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Esoteric Community is one of the newer occultist servers. All paths are welcome. We hope to help and guide any new or older individuals interested in becoming part of Occult.If you’re a beginner or advance or any such level you are wholeheartedly welcome to join and share your views and experiences.
The Moon Cottage is a LHP oriented server. We strive to foster a calm and polite atmosphere, inclusive of people of all genders, sexual orientations and religions.Witches of all experience levels are more than welcome.

-Features the server has:
-Many channels to accommodate different practices
-Suggestion and complaints channels for server improvements
-DM preference roles
-Pluralkit for pluralities and those with spirits
-Resources and libraries channel
The Witches Corner is a server used to connect to those who are like minded within the Craft or are wanting to learn about it. We have so much to offer and we are willing to work with you anytime. You make friends and maybe even family here. We are open to everyone.
A friendly and inclusive Left Hand Path / Satanism focused server that is welcome to all, regardless of ethnicity/race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious practice, etc. and does not tolerate discrimination, bigotry, or harassment.
The Occult Server & Library is a library and community server of 4000~ members dedicated to practitioners of the occult and to the study of occult practices . We do not support any LARP or troll behaviors. We are a serious and academic server that creates a suitable cyberspace for study and communication.

Multiple subjects of discussions are at play: Alchemy, Hermeticism, Esotericism, Thelema, Chaos Magick, Metaphysics, Magick, Esoteric-science, Traditions, Ceremonial Magick, Western Esotericism, Tantrism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Typhonic current, etc. We aim to share knowledge and awareness in regards the multitude of esoteric and occult paths.
Occult/Spiritual Server mainly for gamers.
A relaxed enviorment where like-minded individuals can be social, game together, learn & grow. If you have any Spiritual/Philosophic/Esoteric/Magick etc interests, then you are welcome to join, even if you are not a gamer:)
We also have a guild in World Of Warcraft Classic EU, for purely spiritual/philosophic & occult minded People.
A server for those who practice magick, spirituality..those who are Empaths, HSPs, energy sensitive, open minded, able to look outside the box of life.
Pretty much a spiritual server with like minded people. Enjoy your stay
This is a server for learning and sharing what we know of magick and mythology. We can share pdfs, do readings (with permission), ask/answer questions with one another and otherwise help one another with research. LGBT+ folk are welcomed with open arms!
A generally Left Hand Path focused Occult server with a small but growing community. We are specific to no path, though many of us come from a background of Hermetics, Alchemy, Thelema, and modern Demonolatry/Satanism.

Come and join us!
Educational Witches is a server meant to help all witches of any skill level garner a network of others and to get more diverse knowledge of the craft.
Our perks include
》Self assignable roles
》A very active and calm community
》Classes led by server members
》Interactive admin group
》A support network for more than just witchcraft and the occult, including mental illnesses and the LGBTQ+ community
》Topic channels for anything you'd want
》If it's missing something you want added, the admin group are more than happy to make it so your comfortable with the server.
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

ThelemaCord is for anyone in search of information about Thelema, the esoteric philosophy established by English magician Aleister Crowley. We have many channels, resources, experienced members and documents to answer any questions you might have about Thelema and related esoteric/magickal systems.

Love is the law, love under Will.
The Altar is an active, 18+, community full of people with a shared interest in occult knowledge. We have members with a diverse array of experiences and backgrounds. Channel topics vary from divination and theology to conspiracy theories and the collapse of the world as we know it. We also have channels for casual discussion, as we seek to foster a community of individuals interested in and learning about similar topics, without being too bogged down by our own seriousness. Please come on by to chat about spooky spooks and big thinks, get crunk with us on VC, and watch movies every Saturday.
Hi there! We’re a new server looking for chill committed members. We offer a good taste in music, a laid back environment, and an open minded staff team. We hope to see with us ~ Ino.
Sacred Paths is a Witchcraft and Paganism Server aimed at discussion and sharing of different paths, spiritual beliefs, and practices! All paths are welcomed and appricieted. Come check us out today!
A place for people who are serious in the occult and want to progress on the path. We have a selective screening process and want to keep the group filled with active and intelligent members. This isn't a "safe space". We don't care about your feelings. Do what you want and say what you want just don't act like retards. There will be topics that will "trigger" people. Can't handle that then doing join
Looking for a occult community filled with active practioners and frequent practice? Look no further, Sanctuary is a open minded occult community dedicated to the mutual sharing of esoteric knowledge, progress and generally being spiritually productive.

On this server we discuss multiple topics such as Magick, Psychic abilities, the concepts behind otherkin and many more.

Salon de la Sorcellerie has been founded for the following purpose:

>>>> 1. To provide a safe space for witches, pagans, magicians, occultists, and other practitioners
of the esoteric arts to learn and develop their Craft and Spirituality.

>>>> 2. To provide a space where practitioners may find community within shared Rites, Rituals,
and Ceremonies.

>>>> 3. To create a space where honor, justice, compassion, discernment, scholarship, and community are prioritized.




Are you...


-an advanced practitioner of magic looking for peers to assist in research or experimentation?

-a beginner looking for a community to motivate you to delve deeper into your craft?

-a lover of philosophy, folklore, history?

-a results-oriented witch/practitioner?

-a witch/practitioner who wants to engage in group rituals and spell work?

-someone who enjoys experimentation, exploration, and study?

-someone who is looking for a server that is governed entirely democratically? No one person's say will outweigh the decisions of the group.

-looking for a server that has a zero-tolerance policy for cultural appropriation and bigotry?

-someone who plans to actively participate in conversations and activities within the server to maintain the tight-knit and friendly atmosphere?

-looking for a witchcraft/occult-oriented server that emphasizes scholarship, justice, honor, compassion, discernment, and community?

If you said "yes" to one or more of the above, then the Salon de la Sorcellerie is right for you! We would be very happy to have you join us!
Moonstone Academy and Coven
~A 13+ Server for learning the craft

The Moonstone Academy and Coven isn't just an academy, but a coven, and a family. Our goals are to provide a safe space for witches to come together and learn, thrive, and have fun. Our wonderful council and instructors are here to provide an amazing school for any witch that hopes to join and enrich their craft.

What our Academy and Coven offers:
~Outstanding Classes
~Many Chats and a fun witchy bot
~Fun clubs
~House Challenges

To learn more about the school, read our student handbook here:
Divination Delta is a Divination focused server for Readers and those seeking to receive readings.
We hope to make a suitable environment for Diviners of any specialization, and employ a variety of channels where Readers can introduce themselves and their methods, and where Queriers can seek Guidance.
Regardless if you're here to do readings or to receive them, the server is open for anyone who wishes to learn about the craft, or anyone looking to discuss other areas of interest~
COVEN OF THE BURNING BROOMSTICK🔥 is a group of practitioners,witches and occultists forming a coven of spiritual and magickal people.

•We have chat rooms too with a community of like minded people

We also offer services like tarot and pendulum readings,Shops and shop reviews.

•Hobbies and events also make part of our server so don't stray away with sharing your hobbies and personal life.

•We are forming a big library to source the practicing and soon to be practicing witch...
Forgive me, this is my first public server! Its for people who practice witchcraft. I wanted to make a save community for people who might feel like they are loss or have no friends of the same interest. All ages are welcome.
Avion Academy of the Metaphysical Arts

16+ Preferred. If you are under 16 please message one of the magistrates

~x~ From Magistrates Wallflower, Shaylix, and Ripple ~x~

Welcome to the Avion Academy of the Mystical Arts! This is the Student Handbook (, be sure to give it a read! Now, for some history. This school was built upon three core foundations in the metaphysical world: Research, Skill, and Harmony. Upon these three pillars, houses formed. The first house being Carmichal, the Witty. The second was Saoldon, the Skilled. And the third is Volaris, the Careful. The founders of this academy became known as the Magistrates, or Headmasters, of Avion - Magistrate Wallflower of Volaris, Magistrate Ripple of Saoldon, and Magistrate Shaylix of Carmichal. Now that you know a little bit of our ancient history, please continue so you may find what you seek!

Here at Avion, we offer many features!

📘 Experienced Staff and Professors
📕 Well rounded courses
📗 Education levels for the best information sponging
📙 Three houses and house competitions
📔 An administration and prefect system
🔖 And much more to come!

"Find what you seek."

We are also looking for Professors, Administrators, Instructors, and Librarians!!! If you would like to apply for any of these positions, please click this link:
Welcome to Witchy Coven! No matter your religion you are welcome! If you are curious about witchcraft, brand new or experienced witch you are welcome!

Here we are open to all ages, sexuality, gender, race and everything else!

We have bots to show love, to get roles, and for music. We are all incredibly friendly and welcoming to anyone. We are relatively new so you can help build the server.

We hope to see you soon!
This is a 17+ server dedicated to the discussion of Celtic witchcraft, mythology, and also The Morrigan. Here, you can practice your skills, talk to fellow witches, and build a strong community. All Celtic practitioners, curious learners, and beginners are welcome!