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Hello there! Welcome to our very cool server.
We have many fun bots to play with such as:
- Dank Memer
- Discord Fast Food
- Taco Shack
- Yggdrasil
- Idle Miner
And Marriage Bot.

There are lots of friendly members here and we have our own Minecraft: Bedrock Edition realm! We also host fun events and tournaments.
🔥The ultimate Minecraft Discord server! 🔥
Share and get feedback on your Minecraft creations!
Find players to play Minecraft with!
Community focused, many channels to help you!
Friendly Active Staff and owner!
Owned by YouTuber with 40,000+ subs!
Anyone is welcome who follows are simple rules!
🔥Now Is The Perfect Time To Join🔥 👇
Hello! The Moonlight Club is officially open to the public! We are a server that revolves around furries, and allies are welcome too!

❇How are we different from other furry servers?❇

⚛Brand new! We need members that are willing to stay and talk!⚛
⚛Furry Bot, Sheri Blossom, and Probot help make the server better! We are trying to add only a few bots to keep the server cleaner!⚛

⚛Music! Thanks to Probot, feel free to connect and listen to music with your friends!⚛

⚛SFW and NSFW channels are available!⚛

⚛🎮We will be opening our own Minecraft Realm in which you can join and play with a few other server members! We plan on making this a long term thing! (Bedrock only. We are only accepting about 30 members into the realm for now to keep it active, but to also avoid over population! So hurry now and reserve a spot by talking to the owner!)*⚠*If you leave the server, you will be banned from the realm*⚠*🎮⚛

⚛Custom roles for clout!⚛


So, will you join the Moonlight Club, or let this opportunity pass you by? The choice is up to you.
Hello we are simple life we made a discord for our Minecraft realm
Some things about us our
-our there requirements to join the realm and no
-what platform:we play bedrock
-we also have a very nice active community
-organized discord
-active responding mods
-the realm is also very active
-consider us for your next discord choice of a server have a great day
Welcome to The Fortress of Doom! Here we have a fun little community of over 50 members and even our own Minecraft Realm! Occasionally, we have Vc Events where we get into a vc together and play games or just talk. We have a few NSFW channels and everyone is welcome no matter who or what you are!
-This is a chill server where you make friends, hangout and talk.
-We have fun bots, friendly staff and special realms/vip servers.
-We also have special cool events hosting every so often (movies,minecraft minigames,roblox events,giveaways and more)

bedrock minecraft btw

so join up! dont be shy :)
Hello, My name is Xavier and i am offering to invite people to my very own bedrock Minecraft realm. You can expect clan battles as time progresses as me and a friend of mine are already in a rivalry. you can join an already existing clan or make your own, simply up to you, Thought there is a 10 person limit on a realm at a time we may have some irl stuff we can do also to go twords the realm. Keep in mind that this is all for fun and we will have basic realm rules in place, this will not be an anarchy realm. see you soon comrades
Hey guys, welcome to XenCraft or some people like to say ZenCraft its really up to you XD. We recently decided to redo everything and would love for you to be apart of this experience. In the past we were very much down to changing themes each season and currently we will be doing a HermitCraft theme by high request. We have no custom resource packs or anything like that really we are just plain old vanilla. If you want to join here's how!

1. Join our tryouts discord
2. Read rules we have a lot so for a quick run down
- No stealing, griefing, hacking, cheating
- Swearing is allowed
- Respect~ no homophobia, racism, sexism or harassment
Again read the rules
3. check important-info to find the survey
4. do an interview with one of our interviewers/admins
5. Be patient with us we have lives to XD

Again i hope to see some of you there and really cant wait to build a bigger and stronger community. By the way we do not have achievements on!
☄️CrazieMine Realm☄️

• We Are A Bedrock Realm Server With
A Great Community Of Players!!

• We Listen To Our Members And Will
Always Attempt To Keep The Members Happy!!

• Our Realm Is Entirely Survival
(Except From Staff)

•We Have Fun Events
And Ideas For The Future!!

☄️Why Don’t You Check Us Out?☄️
Welcome to The Bois!

I am doggo, the Owner of The Bois. We are a small factions realm that will include more in the future. It is currently season 1 (which ends october 1st) and we are really looking foward to more people joining us!
Hi This Discord Server Is About SkyBlock Realm (Currently Being Made) Ill tell you some reasons to join the discord server
1st) Active Community
2nd) NSFW/Hentai Channels
3rd) Fun Bots
4th) GiveAways
Here Are Some Good Reasons To Join The Realm When It Is Open
1st) 300+ People In The Realm Club
2nd) Casino/Crates
3rd) Working Shop/BankAccount
4th) Fun Mods
5th) Clickable NPCS
-this is a miinecraft craft realm
-its on the newest version
-this is a survival realm

just dont hack and have fun
We are a Minecraft Bedrock Realm! We are A FACTION Realm, But its a little different, There's PVP ofc! but there's no base griefing! So you can keep your builds looking awesome but with the same fun as faction! Come join, im sure youll love it. As well we have a awesome community.
Stardust Enders is a Minecraft-based community. Although we mainly play on Bedrock Edition, we welcome all Java players. We have a Bedrock Realm with factions support, an economy system, shop, and minigames. We are a humble community and we look out for each other, join now!
Hey! Salami cult is a place where you can make new friends, without having to deal with constant arguments that happen in some servers, or toxic people. We play games, have movie nights (different theme each month), have art contests, shit post memes, and we have a minecraft realm that's open to every member of the server! I hope you can join us i'd love to see you there <3
Join my minecraft realm! it's an Smp faction like server we got a cool spawn we have staff and much more! And we are currently working on a shop So I'll see you there!
The Master Shuriken discord server is about chilling and gaming! Especially Minecraft because a realm code is linked so you can join and play with new friends! Join now!
What to expect:
-An active owner
-A leveling system
-And much more!
Survival on bedrock! you can build your own house or buy one! we want to start adding taxes (just like weekly you bring in building materials or anything else you don’t need but we need more active players!) i have a ton more information so if you seem interested dm me! asheep#7775