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We are Lavender and we are back better than ever!
The Greatest Counter Strike Discord server in the world since 2019
- We aim to offer a simplistic server layout that anyone can enjoy
- We have every possible self assignable role my autistic cousin could think of
- We support dark humor and we do not give out punishments easily
- We allow unnecessary drama as long as you can actually trigger someone
- We use English as main language but we also do have non-English chat
- We have a meme channel where you can post your very best memes
- We have a chat channel dedicated for pulling out autistic flexes
- We expect you to have a basic understanding of sarcasm before you join
- We support self-advertising on a channel created specifically for that
- We have some unique features you have never seen implemented before

We also have everything else you may expect a proper server to have, even e-girls and autistic moderators!

Welcome to the 💜House of Lavender💜 , a place of peace and prosperity for WLWs and so forth. Now then, before you enter, you must give an introduction to yourself on the #📋list📋 to verify. There are also a few rules that must be established before you wish to enter:

1. No form of transphobia, homophobia, or racism will be tolerated.

2. This server is strictly for WLWs and NBLWs only (Genderfluid folk are our only exception). No cisgender man should be here upon any other circumstance.

3. Toxic behavior or resisting an admin's request when it's most important will not be tolerated.

4. Do not hog the voice chats. Please try to be as inclusive with everyone as possible.

5. Memes are only allowed in these specific areas: #🏊lockers🏊, #🍇dining-table🍇, and #💜hall💜. All other chats may be used as general and roleplaying chats (excluding the Self-Care Center).

6. Any suggestions and or concerns can and may be given to the owner. If she does not respond immediately, please be patient.

I wish you a pleasant stay^^-!