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Server (von 18) auf 1-18
This server is to help me and my friends grow. It would mean the world if you could come and support me on my journey to be the best streamer i can be!!
Welcome, one and all! This is my Saloon / Server, I can whip you all up drinks and you can talk about what you'd like while relaxing. We allow anyone of any community here - so don't feel afraid to stop on by!
We are a rp sever with many things to do! We just started this sever and are short on people. We would love if you joined it, but you don’t have to. If you do join it, have a wonderful time!!!
A small server with a small staff and 2 owners with a dead but friendly community to just hang out with
Just a server where you will be able to communicate with other people and make friends, also, we have a range of fun bots and friendly staff. Please consider joining!
Heya, Lads and Madlads! In this chat, we can socialize by not going outside and meet new people here! Here, you can talk about your favourite videogame(s) or your favourite anime/manga and get some friends. I, the ultimate sorry excuse of a supreme leader will join the chit-chats too if i'm online that is- but i'll also be looking out for people who are being an a-hole to others. Since i don't want to be too strict, i'm going to give up to 3 warnings before punishment. Anyway, everyone can join. No matter the skin color or your sexuality, you're welcome here. Anyway, have fun! (new emotes will be coming in the future and if you're were in this chat in the beginning where almost no one was there and you saw that i deleted the convo when you left. I just want the chat to be, i dunno clean?)
This server is a safe space for Ddlg, roleplayers and lgbt kiddies.
It’s supposedly 15+ but it does have 18+ channels so watch out.
This sever is in the baby stages right now and it won’t feel too lively yet but I promise soon it will be!
Come on in and strike up a conversation, I will be sure to greet you in the ‘introductions!’
Our server is not that big, but we have a good community and will welcome anyone that wants to join. If you are looking to just find squad mates for some games drop by and you might find some!