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LARP - Los Angeles Roleplay Community

This is a roblox rp community based around law enforcement roleplay, we have super advanced developers putting together and updating a spectacular game for you, so join today!
We are a new server based from a franchise of FiveM Servers,

We have recently opened our British FivePD server that has aspects of Civ Roleplay and all!

Are you ready for a change, well hop in, we will welcome anyone with open arms.

Hope to see you soon.
Tennessee State RP Division was founded in October of 2020. We are an unwhitelisted community who utilizes vMenu.

We have several departments for you to choose from with many more in the making.

We currently have openings in all deparments which are listed below

Tennessee Highway Patrol
Davidson County Sheriff's Office
Metro Nashville Police Department
Nashville Fire Department
Davidson County Communications
Hey and welcome to New Haven Roleplay. We are a brand new roleplay community that has just started on FiveM. We have a experienced staff team that can take care of any concerns or question you may have. Us as owners have put so much work into the server to make it as good as possible for a outstanding roleplay experience. We offer LEO Departments which are SCHP,CPD,CCFD,CCSO and are all open to experienced and inexperienced players looking to learn and roleplay at a high standard! We are looking for members to tag along with us and roleplay to the highest standard and we are hoping for 100 members by the end of 2020. If you wish to help us out and come and roleplay the discord link is at the bottom of this paragraph! We hope to see you In San Andreas having fun and staying safe!

Discord Link:
Join Grand Traverse County RP

GTCRP, Is a Roleplaying community on GTAV PC. We use the Fivem program. We are based off state of Michigan. We are a Public Hybrid server and VMenu server. We have custom vehicles and leo vehicles

• Legal copy of GTA 5 (PC EDITION)
• Copy of FiveM (Found online)
• At least Sound Old enough

• Michigan State Police (MSP)
• Grand Traverse Sheriff Department (GTSD)
• Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department (GTMFD)
• Grand Traverse Dispatch Center (GTDC/DISPATCH)
• Michigan Department of Transport (MDOT)
• Civilian Operations / Civil Administration

What Do We Have To Offer?
• A great rp experience!
• LEO and Fire applications!
• Helpful and amazing staff that will guide you through everything you need to enjoy our server to its maximum capability!
• A working CAD/MDT for any civilian and LEO needs!
• Over 100 Custom/Add-On Vehicles
• Vmenu
• Custom EUP!
• And a great community that strives for good and legit RP!

Come and join us!

The Fivem Server Is:
Blue Force is a FiveM RP Community of over 700 Members! We have both a Whitelisted RP Server and a Public ESX Server. Both are Whitelisted LEOs with Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriffs Officer and San Andreas State Troopers!
Welcome to Hillsborough County Roleplay

We are a new and serious RP community. We are Florida based & have a lot of things to offer our members including but not limited to as follows:

•• What we offer••

➣Whitelisted Emergency Services
➣Custom cars and skins
➣Personalized scripts
➣Invested and active Owners
➣Hiring Supervisors and Administration
➣ CAD/MDT(in development)

➣Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
➣Florida Highway Patrol
➣Hillsborough County Fire Department
➣Hillsborough County Emergency Medical Services(EMS)
➣Communications Department
➣Approved Civilian Department

➣Must be at least 13 years of age
➣Must own a legal copy of GTA V
➣Must have a Microphone
➣Must have discord

We are newly launched and still in development so there might be a few bugs or kinks being worked out here and there

➣Mike MacTavish - Owner
➣T. Chennette - Owner
➣Blake M. - Partial Owner

Website: in development
LSRLRPC Welcome's you,

Los Santos Real-Life Role Play Community is permitted to bring you the best Role Play Community on the FiveM servers, LSRLRPC Started in the summer of 2017 as an Xbox one community and now has grown to FiveM. As this place continues to grow each day. Here everyone is treated like family no matter what race or ethnicity we want to welcome you home! The community does not allow Fail RP and or Not Safe For Work Content our server are safe and secured from people that bring hate to other people we do not condone any racial slurs of any kind and we do not allow bullying this is a free place that anyone can choose their lifestyle and live it to its fullest choose from one of our 13 departments (including subdivisions) that appeals to your interest if you like your department of your choosing you are going to love it here So what are you waiting for join today and start your journey and welcome home

Our mobile app:
Email: [email protected]

We hope to see you on the streets
Best Regards
LSRLRPC Public Information Officers
Welcome to the Tri-State First Responders!
T-SFR is a long running, multi-platform community with over 3 years of law enforcement roleplay & leadership experience.

We are a very well rounded group composed of many reasonable, respectable staff with an ultimate goal of providing, and enjoying, a great roleplay environment.

We roleplay on FiveM through Grand Theft Auto V, and have many departments to pick from, such as,
▪Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)
▪Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO)
▪San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP)
▪San Andreas Communications Department (SACD) [Dispatch]

Join in and become a member of the experience, we look forward to having you!
T-SFR Motto - "Alone we are Weak, Together we are Strong"
Thanks for checking out our Post!

Incline Roleplay is a vMenu based Roleplay server with realistic roleplay Established in Early October 2020. You may be thinking, well every server says it has realistic roleplay, so what’s the catch? On Incline Roleplay there is no catch just constant fun and realism at the highest level and standard achievable for Fivem. Incline’s Community is a top notch roleplaying machine. Although the community enjoys spending time with each other, the roleplayer’s enjoy taking things seriously but also making it fun while at it. Incline Roleplays mission is simple and it should be. Our Mission statement is to “Everyone can strive for a realistic roleplay experience, but if its not fun its not realistic”.


Blaine County Sheriffs Office
Los Santos Police Department/SSPD
San Andreas Fire and Rescue
San Andreas State Troopers- Invite only
Sub-Divisions offered at ICRP

Motor Bike Unit
Wildlife/Game Warden
Air Support/ AIR1
Traffic Enforcement Unit
H.E.A.T / High Speed Enforcement Units
Gang task Force
D.O.T Department Of Transportation (CIV) (LEO)
Port Authority

Fully Realistic Roleplay.
Custom Scripts For Users to enjoy
Ability to Donate for Locked Personal Vehicles
Ability to Donate for DLC Like Packs that include custom LOD Vehicles
Community Feedback is a very large part of the server at ICRP
Custom Toolbox for LEO, And CIV
Custom CAD For an easy but enjoyable experience. (Subject to change)
Giveaways! EX: Gift Card for ICRP Store. Other Gift cards
Highly trained Staff and High Command
Veteran Role-players and Community members in FiveM
Custom vMenu, vStancer, Emote Menu
Utilizes Discord & Teamspeak3

Server Performance
ICRP Is ran off only the best performing servers in North America. Incline Runs off a dedicated server box from the provider OVH . The Dedicated Server is a high performance, high bandwidth server that is more than capable of running the server even when there could be a maxed out player base. The server also has Ddos Protection ( distributed denial of service attack ). ICRP will keep your information safe from any Haters and keep the server running even through a Ddos Attack. Specs:

High Speed Intel Xeon CPU
500 Download, 500 Upload.
Ddos protection
Our Website 5

includes any information needed to connect, apply, and or support Incline Roleplay. Also includes more detailed information about the servers departments and photos of department skins.

Thanks for Reading!
Looking for new members! We have 3 departments, based out of Texas! We offer: San Antonio Police Department, Wilson County Sheriff's Office, and San Antonio Fire Department! We are excited to have you! Thank you for considering us!
This is a new community and we are trying to grow all departments are open and some staff positions are open to

We have multiple departments you can join:

- Blaine County Sheriff's Office
- Los Santos Police Department
- San Andreas State Police
- San Andreas Fire Department
- Communications Department


Features of RFRP:

1) A family Friendly Server.
2) Active Moderators, Administrators, and Staff
3) Custom Police cars
4) Add on /replacement civilian vehicles
5) Open Interiors
6) Active Developers
7) Experienced Staff
8) No Application for Civilian!


What to keep in mind:
MUST be 13 or older to join
Be able to speak, and understand English
Working microphone
A working legal copy of GTA V


What are you waiting for? Come join us today!
We would love it if you joined London rp today We are opening Soon come join get trained and interviewed so you are ready !
LAFRP Promotional Message

About Us:
We are Los Angeles Finest Roleplay, as a PC roleplaying community we strive to bring that same experience that you get while adventuring throughout real-life. We only accept excellence, realism, professionalism, and prosperity in what we do. We bring roleplay to an experience you wouldn’t expect from PC in general. We want to make sure that your experience with us is unforgettable. Here at LAFRP we make sure that when training and roleplay you have the most fun with the experience and we make sure to do it in the most professional way possible. Immaturity will not be tolerated and nor will any sort of racism. Come join us today and experience greatness.

You must be 14+, however, exceptions can be made to 13 y/o.
Read the LAFRP Recruitment server rules and guidelines.
Be able to communicate through verbal and written messages in English
Have a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V for the PC.

What can we offer?
Friendly Staff Team
24/7 Support
Realistic Roleplays
Flexible Schedules
Working Realistic Cad

SACO (San Andreas Civilian Operations)
SAFD (San Andreas Fire Department)
SACD (San Andreas Communication Department)
BCSO (Blaine County Sheriff's Office)
SAST (San Andreas State Troopers)
LSPD (Los Santos Police Department)

Learn more in our Interview Server
Hello I am the owner of SASRP we are based of of GA we have custom cars with custom skins we also have custom peds Active Staff and we are very friendly.
We are a new growing Server with everything from the tops of the Blaine County Sheriffs Department, To the sores in the sky The Los Santos Military by your side so give them a shoutout and come Be apart Of This City.
Thanks for Checkin out our Post!
- OSRP is a Custom vMenu Server with Awesome / Custom Scripts edited to the liking of the community
-OSRP Has 3 Custom Departments Clackamas County Sheriffs Office, Portland Police Department which features Eugene, Medford police, and Finally Oregon State police.
- OSRP has Custom skins for all of our departments.
- OSRP has many positions open ranging from large to small and we have department heads who can and are willing to be flexible to your needs and skill level.
San Andreas State Roleplay [SASRP]

About us:
We are a new server just starting up, we have plenty of experience with roleplaying and how to run a great community. We Have a dev team with over 4 Years of developing experience from scripts to custom built vehicles to custom built clothing.

San Andreas State Roleplay is a new community and are looking for new and active members to join. We want serious and active members but at the same time have fun and enjoy our community. We have a lot of fun, and always up to chill. If you want a community like this follow below. and ask the recruitment team how to join in on the fun.

What we offer
▸ 150+ Custom Civilian Vehicles
▸ Custom Law Enforcement/EMS/Fire Vehicles
▸ EUP for Law Enforcement/EMS/Fire
▸ Many legal jobs
▸ Whitelisted LEO/EMS/Fire
▸ Different illegal business venture opportunities for you and your crew
▸ Realistic Roleplay
▸ Custom & Optimized YMaps
▸ Custom Inventory systems for Person/In Vehicle Gloveboxes
▸ Purchasable Houses/Apartments
▸ In-game CAD/MDT for LEO/EMS
▸ Streamer Friendly
▸ Donators/Supporters get access to Custom Vehicles

▸Must own legal a copy of GTA V
▸Must have working Mic
▸Must be Mature
▸Must have TeamSpeak and Discord

Departments we offer
▸ Los Santos Police Department
▸ Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
▸ San Andreas State Police
▸ San Andreas Fire Department
▸ Los Santos Police Department
▸ Civilian Operations
▸ Communications Department (Dispatch)

Join us today
Server IP: Join Discord
Villains RP is a San Andreas based roleplay community.
We feature custom cars (both LEO and civ), a Realistic Economy, as well as Non ELS vehicles, a working cad/mdt, and lots of other scripts.
Our intent is to provide a welcoming server for everyone and to have a great time.
This community was brought to life in late March, and has started off with a player base of over 1700+. We would like to expand this community and make it a home to not only new role-players, but veterans who seek unique role-plays. We’ve spent NUMEROUS hours creating things and putting things into the server to make it better.

Here are some of the things Villains RP has to offer:
vMenu Based
Blaine County Sheriff Department
San Andreas State Trooper
Los Santos Police Department
Los Santos Fire Department
Civilian Operations
Many thanks to all that join or consider joining, it means a lot.

• Must be 15+ years of age to become an LEO.
• Must act maturely. Any and all childish behavior will not be tolerated.
• Absolutely no trolling. This is a guaranteed removal.
• Must understand how to use vMenu.
• Must have a working Mic
• Must have Discord and Teamspeak. This is how our members will communicate and how announcements will be sent out to the community.
Once again thanks to everyone that gives us a chance. Greatly appreciated.
• Discord:
• Teamspeak:
• Forums:
Welcome to Emergency Roleplay! We are a small but slow growing group that would love any new members! We are starting from scratch and would love your help! We have multiple LEO services and EMT services along with Civilian Services! We are a Roblox game based off everyday IRL occurrences and allow those to Act as something they can’t be yet and have fun!
We are a new FiveM roleplay server and are looking for members and department heads, we offer many departments and it would be an honour for you to join us!
Hello i'm the owner on SCSRP we are a new fivem server we are now open to the public we have leo rp civ cars and much more.
Luna State RP is a small FiveM server with a great community. We are working to building a great, nontoxic community for you and your friends to join and have fun. We have open applications for staff, BCSO, LSHP, and BCPD. We are always looking for new people and to help others out.