проходят ивенты и турниры с призами. Помимо всего этого присутствует свью валюта.
C'est un serveur minecraft fr pour faire une cool aventure avec des plugins fait par nos propres développeurs et ceci dans un endroit calme et chaleureux
This server is a community ran server about gaming. We are usually using VC and playing games. We welcome everyone here and this server is very chill with little rules.
Quantum Galaxies offers a family friendly Minecraft server with Skyblock, Semi-Vanilla, Survival, Creative mode and SkyPvP.

This includes Jobs, MCmmo, Chatfeeling, Chatcolor, interesting Kits and a lot of free goodies. Play alone or with friends.

We have friendly and helpful staff.

Get ranks (free) from voting or purchase in store to help us host and grow our server.

All gamemodes are updated to 1.16.3, but you can join from 1.8 - 1.16.3

Server IP:
See you there!
hey welcome to koolaid, we’re all gay and depressed and have some sort of brainrot.
14-20 only please and uh don’t be a dick.
MinersX™ is a Minecraft Server running from 2019 August,
Started with Survival but now has Creative and Skyblock.
It has an almost non-toxic community.

Server IP :
----------We invite you to join are Minecraft discord----------

What's the discord for?
The discord is for a up and coming java Minecraft minigames sever we have a fairly small community with lots of room to grow with you.
are Discord is a place for you to chat about Minecraft, our community, keep up to date with sever news and take part in fun events together.
we may also in the future be able to talk to people in-game from the discord and visa versa!

so what are you waiting for join the fun now!
Whether You need to find friends to play with, want to chill, Make a community in this server and have fun with fun bots, advertising we have over
-23 roles
- 16 channels
we have a friendly group of people we will like if you join us
Hey there!

Do you like Hermitcraft too?

Well then I have awesome news for you!

We have our own Hermitcraft fan server!

Our fan server includes:

- Hermitcraft pings! Select your Hermits via role-reactions and get pinged whenever they upload a video!
- Hermit events! Join our very fun Hermitcraft events!
- Bots! Some dumb bots that nobody cares about!
- Nice community! We might not be with much yet, but our community is very nice!

We hope too see you soon! Later!
were a chill server and if you wanna join you're welcome in! We play a lot of games we watch a lot of anime and all kind of stuff you can join and we can play!
Enjoy games, right? The type doesn't matter, what matters is the place to share your experiences. Here's your chance! Plasma Gaming's a gaming community like no other!


- Fun and Safe Community!
Our community is fully moderated to keep everyone safe while still allowing everyone to enjoy themselves!

- Active Staff & Members!
We have over 800 members who are around to help you and talk to you! Come and join us in a game or organise a game to play with us!

- Support Team!
If you have any issues with your account or your experience on Plasma Gaming, you can contact us and we'll help you enjoy Plasma to the max!

- Giveaways and Events
We have giveaways and events to keep everyone in the community entertained! Trivia, Hangman etc, you opt-in to the channels you wish to game in!

Join Plasma Gaming today!
Hello and welcome to hell known as my sad discord server.
In this server we have a lot of roleplaying, danganronpa trash and spoilers.
It can get a bit NSFW because of our venting channel which seems sadly to be used quite a bit. If you are sending inappropriate things, we have a NSFW role to access the NSFW channel. That will be purged every week. You can also add my own bots to your server because I just enjoy making them. Anyways I don't mind people joining every now and then, so come in and say hi, admins and owners will be online quite a lot.
We are also big fans of games such as Danganronpa and Ace attorney and more.
Anyways thats enough, you could join to find out more if you want.

- Update -

Thanks for 100 members, It's much more organised and I really hope you enjoy it here. The server will be updated monthly. We now have our own minecraft server ( for Java ) and we hope you can come along and play with us ! thanks again lmao.
Welcome to the Uncraftables Server!

This is a Minecraft server which is only for java 1.16.3 and further on.:Uncraftables:

We have Dank Memer which you can play with for 24/7 as long as you like :PeepoPing:

This server has only got 2 boost which was by me. :CuteBlueThing:

We hope to see you on our Minecraft server good luck and have fun in there

Looking for an EPIC Minecraft Server? Join Geektail's Outstanding Discord Server! We play Minecraft, (typically online) Hypixel Server Bedwars! We also have memes, awesome roles, chats, gaming chats, and custom emojis and colors! Let's play some Hypixel!
Join this server to play a bunch of games and be able to fill up empty lobby's!
Everyone on the server is super friendly and always wants to play games!
The owner of the server is a streamer so you can talk and vibe during streams!
If you want to have you and your friends talk about weird shit this is the place!
This server was created to play and enjoy Minecraft, but now its a large community that is hosted by discord to gain friends , chat , play amazing games and be cool
Hey ! je te présente notre serveur : Pabloxia !
c'est un serveur communautaire roblox-minecraft !
Tu trouveras pleins emojis !
Petit sondages de temps en temps pour savoir l'avis de notre serveur !
Notre serveur discord a une belle interface visuelle digne d'un bon serveur !
Tu trouvera du staff, des gens a qui parler et bien plus encore !
Allez viens avec nous pour qu'ont puisse jouer !
This is a place for cybersecurity and infosec discussion, though other topics are welcome! Everyone is welcome here, regardless of experience or beliefs. We participate in CTFs and other various IT competitions.

We also host our own Minecraft server and like to share memes :)