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Server (von 234) auf 1-24
We offer many Minecraft Pocket/Bedrock edition game modes such as:

And many more

Hope to see you there having a blast with a community of Minecraft players
A Minecraft Server
This server is all about making friends and playing Minecraft in Servers, Worlds and Realms.
Make sure to stay active so that you don't miss the invites.😜
This server is different from all the other servers so join fast.😱

Please read the rules once you join the server.

Invite Link :
🌟We are the discord server of a Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server called
EmperialsPE, Based on the Famous SaicoPVP
🌟We offer Head Hunting, Leveling, A Welcoming Community for all New
🌟We have many extremely active staff team waiting to teach you how to
ultimately dominate the server.
🌟Are you ready to Experience a Different Type of Server, We are ready for

⭐Minecraft IP:;19132
⭐Twitter: @EmperialsPE
Skyheaven MCPE skyblock - pvp server
We Offer:
-Custom Ranks ✓
-Custom Kits ✓
-Friendly Staffs ✓
-Custom Plugins ✓
-Buycraft ✓
-TagsUI ✓
-AntiCheat ✓
-Boss ✓
-Warps ✓
-Crates ✓
-Quests ✓
-Giveaways ✓
-Cool CMD's ✓



🔥The ultimate Minecraft Discord server! 🔥
New Minecraft Bedrock edition Realm out now!
Community focused, many channels to help you!
Friendly Active Staff and owner
Owned by YouTuber with 30,000+ subs
Anyone is welcome who follows are simple rules!
🔥Now Is The Perfect Time To Join🔥 👇
This server all about having fun it is a dating, game server.😂🎉 We dont have much rules because I wanna give you the freedom as much as I can to enjoy the server. This server has so many roles to pick. This server include anime, dating or marrying, gaming.
We are happy for you to join our discord and become part of the puffer family 🥰🥰
This Is A Minecraft Discord Server Called Bahamuts Paradise [ Call It BH I Guess]. We Main Minecraft But You Can Mostly Play Anything In Our Community! Join and Have Fun!
Minecraft pocket edition server offering free creative mode.
Games include:
—> freebuild
—> creative plots
—> minigames (parkour, dropper etc)
—> roleplay
Come be part of our friendly community :)
Fatality Clan is a minecraft/mcpe bedrock clan. We play prisons / factions or kit pvp servers. Feel free to join if you would like to apply for our clan.
This is the offiicial discord server of a minecraft server!, If you sant to join a bedrock edittion server come and join open 24/7
**NorxPE | Network** is a upcoming MCPE with many unique features so that players can have the best time on the server! Here is what we have! ↓
↠ Factions
↠ Bosses
↠ Crates
↠ Unique Enchantments
↠ Amazing Survival world
↠ Active Discord
↠ Amazing Shop
↠ Voting w/Special Features
↠ Amazing Spawn
↠ Active and Mature Staff
↠ Spawners
↠ Unique Hud
↠ Amazing Kits
↠ BuyCraft
↠ *And More Coming Soon!*
We appreciate you guys for joining!
♛ [@everyone] ♛
> Join Our MCPE Factions Server!
This realm is an amazing group of people of all ages, with guilds, a randomized fishing mod and tons of activities soon to come, we have some very active members and amazing admins and an amazing owner! stop on by and join our realm!
Esoteric Realms is a friendly, mature (18+), family driven community. Priding ourselves for having one of the best communities within the Bedrock Minecraft community (PS4/Xbox One/Switch/Android/iOS/Win10) and our members couldn't agree more! We are dedicated to offering a safe haven for players looking for a place to call home after a long day of adulting.

We welcome you to check out our Discord and apply to join our community!

ESOCraft is our Hard Survival+ Realm and has entered our second season and our community has been building a special beginning just for you! Our next phase of this season will take us to an HUGE island in the vast oceans of our new world and will be an outlet of creative freedom for the community.

We also offer an Event and Contest Realm,100% Hard Survival Realm (for achievements) and play a wide range of other games with our community.
Interested in D&D 5e? We have a whole separate discord dedicated to our adventures you're welcome to join!
Oyun hakkındaki genel bilgilerinizi ve deneyimlerinizi diğer oyuncularla paylaşıp, aynı zamanda onlarla tartışabileceğiniz genel bir sunucudur. Özetle, Minecraft hakkındaki genel içeriklerin neredeyse hepsine bu sunucudan ulaşabilirsiniz.

Ek olarak Minecraft oynamak için birilerini arayanlar da burada oyun arkadaşı bulabilirler.

Minecraft Türkiye forumunun resmi Discord sunucusudur.
Welcome to WildEmpire! We are a brand new pvp server, with many games like, skyblock, factions, kitpvp, duels and so much more! We have so many cool features, and we would love to have you join our community. We try our best to provide you with a perfect gameplay, and lag free experience. Come check us out!
Come join!
Vote at:
Hallöchen ^^


PlayCraft ist ein cooler neuer MCPE Server!


🎉 CityBuild Netztwerk 🎉

Liebe Disboard Community

Du suchst nach einem coolen CityBuild bei dem du kein echtes Geld für Ränge ausgeben musst und sehr viel Spaß haben wirst?
Dann schau mal auf PlayCraft vorbei!

🌟 Was wir zu bieten haben:

⭐ Ein Cooles CityBuild Netzwerk!

⭐ Eine nette Community!

⭐ Ein aufmerksames und ein hilfsbereites Server-Team!

⭐ Ränge werden mit InGame Geld bezahlt!

⭐ Ein paar YouTuber!

⭐ Einen gut eingerichteten Discord-Server!

⭐ Events/Giveaways mit coolen Preisen!

⭐ Ein Professionelles Support-System!

⭐ Zukünftig dazu kommende Spiel-Modi!

⭐ Ein Paar selber programmierte Commands!

⭐ Extra Rollenangepasste Channels!

Wenn du Lust hast mal vorbei zu schauen, könnt ihr mal unserem Discord beitreten!

Hier ist die IP und der Port für PlayCraft:

Port: 19132

Viel Spaß! 😁
We have a very kind community with nice staff and our server is for anyone of any age come have fun on the prism!
We Have-
Minecraft Server
Call Of Duty Team
👋 Hey! Looking for something new? 🌟
• Survival | PvP | Events | Customs features | Factions Coming Soon
• Friendly and helpful community | Great staff | Frequent giveaways | up 24/7
• Constant updates | Staff Applications are open
• Bedrock/Pocket Edition 1.14 ~ Everyone is welcome!

🔱Minecraft IP: Join Discord For Info
⚜Port: Join Discord For Info
✅Insta: _.arcastat._
Welcome to InvasionMC, A Minecraft server looking for players! We are looking for members to help us increase our server strength! Join us for a great Minecraft Experience.
Thank You!