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This is the Discord server of Whimplex Minecraft Server, a 1.16.3 Java Hermitcraft like SMP! Come join us!
Sup Guys I made a new Minecraft Community.
We are going to start a new minecraft survival world like Hermitcraft picking members come and join the server
What is SMP Nations?

SMP Nations is a multiplayer survival server based in Minecraft. In the server, you can form your nation, or join the powerful superpowers! You can do trade, make allies, and start wars on other nations! There would be entertaining and fun events held from time to time. Join our server and simulate your experience being the leader of a country!
Minecraft Server
MineWeb Network Presents

Survival (1.8 - 1.15.2)


➲ Custom Terrain

➲ Crates

➲ Deadly Diseases

➲ Land Claiming

➲ Custom Enchants & Custom Crafting and Recipes

➲ Pets

And much more!

(Gamemodes are constantly updated, staff are friendly and we welcome bug reports to improve our server! Join today! )


Store: MineWeb.CraftingStore.Net

Play 1.16 as it was intended with an all new 100% survival world! PridelandsMC is an active, (~16 players peak) fair, technical friendly Minecraft Java 1.16.3 Survival Multiplayer Server similar to Hermitcraft.

This is an completly vanilla server which means
- No pay-to-win ranks
- No admin abuse
- No /sethome or /back
- No restrictive land claim plugin
- No silly restrictions on farm or base sizes
- No bans on certain farms
- Fully EULA complient

All are welcome ages 13+ who have bought the game. Active community, friendly staff and positive atmosphere are assured. There is a feedback channel to allow you to express what you feel of the server. The discord has a relaxed voice channel which anyone can use for anything.

The current world started on 07/07/2020 and is somewhat new. The server is activly moderated and maintained. The server is quite active due to a new world being started semi-recently and there is for the most part someone online. There is no true main settlement, although you are free to build a base anywhere that isn't claimed by someone else, or join a base where you have been given permission to settle or which is public.
Minecraft Survival Anarchy server with no rules, no bans, no admins
You can do whatever you want
There isn't /home or /tpa but there are few other cool commands
There is currently no queue.
VIP has few features like 2FA, joining full server and color in TAB.

Version: 1.7 - 1.16.1
We host plenty of among us games but we also have a minecraft server on the side

Join to die (proabably) or listen to music and still die
We are a New RPG focused Minecraft survival server! We offer;
🔴 Backpacks,
🔴 quests,
🔴 economy
🔴 and even jobs!
🔗Join our discord to not miss out!
Magical Mines is a Semi-Vanilla 1.16 Minecraft server! We try to keep it as close to Vanilla Minecraft as possible with just a few plugins to help you along the way. We are a small, tight-knit community so don't come expecting hundreds of players. :)
Hello! This is MegaCraft Network! We are a fairly-big community and we are planning to release on 23/7/20.

Our server is based on games like Skyblock, KitPVP and survival! We are selling ranks that give custom perks and are very customizable!
Come join Sheild SMP we have modded survival and our discord has cool minigames,ranks,and other cool features.
Join our server and make friends an be creative with your builds.

Realm rules
No Hacking
No Greifing
No stealing
If you are caught or we have a good suspicion that your doing one if those things you will be banned.
Welcome to Crayon's Castle! We are a family-friendly server that offers various modes of gameplay. Friendy and helpful staff are always ready to help when needed. Come join us on our newest survival server, Laguna. Hope to see you on, and have fun.

Currently available worlds:
Survival: ver. 1.13.2. A basic survival world with just a few plugins.
Survival 2.0: ver. 1.13.2. A basic survival world with a good number of plugins.
Anarchy: ver. 1.15.2. A survival world with no rules and 100% vanilla. Go crazy!
Laguna: ver. 1.14.4. An updated basic survival world with a good number of plugins.

Servers coming soon:
Ruklon: ver. 1.14.4. An updated basic survival world with a few plugins.
Blizzard's Survival Server
Java survival Smp Based server
Brand New
And more to come
Dm me for an invite
Blizzard's Survival Server
Java survival Smp Based server
Brand New
And more to come
We're a Minecraft server which is bringing teamwork, coordination, critical thinking, focus and most importantly… strategy back to a Minecraft survival experience.

In all simplicity, we would like you to ask a question, why did you start playing Minecraft?

The most common answer would be the freedom it brought - the whole world in Minecraft could be used as your canvas. However… what happens if you’re out of paint? This is where our initiative comes in. We introduce ourselves as Ghastly and we’re here to rekindle the flames of your passion which first got you hooked on the game.

It is a calling to all Minecraft veterans and connoisseurs out there looking for nostalgia.

Ghastly is not just a one-man project. We have a dedicated team, researching the player demands via surveys. If you think this is just another survival server, you’re wrong and in for a surprise to say the least.

Our challenges include (but not limited to):
+ Improved and more challenging Wither mimicking bedrock edition.
+ Pig zombies attacking when mining their quartz ores in the Nether.
+ Villagers who call reinforcements when slaughtered by players.
+ Shulkers respawning after days or weeks in the end world.
Hello to anyone, this is a YouTubers personal Discord server. Go check out Mac Hell Fire on YouTube. He is awesome !! We welcome anyone entering it so please do the server is really awesome.
Lots of channels, incredible roles, and much more !! You wanna discover all this, then come and join us now!
Minecraft Catalyst Craft Discord server!
OP-Survival and OP-Skyblock
Survival already running!!

/f top - Prices
1: $100 Paypal OR $150 BuyCraft Voucher
2: $50 Paypal OR $100 BuyCraft Voucher
3: $25 Paypal OR $50 BuyCraft Voucher