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TempusHut is a fun and friendly community that is worth spending your Time with.
~A Survival server {1.15.1}
With fun custom plugins to make the server more interesting.
For example: being able to capture mobs!
~A Non-Toxic PG-13 Server.
Welcome to Ugly Town!
We're full of the worst builders (Excluding a few decent others, we're not too bad ;3)
aaaaanyway we're an SMP looking for people have fun
ConspiracyCraft is a 1.14-1.15 Minecraft Survival server, and this is our Discord. We have a small but very cool & diverse community of players from all over the world!

Are you looking for a next level survival server? Then join RoastedToast.
RoastedToast is a SMP survival server with custom items, custom recipes and custom mobs(including Boss arenas)! The recipes can be found in our discord. Soon we will also release kitpvp.

Server Information

Version: 1.14.4


😁want a fun Minecraft server with interactive staff?😁
😀want a great server with fun challenges and cool shops?😀
Then join samcraft!
(1.8 - 1.15)

I-Network consists of a Survival server, Factions server, Vanilla server, and a Prison server with even more selections upcoming in the future!

Little to ZERO lag; lag free!
A close-knit community
A helpful and understanding staff team
Balanced donation ranks
99.9% uptime
Factions (1.8 - 1.15):
1.7 TNT mechanics
Enhanced PvP
Many more unique plugins!
Survival (1.12 - 1.15):
Protected builds
Immense map size
PvP arena
Friendly community
Vanilla (1.15+):
Pure vanilla
Nice community
Community based server
No claims
IPs: (Factions) (Survival) (Vanilla) (Prison)
🔴MINECRAFT SURVIVAL WORLD🔴Welcome to Aces World also known as in my server CHQ Join me and my small group of friends and play on my world we like joking around so make sure you can take a joke also

What do we have?
•we have Ranks
•we also have jobs
•money system
•14+ we strongly recommend being this age because we do cuss a lot of the time
•girls and boys are welcome
•join no more then 4 people in the world (note this rule may change in the future)
Welcome to the official server related to
We're a community server that help people setup a FREE Minecraft server that runs 24/7 365 days a year. If you're in need of a good Minecraft community then we're what you're looking for. We also love to help with any technical related question, whether it's servers, hosting, plugin development and much more.
~Blocked Networks | Survival~
Blocked Networks is an Up and Coming network, we currently have a server open for beta testing that you can join today! (Which is this server) Voting and Donor ranks will be enabled soon.
We have...
- A Premium, custom generated map.
- Custom-made Quests.
- Diseases.
- Custom MCMMO
- Custom Enchants
- A Market
- Furniture Mod
And WAYYYY more to come (1.7-1.14.4)
The Miners is a discord server for my YouTube Channel called Dead K3y! Drop by, check out my channel, and subscribe! You can hang out with other fans, other newcomers, and even me! We also have an idle miner bot to make you filthy rich! Come and join the fun! 😄
Greetings all, welcome to VoidNetwork’s Official Discord Server! Here you will be able to talk with your friends and fellow members of the community; you can either chat via the #text-channels, or talk with each other via the voice channels. While doing this, you will be able to stay up-to-date with the most recent: Network announcements #announcements and Server updates, bug fixes and changes in general #changelog
I'm Bored and a professional minecrafter and youtuber. and decided to do a SMP live. Welcome. it will be big fun. i prefer adults as such am i, but kids are ok too.
Friendly and humble community server. Started in Minecraft and now branching out~~ we offer you an active chat, new faces, many events and a server to play on! Hope to see you here~~ (^ω^)
Este es un servidor para aquellos que quieran jugar Minecraft Bedrock y divertirse un rato cualquier persona es bienvenida siempre que sigan las reglas del servidor.


1- No spamee publicidad de otros servidores, fotos inapropiadas, etc.
Si infringe esta norma, será advertido.
2- No sea grosero y molesto. Queremos mantener la atmósfera positiva. No estamos en contra de trolling pero que no sea lo único que haga en este servidor.
Si infringe esta norma, será advertido.
3- No se tolerará hostigamiento, racismo, discriminación, comentarios insensibles, ataques con ira.
Si infringe esta norma, será baneado inmediatamente sin una advertencia.
4- No compartir información personal o privada sobre otros, y ataques maliciosos.
Si infringe esta norma, será baneado inmediatamente sin una advertencia.
5- Intentar no promover el auto-daño, el suicidio en cualquier forma
Si infringe esta norma, será baneado inmediatamente sin una advertencia.