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1. No drama/arguing in this server.
2. No toxcity - making any effort to anger or offend someone.
3. Do not annoy people - if someone asks you to stop then stop.
4. No nsfw in non nsfw channels, that includes images, videos and text.
5. Don't bypass word filters.
6. No advertising or talking about other servers.
7. Do not spam or flood channels with anything.
8. Even if a rule is not written here it does not give you the freedom to do whatever it may not allow, if staff tells you not to then that's final.
9. Follow the Discord TOS. No one under the age of 13 is allowed.
Actiefste Nederlandse server tot nu toe, je hebt alles hier vmbo leerlingen kechies beef in call sensatie en entertainment.
Dit is de plek waar jij wilt zijn!
Ben jij je vriend(in) ook zo beu? Dan is Second Love iets voor jou!
Wees geen pussy, Join!
|fireWe are Pocketkraft Roleplay & Faction Server With a Awsome Community!fire|
|●Get Cool ranks and maybe top players get Money!                                                
|●Nice and respectful Members and Mods ok_hand                                                            
|●We DON'T promote Hacking Cheating or any bad behaviorrage                             
|●Be active and get Cool perks and permsgrinning                                                             
|●star2Our goal is at least 50 Members!star2
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|●Pocketkraft is a growing and Awsome Server with nice people!
|●We Also have people on YouTube how has good channels
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