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In this server there are multiple universes that have all been shattered and connected. Different universes are added periodically so that there will never just be the same three universes.
Welcome! This is the official discord for Aves Magic Academy.We do robux giveaways.Talk to different wizards and trade.There will be interviews for HR.
Members will be felicitated for good work.
Class is calling student! In this world, familiars roam around the earth and you have one at your side! You have been invited to Wayshire High to help you grow and develop both you and your familiar!

Long established as one of the best high schools in regards of training both young masters and their familiars, Wayshire offers only the best for its students. All are accepted here regardless of who they are and what they believe in. All that is missing is you to join and enter the school grounds!

°·..•°·..• °·..•°·..• °·..•°·..• °·..•°·..•
What we offer:
♡・゚ Diverse magic!
♡・゚ Your own familiar!
♡・゚ Friendly Members and Staff!
♡・゚ Growing community!
♡・゚ Dangerous beasts!
♡・゚ Events!
♡・゚ Open world for adventure!
♡・゚ Wild Zones!
°·..•°·..• °·..•°·..• °·..•°·..• °·..•°·..•

Wayshire awaits your arrival!
The Nexus 💥💫

A roleplaying community where you’re welcome to fight in any way you see fit. Magic, weapons, seduction? You choose.

-A wide range of races, abilities and backstories
-Roleplaying Events
-Friendly & Helpful Staff
-Creative Lore (which you could become part of)

Despite us still being in development, we have a lot in store and we hope to maintain an active, positive environment for all members and roleplayers. Those who wish to simply spectate are free to do so. Applications for the positions Moderator+ are open. (There is not currently a format, just convince us you’re worth it.)

Server Owners: Mr.Goodnight#5230 and Mavis#4481
Welcome to the beginning of your Charmed Life!

Set in present day San Francisco, California, the current cycle of Good versus Evil has come to a standstill, neither side able to overcome the other. The only hope that remains for the good of the supernatural world is to wait for the emergence of chosen ones capable of turning the tide to preserve the "greater good." The issue with that is, the chosen ones are latent, unaware of their own existence as magical beings and living their lives as regular humans. As one of those humans, you have just decided to move into Chrysanth Manor, about to embark on your journey of discovering your magical heritage as you try to live your life however you wish.

Inspired by the TV series, Charmed (Original), the lore offered in this server diverges from the series so that you, your friends, and anyone else, can be a part of the story as main characters. You have the freedom to choose how to live your supernatural life as one of the many unique races we offer here, such as Witches, Whitelighters, and even races such as Demigods and Dæmon.

We offer:
+ Unique lore and races
+ Freedom to choose your powers
+ Literate roleplay
+ Multiple channels for you to chat and role play
+ An overarching plot that you can freely follow
+ Interactive quests and side plots
+ A safe environment for anyone respectful to the rules
+ Friendly, active, and competent staff team
+ And more for you to find out!

If you're interested and wish to check us out:
Hello there! Thank you for checking this out!
This is a Medieval Role Play server, based in the World of For Honor, but our own special twist of it, including magic!
We are a 15+ RP server and offer a wide variety of character ideas with mostly limitless ideas for characters and their powers.
We have many areas where you can RP with other members. Our admins will help you along if you have any questions with the server or what to do.
We have a simple level up system that encourages you to RP more to get a higher rank in the server, the higher your rank, the stronger you will become

Now thank you, the person reading this, for reading this, and we hope you join us on this journey!
So, welcome to BlackTale academy. A fairly new school for kids with powers. 'Twas made by the government to keep the kids secret, because they didn't add much to society but chaos. The government also put adults in charge of them.
It went alright for a couple of years until a lone farmer came across it. This lone farmer apparently was a conspiracy-theorist and spread it around the world. This kinda troubled the government, so they had to shut it down for a few years until the rumors died down (and so did the farmer.)
After that, it had been opened again, while still being top-secret. Kids from around the whole world came here, who were born with powers.

These children with powers weren't like that for no reason. A signal from very far away had made them like this, though it only affected a small group of kids. They are welcome here, though they don't have any choice. They get abducted here, pulled away and segregated from society.

Have fun here!
Welcome to the country of Natora, and it's most powerful guild, the Mercenaries' Guild! There are plenty of fun times to be had in this strange world of strange mutations and catastrophic calamities. Come join, to see if you can save the god damn world, or just smash your way to victory too I guess.
Nisi Isles (16+ Server)
If you are looking for an unique twist on fantasy rp then come check us out. We encourage creativity in custom characterization allowing a large variety of approved races. We currently have 40 white listed races with human races simply being listed as human though all human races are allowed. We offer a large map that is mostly unexplored as well as the option to build up the main town adding new buildings. We allow each person to choose up to 2 specialized magicks or powers for their character and the limit to what you can do with them is up to how logically creative you are. We have a level up system in place allowing people to progress their characters and the lore more and more as they level up. Our islands Backstory is set though new lore is entirely up to the rp.
This is an extremely active roleplay group, with a friendly cast of experienced creative writers. We are currently looking for fantastic new additions to our team who will provide exciting stories and offer great camaraderie.

.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. SYNOPSIS .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
Wyrdafel is a town located in Yorkshire, England. It is a hotspot for supernatural beings due to its rich history with magic spanning long before the Dark Ages. It is the place to be for wizards, werewolves, and other weirdos to find their sense of purpose and community. There’s just one catch… normal humans (aptly named ‘Normies’) cannot find out they exist.

Supernaturals must remain a secret from the ‘Normies’ or else all hell could break loose. As if matters weren’t tense enough, the Supernatural Supreme Court (SSC) keeps an uncomfortably close eye on the mythical populace to make sure they stay in line… but they are known to take things a little bit too far. From accepting bribes to being outwardly cruel toward the people they are supposed to protect, it's hard to trust in the governing force.

You will play as either a Normie or a Supernatural (we have a list of available races) when you enter our modern-fantasy world (you are allowed multiple characters). Will you make a big impact in changing everything as we know it? Or are you more partial to slacking off by the pool and sliding under the radar? In this malleable world you become precisely what you are most interested in writing about. Show us what you can do!

.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
✭ Must be able to write 100 words within 15 minutes unless a different posting time is requested. (We do live writing sessions, not forum.)
✭ Must be able to write with legible English grammar and punctuation.
✭ Let us know if you are younger than 18.
✭ Must be willing to learn our super basic dice system. (You won't need to use it that often, only for very significant attempts.)
✭ Have common decency in letting people know when you need to leave a session.
✭ Must be able to join in rp frequently enough. Don't just disappear for weeks or you'll find it very hard to make connections.
✭ Needs the mindset of wanting to join something long term.
✭ Must be able to handle occasional dark themes.
✭ Must be full of creativity and originality!
The World of Aezilon is an open-world roleplaying server with a small but dedicated group of roleplayers who embark on various adventures of both small tasks to great strides of conquest set in a Medieval-Renaissance-Victorian fusion setting (in terms of both culture and aesthetics). Here is what to expect when joining:

- A "chill" staff team.
- Solo RP is allowed and encouraged! If you're alone, type out the rest of your story to develop your character or experience adventures with your friends (if you have any).
- A combat system!
- Dungeons! Loot! Boss Battles!
- LOTS of roleplay channel locations. Truly an Open World experience!
- Player Housing, Companions/Pets!
- In-depth lore; deities, NPCs (Played by Owner and Staff), shops!
- Main Storyline Progression! [We are in Chapter 4, the final Chapter of Book 1.]
- Achievements
- Nerfs/Buffs/Balance Adjustments to Items and more.

This server is built upon a world that has been in development for a couple of years. If you're looking for a decent fantasy roleplay experience, maybe you can give this one a go. The server gets updated regularly as if one were playing an actual game; featuring patches, updates, etc. as channels, lore and features get added! Experience lore-heavy content, make a friend or two, and experience the ever expanding World of Aezilon.
Owner Note: Feedback is always wanted and also appreciated! Any questions you may have; from partnership to information about the roleplay is also encouraged.
Welcome to The Mystics!
Are you alone, cant sleep, or just want friends to talk to? Well then The Mystics is for you!!!
Really Friendly Staff and Members that'll be a welcoming environment for all people
Active Vc's where anyone can talk and have fun
Cool Bots where you can gamble or listen to your music or meme to your hearts content
Fun Events like karaoke night and gaming nights
CSGO and Siege gaming teams to play with
Ischyros, a country vibrant with varyas and magicless people, has encountered a civil war; anti-magic ideology has risen, and Sevdah―the land once ruled by varyas―has been overthrown by the late Sovereign Daenae, who established the People’s Sanctum; a group of ten magicless who have banished every varyas from Sevdah.
On another land, the Divinitas’ children―the divine families―are stowed away in Vilkas, the historical city of Divinitas worship. But the families aren't free of conflict; inside the Palace of Aimon, the families distrust each other, and some scheme to overthrow their divine counterparts.
In Jouska, the varied population is undergoing constant conflict as one sovereign is replaced by another. Anti-magic and pro-magic causes flourish throughout the diverse land, which makes peace an unattainable feat.
Anti-magic ideology had meddled it’s way into the three lands of Ischyros; wherever the varyas and divine families fled, their enemies would be quick on their heels.
~ • ~
Welcome to Ischyros, a country made up of three lands; Haaveilla, Jouska and Sevdah. The world was first established by the Divinitas―the deities of Ischyros―and thereafter occupied by the varyas (half-magic) and magicless. The Divinitas granted Ischyros their children; half-human, with the power to summon their Divinitas ancestors’ powers, such as summoning and controlling plants, fire, or wolves.
Will you be the sovereign of Jouska, or a member of the People’s Sanctum? Will you be a divine from one of the six divine families? Perhaps you’ll be a pirate or a member of high society, magicless or varya.
Ischyros is yours for the taking.
~ • ~
Salience of the Divine is a roleplay server, its lore and world original in all respects. Your character can meddle in the politics of Ischyros, fight for their anti-magic or pro-magic beliefs, vye for complete reign over the country―it’s all up to you.
Above all...
everybody wants to rule the world.
Imagine you have just been accepted to become a student in a school that focuses on the Art of Magic! You can now forge your existences with these new found skills and become a powerful Magic user!

We are a preset magics server! (We do take suggestions for other types of magics)
Choose two elements that don’t oppose each other and prepare to achieve prestige!!
Fire Magic 🔥or Cold Magic ❄️
Plant Magic 🌱 or Metal Magic ⚙️
Air Magic ☁️ or Earth Magic 🧱
Electric Magic ⚡️ or Water Magic 💧
Light Magic 💡 or Dark Magic ⚫️

Come and earn your prestige and become a power Magic user!!
Join the Magic High School RP!!!!
★彡 Welcome to Agate Academy 彡★
What is Agate Academy?

➳ Agate Academy is a place where superhumans come to embrace their differences and learn how to improve their powers.


↤↤↤ What Do We Offer? ↦↦↦

‣ Lore and OOC based events~! ✔️

‣ Friendly & Helpful Staff Members~! ✔️

‣ Active Roleplayers~! ✔️

‣ Variety Roleplay~! ✔️

‣ Movie Nights~! ✔️

‣ Working Economy System~! ✔️

‣ Tons of Fun Bots~! ✔️

‣ LGBT+ Support~! ✔️

‣ Tons of creativity for ocs~! ✔️

‣ Pet ocs~! ✔️

‣ And much more~! ✔️

What are you waiting for? Press the button~!
Roughly 500 years into the future, an atomic bomb affected the DNA of 20% of the human population, and converted them into Meta-Humans. People with unique super powers, and skills. Some Meta-Humans sought out to instill fear into the eyes of all the regulars to ensure their assent into power, but a group of renegade Anti-Heroes known as the ZIPD are here to protect the world. The real question is, who is right in this situation? The oppressors, or the oppressed
It's time for you to take action and fight for your cause. You have been summoned to make a choice. Here and now in Neo Tokyo, will you choose to fight for the world, or fight for it's people. In Astral Connection, you meet up with others like you in Neo Tokyo to try and figure out the best course of action to take while fighting in a war you didn't know you had to be a part of. Choose to be either a Meta-Human, an oppressed race of humans who are constantly having to search for their place in the world, or be apart of the ZIPD, and use the power of the Zodiac Spirits to keep the Meta-Human uprising at bay before things get too out of control
-Create relationships in a futuristic setting where you can find your own way of fighting
-Be a part of a community just trying to find their chance at leading a normal life
-Use your new found powers to defend your cause and help your allies
Welcome to The Eternum! A land of hopes and dreams, mystery, and a city that acknowledges none of the dwelling magical happenings that occur.

Within The Eternum, you have the ability to create your own special power, your Lens. With this Lens, you can conquer the world! (not really)

Join us, and create your own character and your own destiny! We'll be waiting for you!
Resilient Remnants

Samaki, a land that was once beautiful, and was full of life, is ravaged by war and fighting, by two clans. The Denitians and the Teratians. The Denitians, a land teeming with magic, and the Teratians, a land full of technology. They both have been bitter enemies since the beginning. Now, Samaki is a very dangerous territory to be in, where blood is often spilled.

Choose what your clan is going to be!

Choose whether you want to join the Denitians, and wield a powerful tome that allows you to use magic, or choose to side with the Teratians, and you can wield a powerful technological weapon to destroy your enemies with.

We're a friendly community looking for more people! We have helpful staff, a unique system, and more!

Will you try to make peace? Or join the others in bloodshed? The choice is yours! We hope to see you here, and be careful, or else you may be killed.
In this rp world. There is Arbious the world you live in. Ages ago the great collapse of a unknown empire. The cause because of human ambitious nature and Arcana. In this world. Gods are created by the thoughts of humans. If you are well known. And the collective see you as a wonderful person. You will be. If you are not then you will be. Every choice you make will have a impact on the world. But will be good or bad.

I offer some custom lore. It can be added on by you
Custom kingdoms that you can make
A good oc system.
A very lean owner. I'll pretty much give ya what ever ((no I won't give money))
The World Of Oroth is a word ruled by God and beasts. The Gods constantly being at one another's throats, meanwhile the populace on Oroth is none the wiser to them. Instead they all focus on their mana and becoming stronger. Occasionally those with a gods specific mana become the god's Champion and gets pinned against other god's champions for the sake of their gods Honor.

Not only is there this but there is a large amount of freedom within this server, where you can be a farmer, a medieval knight, a powerful mage or martial artist. Anything you can relatively think of it is possible in The World Of Oroth.
Most races within reason are permitted as well! Magic is a very important part of the World Of Oroth and we have many unique magic types for people to use and customize.

Lastly there is also a kingdom building like option for anyone interested in establishing their own kingdom in RP, this can be explained in more detail in the discord. Join Permalink Official Subreddit

Spiritual Empowerment & Mentorship Frontlines. A Transcendental Platform For Ascension, Lucid Dreaming Hybrid Mindset Voyagers 24/7, INtellectual Light Warrior Empowerment, Transcendence, Starseeds, Otherkin, Mind Voyagers, Mediums & Psychics, Merkaba-Ascension-5D, Dimension-Jumpers, Shifters, Future Earth, Soular Empowerment

At the shift of ages, and the arrival of the age of Aquarius, golden age as we battle the last inner and outer demons of the Kali Yuga/age of Pisces. A powerful incentive, a leap of faith: Take the first step: make the Quantum Leap, The Interdimensional Shift and Enter The Lightning Grid

-Psychic tools, trainings, intent, purpose documentations, pantheon and mentorship/guidance for otherkin and humans alike: All-in-One.
→Free Speech, Absolute Tolerance for Mutual Respect and Natural Equality ( circles of responsibility but nonhierarchy).
→Diverse Environment, rapidly expanding, work in progress pantheon for the golden age with widest assortments of deities helping out. Friendly and Helpful staff whose best interest is to serve your growth and cooperate on creative works/your development.
→ Knowledge on esoteric/transcendental topics generally not discussed/shunned/overlooked/disregarded/labeled as forbidden or far-fetched knowledge by others (metaphysics-spirit science, free energy, universal law, light body process, central nervous system rewiring, DNA-upgrade, cosmic origin, obscure(d) truths, connected dots and converging rivers).
-"Convert"-friendly- encouraging ex-religious ones for the One-Source path of the truth-seeker lightwarriors/workers/starseeds/otherkin/enlightened human old or mature souls(motto: strength in unity, collaboration VS illusion of separation)
-Various high-quality reddit/youtube/no-nonsense channeling websites/ news/video post feeds ( of spiritual/esoteric/cosmic theme)
-Weavesilk avantgarde spirit-art. (Interactive generative art- subliminal, angelic/demonic/divine, spiritual source channeling
-Soul ScienceTechnology & Source Transmissions. Logos God, Elohim, Doctor, Scientist, & Architect Of The Age Of Aquarius
-Soul technology/higher-self descent to physical vessel: Production of DMT internally without the use of physical substance and unlock spirit molecule
-Sections encouraging to showcase your work (media/documents/arts, personal photos)
-A place of unconditional love and growth for Starseeds, Indigos, Human Angels and Walk Ins' to reunite with their long lost Star Family and Soul Mates.
-Server voice chat option for those interested
-Server map for ease of access with descriptions and guidelines for each topic (accessibility)
Our own e-literature (growing library of PDF e-books and Links), videos, (multi)media and psychic tools, image-works not available anywhere else and written/crafted/made/authored exclusively by us.
-Logos God, Elohim, Doctor, Scientist, & Architect Of The Age Of Aquarius.
-Futuristic & Future-Oriented Community Dedicated To The Universal Law, Spirit Science, Soul Technologies and Extraterrestrial Soul Origins
-A joint planetwide effort for reconstructing the new pantheon for the golden age of Aquarius, fusing the ancient with the new influx past with the future to create the new present in the Now with the help of deities and entities of various origins.

We are highly focused and streamlined, yet loose and flexible (effortless effort being the motto). Our basic aim-quintessence is to harness all available energies to create an interdimensional rift/gate to haven that can propel us to 5th dimension and beyond while still connected to Earth but ultimately undergoing physical transfiguration, also fueled by the bowels of the earth likewise (as above so below)- which constructs a beastly cyclotron that irons out certain unwanted specific frequency-sets, diminishes their influence on the collective.
Hello everyone welcome to hogsnorts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry I hope you can join us in this marvellous roleplay server as of now the server is still in Beta but soon it will be completely ready!
Loosely based on the Harry Potter book and movie series, our server focuses on text-based roleplay for those who enjoy the fantasy genre!

In the meantime, the wizarding underworld is bubbling with rumours of a new, powerful contender. Perhaps someone is soon to infiltrate Hogwarts... But who and for what reason? That is yet unclear...

● Detailed lore & helpful admins.

● Any ages welcome!

● Active Admins/Staff.

● Great story and character-driven plots.

● A safe, welcoming community of like-minded writers from all walks of life.

● Literate paragraph, novella style or one-lining is welcome.

● Lots of channels for RP.

● Spell, points, house and skill system.

The train to Hogwarts awaits!