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This is a server where you can ask people to play with you in Minecraft or just join a group of people and hang in Minecraft. Some servers might be recommended just for convenience. But give it a try and possibly make new friends🔥
⭐ ⭐ SF ⭐ ⭐
Welcome to SF!
We are currently an up and coming Fortnite Multi-Platform, Pokécord, and Minecraft Clan+Community looking for players and members alike!
We are small but growing fast and could use Gym Leaders, GFX artists and team managers, especially console and pc managers! We accept Mobile, Switch, PC, and Console players!

**Fortnite Players: How To Join**
-Go to the tryout-request channel in our server and use the command *%apply* to start an application in your DMs.

-Respond to each question and staff will review your application. If it looks good, you'll be tried out!

-1v1 one of our recruiters (Winning is NOT NECCESSARY. You will be judged on your skills, even if you lose!)

**Pokécord Players**
You can join the Pokécord team by beating 8 gyms! To become the champion you must beat the Elite 4 and the current champion!

**Minecraft Players**
Minecraft players can apply to join SF Craft! SF Craft is a multiplayer server like world and YouTube series!

**GFX: How To Join**
-Showcase your art in the gfx channel and if we like it, you'll be notified that we want you for the job!

- Toxicity and/or discrimination of any kind is not tolerated
- Spamming is allowed only in the spam chat
- Only @ roles (i.e Commander, Leader, etc) if neccessary or if granted permission (Ex: To make an announcement)

Welcome To SF Clan!
server for people trying to find others to play minecraft bedrock with

mostly for one specific minecraft world
-individuals teams
-essentially no rules
-stealing and griefing is allowed but expect war with people if that happens

looking specifically for higher skilled players but casual people can join too
Anarchy X is a no rule anarchy server for Minecraft Bedrock. 0 rules, 0 command block usage, 0 admin interference, all anarchy. Do whatever you want, we won't care. Our discord has a chill and active community where we discuss the realm, funny stuff, and chill in general. Join today!
This server is a minecraft-related chat, where you can discuss matters with fellow Minecraft Bros. We have a small community; with very nice people! Why don’t you come and join the Minecraft Bros community!
We have three Minecraft and terraria servers, a Minecraft java edition smp, a Minecraft bedrock edition smp, and a terraria server.

__***Cloudy Kit PvP***__


🛡Bedrock Realm🛡
🧨Modded Villagers
🧨Custom Currency
🔮New Random Kit Event🔮
⚡️Active Community⚡️
🔥The ultimate Minecraft Discord server! 🔥
Private SMP Realm - For long term / active members!
Share and get feedback on your Minecraft creations!
Find players to play Minecraft with!
Community focused, many channels to help you!
Friendly Active Staff and owner!
Owned by YouTuber with 30,000+ subs!
Anyone is welcome who follows are simple rules!
🔥Now Is The Perfect Time To Join🔥 👇
Looking for a chill Minecraft Bedrock Realm to play on? You're in luck! But first, a little backstory.

As the name implies, we're currently on our 6th iteration. We were founded back in June 2016, ever since the beginning of realms for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. And since then, we've established ourselves as a tight-knit community that occasionally goofs around - whether it'd be "accidentally" setting someone on fire or "accidentally" shoving someone off a cliff. Even with the amount of work our skilled player base puts into their builds, we still find time to play around and have fun! Despite having been griefed or bogged down by game-breaking bugs before in the past, that doesn't stop us from having fun.

And y'know what else can add more fun? New people! Which is why we're seeking new recruits on platforms like Minecraft Forum! Wanting to join a realm that fits the bill for a vibrant vanilla experience in Survival Minecraft? Searching for a realm that isn't brought down by trolls or griefers? Chances are, we are just the realm for you! If you want to know more about Genesis, or even want to apply, we highly advise that you check out the material below. Or if you have any questions, then don't be afraid to ask! On Genesis, it is our duty to provide a fun yet casual Minecraft environment for those we open our gates to! Tally ho!

Be aware that our process is incredibly selective, as we want to make sure we can pick out the best people to join our realm!
Our Haven:Meltdown is a series of bedrock realms which are 2 years in the making. Coming in several iterations, Reborn being its most recent.

Looking for a community for you and your friends to join?

Rule the land of Our Haven:Meltdown by being the most feared fighter of them all. The world is anarchy now so do your best to survive.

Or just farm and build in the offskirts with the impending doom of invaders possibly anyday..

Join the realm today and have fun!
Cosmos Network - A MCPE / Minecraft: Bedrock server network.
Providing: PvP and minigames.
Join our new Discord server at
Follow us on Twitter:
This Is A Minecraft Discord Server Called Bahamuts Paradise [ Call It BH I Guess]. We Main Minecraft But You Can Mostly Play Anything In Our Community! Join and Have Fun!
Welcome to Surfs kit pvp. We are a minecraft bedrock kit-pvp server. We have a great staff team. Fun Bots and commands. come and join us at surfs kit pvp!
We are a gaming Community called The Flames Forging Community (FFC). We mostly play Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and usually play on our bedrock server most of the time. We also have content related to Minecraft if your looking for that. We have a very active discord server doing active hours. We have a factions-like Kingdoms based survival world you might like. Everyone is welcome to join and play. The only things is that we do not tolerate hackers.
Wir haben einen werbechat! Reicht das als Grund beizutreten? Auf Wunsch können wir gerne neue channels oder bots einfügen.
Welcome to The Imperial Realm Discord server! We're an active Minecraft Bedrock Edition realm community with an even more active realm with more members there that don't have Discord! All are welcome and we look forward to meeting you! Everyone has an equal chance to earn admin and we've been established since September 2019. We're here to stick around a while!
If you're tired of this annoying quarantine, this is the server for you because this server is not boring...I hope. The Blocks is a server aimed at creating a friendly community of Minecrafters. Here you can share your builds, get inspirated for more builds and have a good conversation all in one server! There are many roles which give you something to aim for, such as the builder role and memeist role! There's not many staff right now but if you're looking to apply, go ahead! There are sensible rules but nothing too major. There's only 6! So, why be bored when you could be having fun! Join now!
We are a Minecraft Bedrock Realm! Its Survival (with pvp on) Build whatever you want, Do whatever you want, We are active and Nice! Come join, it wont be the same without u <3
are you tired of all the dead discord servers? then you came to the right place! I'm here to play some Minecraft featured servers. not survival so get out noobz. we use voice chat so don't be a scared dude.

we play on:
CubeCraft Games
The Hive
Lifeboat Network

I’m starting a new smp called flower power SMP with mod and a texture pack it’s a world but we will only be playing for 2 hours starting at 2pm est till 4pm est every day Starting on April 1st
This is the Discord Server of a New Faction World on Minecraft Bedrock Edition, For the Moment ONLY Xbox Players can Play on The World, But If You Want to Play on Windows 10 or on a Phone You Have to Fill Out a Forum Why You Think You can Play so We can Prevent Hackers Joining. Chill or Play Whatever You Want.
Welcome to the Blaze SB discord server!
Make sure to stick around in the #giveaway channel to join the latest chance to earn something in game, Hang about in the players lounge to chat to Minecraft gamers like you, Then maybe have a look in the #ranks channel to see what our roles are and then go try out to be a Staff member in the #how-to-apply channel!
New feature!
We now have a channel where you can play Minecraft on discord!
Just go to the #idle-minecraft channel and put in chat: ".help"
We are also very excited to announce that we are sponsored by #420gaming! Check out their discord in the #🤛-partners-🤛 channel!
If you have any problems, DM @[Owner] Yellow RangerKP or one of the Admins ( @Head-Admin or @Developer )
Make sure to read the #✔rules✔ before you enter!
This server is owned by: [Owner] Yellow RangerKP !