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Hey du!

Mein Name ist David und ich bin der Leiter des FearlessGames Discord Servers und ebenfalls auch Leiter des zukünftigen FearlessGames Minecraft Bedrock Edition Servers.

Wir suchen derzeitig noch Teammitglieder, hauptsächlich Builder und/oder Developer (php)

Falls du Interesse hast komm auf unseren Discord Server und bewirb dich!

Was bietet unser Discord Server?
Er bietet:
•Custom Emojis.
•Einen eigenen Server Status bot für unseren Minecraft Server
•Einen eigenen bot, der derzeitig Fun Features hat, aber bald kommt noch ein Economy System und vieles mehr.
•Weitere Allgemeine Bots.
•Ein Meme und Spam Kanal.
•Ein "Spielpartner gesucht" Kanal.
•Viele Talks zum Reden, zocken, Musik hören und mehr.
•Eine Nette und Aktive Community.
•Ein sehr nettes Team was euch immer bei Problemen hilft.
•Ein sehr individuelles Join/Leave System.
•Ein Level System.
•Ein Vorschlag und Feedback Kanal auf den wir sehr arg zählen.
Und mehr!

Was wird unser Minecraft Server bieten?
•Ein eigenes und einfallsreiches Konzept.
•Viele schöne und Größe Maps, Spawns und mehr
•Einen CityBuild Server mit einem eigenen Plot-Plugin und viel mehr Features für CityBuild.
•Ein Vote und Crate system für Tolle oder Seltene Items.
•Mining Rewards
Und zukünftig viel mehr Features für CityBuild!

•Einen zukünftigen Minigames Server mit derzeitigen Spielmodis:
•Survival Games
Und Natürlich hier auch zukünftig viel, viel mehr Minigames!

Wir freuen uns dich auf FearlessGames zu sehen!
🔥The ultimate Minecraft Discord server! 🔥
New Minecraft Bedrock edition Realm out now!
Community focused, many channels to help you!
Friendly Active Staff and owner
Owned by YouTuber with 30,000+ subs
Anyone is welcome who follows are simple rules!
🔥Now Is The Perfect Time To Join🔥 👇
Welcome to the newly created minecraft server! This server is meant to unite the minecraft players! Find friends to play with. Share your builds. Voice chat with your friends and enjoy this cool community. (Non-kid friendly) Make sure to invite your friends and share this server. (You can apply for staff!)
Are you looking for a quality Minecraft SMP server with active, longtime players? Or maybe just a place to hang out? Then you've come to the right place, because Nexiti is perfect for you!

We've got:

So what are you wanting for? JOIN US ALREADY
Looking for a chill Minecraft Bedrock Realm to play on? You're in luck! But first, a little backstory.

As the name implies, we're currently on our 6th iteration. We were founded back in June 2016, ever since the beginning of realms for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. And since then, we've established ourselves as a tight-knit community that occasionally goofs around - whether it'd be "accidentally" setting someone on fire or "accidentally" shoving someone off a cliff. Even with the amount of work our skilled player base puts into their builds, we still find time to play around and have fun! Despite having been griefed or bogged down by game-breaking bugs before in the past, that doesn't stop us from having fun.

And y'know what else can add more fun? New people! Which is why we're seeking new recruits on platforms like Minecraft Forum! Wanting to join a realm that fits the bill for a vibrant vanilla experience in Survival Minecraft? Searching for a realm that isn't brought down by trolls or griefers? Chances are, we are just the realm for you! If you want to know more about Genesis, or even want to apply, we highly advise that you check out the material below. Or if you have any questions, then don't be afraid to ask! On Genesis, it is our duty to provide a fun yet casual Minecraft environment for those we open our gates to! Tally ho!

Be aware that our process is incredibly selective, as we want to make sure we can pick out the best people to join our realm!
New Haven is a series of bedrock realms which are 2 years in the making. Coming in several iterations, Reborn being its most recent.

Looking for a community for you and your friends to join?

Rule the land of New Haven, and become the strongest faction.

Or just farm and build in the offskirts, the impending doom of invaders possibly anyday..

Join the realm today
This server is very cool and where you can discuss matters with fellow Minecraft Bros. We have a small community; with very nice people! Why don’t you come and join today!
We are a gaming Community called The Flames Forging Community (FFC). We mostly play Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and usually play on our realms most of the time. We also have content related to Minecraft if your looking for that.
Just a little server me and my friends made, we game and stuff, and mostly dick around, so join if you like.
GingerCraft Official Is a brand new server with lots of fun things to do and if you don't like chatting that much we will be releasing our own Minecraft realms and minigames server so please stay tuned and join us today. The first 50 members will get the OG member role.
We are a small community of people looking to increase our player base on the owners realms!
We have 2 realms to offer: A faction realm and an SMP realm (Survival Multiplayer).
We are super friendly and active and anyone of any age is welcome :)
Dieser Server ist ein VorServer für VARO
Für Bedrock und is german and not english okay würde mich freuen wenn du rein kommst dann bis gleich auf dem Server!
Need a place to find people to play with on Minecraft? You've come to the right place! Or if you're in need of a realm to play on, we have many you can apply to!

We also allow you to broadcast your own one, granted that you have a realm!
We have three Minecraft and terraria servers, a Minecraft java edition smp, a Minecraft bedrock edition smp, and a terraria server.
MCBE Español, es un server no oficial dedicado a la version multiplataforma Minecraft bedrock, en este server se interactua con la gente hablando sobre el juego, compartiendo contenido, jugando multijugador, y mucho mas. [Work in progress]
In need of a kingdoms based realm? Want to a variety of kingdoms to choose from? Want a fresh realm? Want it to be bedrock? Then look no further than Nioxia! A fresh realm that literally opened up 2days ago! Plenty of helpful people in each kingdom to help you start off right!
OdysseyBE Network is a Minecraft Bedrock Server Network or a Minecraft Community Server.


🔴MINECRAFT SURVIVAL WORLD🔴Welcome to Aces World also known as in my server CHQ Join me and my small group of friends and play on my world we like joking around so make sure you can take a joke also

What do we have?
•we have Ranks
•we also have jobs
•money system
•14+ we strongly recommend being this age because we do cuss a lot of the time
•girls and boys are welcome
•join no more then 4 people in the world (note this rule may change in the future)

◇ Minecraft: Bedrock Edition server
◇ Active community
◇ Government: Live under or eventually create your own territory; watch your territory grow!
◇ Anarchy: Absolutely no rules; every man for himself.

Join our ever-growing community today!