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Zdravíčko jsme začínají MC server byli by jsme rádi kdyby jste to připojili předem děkuji 🙂

A Discord/Minecraft Server for gaming Here we like to chill, game we also have our own minecraft server join play and most importantly have fun


My Yt Channel-
Open community for the minecraft server, MineRaver
MineRaver is a survival server with skyblock coming soon, an active staff team, and many features that most servers don't have. We're open to suggestions, so be sure to join and take a look!
Hello! Welcome to our server! we are a community of people who play Minecraft on our server! How bout you come to visit?
Hallo wir sind eine Deutsche Mc Hacking Community mit Täglich neuen Configs und Server Empfehlungen für dein Mc hacking Erlebnis ;)
Minecraft for loners is the official discord server of the Thot Palace Minecraft Server.
The discord server is mainly to have all the necessary info to join the Minecraft server, aswell with voice chats and text chats to communicate with other people on the server.
To join to minecraft server you have to be whitelisted so joining the discord is a must.
**NOTE: while the discord server is complete, the MC server is still being worked on.**
BigBob World is a Java Minecraft server for 1.14 that (currently) includes no plugins.
If anything, it would be command blocks running the completed mini-games.
- Item fight

The server is in closed alpha.
More detail / updates can be found on my YouTube channel here:
▬▬▬▬⛧ The Mine DEV ⛧▬▬▬▬
Active, Mature, non toxic community.
Gaming chat and voice channels.
Music channel & bot.
future Minecraft server.
Question of the day & Fact of the day.
Level roles with Self-Assignable Roles.
economy help, war, government and much more.
tons of updates.
Art channel.
Event awarded roles
looking for staff
Hi! This is a Minecraft server ran by YamakaDealer#7527. There IGN name is SlipperyFerret and this server is a KitPvP server with some awsome crates to come. We are a small friendly community and happy to have new people! Join the discord and ask a person apart of staff for the IP then you can join straight away!