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We are a 24/7 Network Server and strive to be a community that is friendly, competitive, and helpful!
OPFactions, Factions, Kingdoms, Skyblock, Prison, Kitpvp, Creative

With a lot of in-game features Like Crates, AuctionHouse, SupplyDrops, Quests, Custom Enchants and more!

What are you waiting for? Come join the fun today! IP: PLAY.PRIMECRAFT.ORG

Community Games:
Cyberpunk 2077
+ More

Community Topics:
Star Wars
DC Comics
+ More
Just a Minecraft server with a few plugins and has factions. We ask you to please be active though.

Note: Need PC / Java Edition
(1.8 - 1.15)

I-Network consists of a Survival server, Factions server, Vanilla server, and a Prison server with even more selections upcoming in the future!

Little to ZERO lag; lag free!
A close-knit community
A helpful and understanding staff team
Balanced donation ranks
99.9% uptime
Factions (1.8 - 1.15):
1.7 TNT mechanics
Enhanced PvP
Many more unique plugins!
Survival (1.12 - 1.15):
Protected builds
Immense map size
PvP arena
Friendly community
Vanilla (1.15+):
Pure vanilla
Nice community
Community based server
No claims
IPs: (Factions) (Survival) (Vanilla) (Prison)


Welcome to SartinyFaction a minecraft faction server discord with kind admins and fun events
On our discord server you have a chance to advertise your own discord server (If you reach 10 invites)
We host weekly giveaways and events!
*set desc `:waning_crescent_moon:**LUNAR NETWORK** :waxing_crescent_moon:
We are looking for active relm members

:first_quarter_moon: Luanr Factions Realm :waning_crescent_moon:

:dollar: Chance to win money with faction top

:shopping_cart: Buy and sell shops

:white_check_mark: Player teleport System

:grinning: Discord Perks.

:laughing: : Premium DankMemer

:gem: :Nitro Boosted.

:smiling_face_with_3_hearts: Active Staff

:tada: Give aways and more!!!

:handshake: Looking for partnerships

:infinity: A growing discord

:video_game: A community to connect with

:handshake: Looking for partnerships

:police_car: Looking for mods

:full_moon: Join the lunar network got these perks and more :full_moon:`
This is a Minecraft Faction Discord Server. There are Minecraft Faction Allies Here. The Server IP is play, dont need to worry about cracked Minecrafters because this is a Cracked Minecraft Server! The Minecraft Faction Name is Demon Rise.
Welcome to FutureShadow!

» You are probably wondering why you should join FutureShadow. Well, here is the answer!
» You should choose FutureShadow over other servers due to our active staff team, professionally setup discord, and a lot more!

» We have a very active staff team
» Our Ownership Team is very professional!
» Our Management Team is the best

» We are looking for staff members!
» We are looking for Developers
» We are looking for youtubers to record on our network
» We are looking for builders

» If you would like to apply for any of the positions, PM @itsWynter!

» Basic Information:

» Factions Server
» We keep you updated
» The server is going to be releasing very soon
» We do rank giveaways all the time
» We are a really active server!

» Merging:

» We keep our name
» We use our discord
» Most roles transfer

» Feel free to PM itsWynter if you would like to merge or partner.

» Socials:

» IP: (Coming)
» Discord:
» TeamSpeak: (Coming)
» Store: (Coming)
» Website: (Coming)
Here at AstroPvP we are a growing Minecraft Factions Server in which thrives on players enjoying their experience. We have many custom features keeping the gamemode fresh and perhaps nostalgic for some and are constantly creating new content for our players. Tag along and maybe create a faction with your friends today on
| GalaxyMC 2.0

| GalaxyMC 2.0 Release Day (Coming Soon)

| GalaxyMC Features

✦Custom Coded Dungeons (Just Like Cosmics)
✦Cosmics Pets
✦Heroic Swords
✦Destroy the core (Custom Feature)
✦ Teleportation / Teleblock
✦End Boss
....and much more custom features!


Are you a youtuber with 250+ subscribers interested in promoting GalaxyMC 2.0?

We are currently looking for youtubers to help us promote our server, we're looking for anyone with 250+ subscribers to upload a promotional video. Anyone who helps promote us will receive ingame stuff to open/giveaway on there video.

If you are interested, please contact @CEO | Skies on discord

✘ Can i apple for staff?
Your always welcome to apply for staff but DONT ask me to read your staff app

GalaxyMC Owner ( #|💰invite-rewards
HELLO this sever is for ppl who play Minecraft comon and join the fun!! And help us build and grow!! (This is family friendly server)
This is the beta version for Minevera. New and revamped, we have a lot to offer. Factions, Skyblock, Survival, its here. Its a PG+13 server, theres swearing.... weird talks sometimes, and fun. This server will be 1.13, but 1.8 PvP is Enabled, since other PvP styles are trash. thats all we have to say, we just hope you enjoy and have fun on our server!
Welcome to NuclearPvP, a minecraft factions server that is up and coming! Have fun and stay tuned to the release of the server.
Welcome to my Minecraft Server!

This server is based on a Minecraft server I own. It has some plugins on it, and you can suggest things I should add to it. I might as well say that the server is also a factions server.

You can create your own faction, and you can have your friends join the server and the faction you have created.

I'm offering you:
1. A Minecraft factions server
2. An art channel
3. VC's and channels for your very own faction
4. A suggestion chat for you to suggest things to improve my server
5. A small amount of bots + bot channel

Feel free to join the server & if there's a problem don't be scared to DM me
Owner (me): foolfe#6321
BouncyBoys is Recruiting!

[◆] Won Maps
[◆] Professional Leaders
[◆] Professional Cannoners
[◆] Custom Made Bots
[◆] OG Faction
[◆] Promotions/Demotions every Saturday


[◆] Schematica Mod
[◆] Stay in BouncyBoys Discord when you've applied
[◆] Dedicated Minemen
[◆] Be active, atleast 3 - 4 hours every day
[◆] Check walls if the bot is spamming
[◆] Previous Factions Experience


◆] Discord:

[◆] Application: Join our Discord and type %apply in #bot-commands
This is mostly a gaming and anime discord with really friendly staff. we have movie nights most weekends and are in need active members

:crown: **__NationsNetwork__** :crown: (Minecraft Faction Server)

**__Minecraft Server:__**
Version: **1.8-1.13.1**
Server IP: ****
Map: **BETA #1 5,000 X 5,000**

:small_blue_diamond: **Gen Buckets, Shockwave Pickaxes, Mob Heads**
:small_blue_diamond: **Custom Titles & Perks, /vote (with rewards), 1.8 PvP**
:small_blue_diamond: **/votetop & /f top competition with rewards**
:small_blue_diamond: **Cheap Ranks, Titles & much more /buy**
:small_blue_diamond: **Weekly Events & Twitter Giveaways**

**__Discord Server:__**

:white_check_mark: **Active Community**
:white_check_mark: **24/7 Staff Support**
:white_check_mark: **Invitation Competition (with rewards)**
:white_check_mark: **Ranking & Leveling system**
:white_check_mark: **Music Studio & BOTs**
:white_check_mark: **Group Chats & Ranked Chats**
:white_check_mark: **Events & Contest**
:white_check_mark: **60+ Members**
:white_check_mark: **Friendly and supportive staff members**
:white_check_mark: **Weekly updates**

:arrow_forward: **We offer partnerships**
:arrow_forward: **Looking for youtubers & recruiting staff**

So, what are you waiting for? **Come and join us!**
__Looking forwards seeing you on the server!__

A new server that is currently factions, right now it is in alpha so isn't released, hopefully we will add sky block and etc in the future, but join, and invite your friends
We are a new upcoming faction server on minecraft in which we have a very chilled out and relaxed admin team which are extremely friendly and just want to play some factions!
SpartanMC Releasing Soon!
are you ready to play SpartanMC!

Amazing builds & custom features
/roam command, letting you roam around outside of your body 42 blocks away, in
/gm 3 making it easier to scope out your enemies bases and spawners!
Undeniably great cannoning. Our jar supports all cannons including
triangles. With little to no TPS drops!
Monthly CASH payouts, ftop rewards
We have 2 fully custom generated worlds, Overworld and End, 8 corners for
factions to race for on release.
vanilla enchants with a little hint of custom enchants
Active Community and Staff Team!
Envoy (Every 1hr)
KoTH, With OP Rewards!
Genbuckets (Vertical/Horizontal)

WHEN? ( ----------- )
Server still in maintenance!