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Comunidade brasileira de desenvolvedores. Foco em Desenvolvimento Web, Desktop, Mobile, Frameworks, Bancos de dados, Ciência de dados, Machine Learning, IA's, Computação Quântica e outras inúmeras tecnologias disponíveis.
FloCraft - Java/Bedrock Cross-Platform Server

A classic Minecraft experience for long term players wanting enhanced vanilla gameplay.

Game Features:
Community Spawn
Player Market and Shops
Auction House
Mob and Player Heads
One Person Sleep
Fast Leaf Decay
Trading system
Core Protect
Custom Resource Pack by sqorb

IP: FloCraft.Online
Version: 1.9-1.16.3
BedrockConnect Primary DNS:
Host Location: Indiana, United States

Always Active Invite Link:
This is the server for my YouTube channel which focuses on teaching you how to program various different things alongside tips for other technology related topics. If this sounds interesting to you, come join, I'm also happy to help you with anything I have expertise in.
☞ looking to join a discord server that has a bedrock and java minecraft server? ☜


look no further!

we have...

¤ active and fun staff

¤ minecraft worlds

¤ minigames and events!

¤ positive vibes and chaos

¤ voice channels


come join today!!
Bienvenue !
Ce serveur créé surtout/uniquement pour les développeurs, ou ceux qui en recherchent, est ici pour créer une communauté française (rare dans ce domaine) autour du développement. Tout le monde y est le bienvenue, quelque soit le niveau (débutant, intermédiaire et professionnel). Des salons sont disponibles pour aider les débutants, et pour les intermédiaires et professionnels des channels sont créés pour parler de sujets plus ou moins complexes, avec la possibilité de faire des missions payantes ou gratuites à la demande des clients. Si vous êtes développeurs ou que vous avez besoin d'un service, rejoignez nous !
Game Development focused programming server. We are friendly and always willing to try to help with your problems programming-related or not! Come meet us!

Make sure to have a look at our server! I promise it will be fun to join our discord to get details on how to join the SMP! We try our best to do our best if you want something to send us feedback!

Have a wonderful day!
Pixel Craft is a fun Minecraft Java server. It's a simple SMP server with a active and nice community with a Shopping District. It's a whitelisted server, complete a form and you will be able to join!
Hello 👋

This is a community server for all to enjoy for builders to players from java to bedrock, share your hard work and support the team!
EnderNova is a aspiring bedrock group of talented content creators creating realms and maps with the intent to achieve marketplace goals!

Join us! 😄
Hello fellow coders, this server is all about coding, here we can discuss coding, share your codes, ask help for your codes and much more, we are open multiple coding languages like Python, Java and etc. hope you join :)
So hello my friend. Do you love programming? Do you love Python? Do you love Java or JavaScript? Then we have posted it to the right person! Congrats, you are one of the many selected Users who received the invite to the Amazing Server, **_AlphaBet_**. We have daily tasks for you so that your brain never forgets what is coding or how to code. We also have guaranteed answers to all questions you ask. Thanks to our Helpers. The helpers are the selected experts who will ravage their brains to find the correct answers to your questions. Guaranteed Response to your questions within 5 mins. And we also give scores to every person who gives the correct answers to every daily-questions. Be the Best One Over There. Join our server and be an expert programmer.
We support languages like Python, Web development, Java and JavaScript. (copy paste this link to join) :)
Soon we'll be giving away free discord nitro!
(Ask owner for details)
Here you can find:
- Level 1 boosted server
- Custom coded bots
- Almost 250 people you can discuss about programming with
- Support
- Fun games such as: economy, akinator, counting
- Partner program
This server is for those who are looking for a cozy fairycore/cottagecore/goblincore Minecraft server. Come join us with our staff and members, we're more than happy to meet you! Applications are still open so please do apply~!
A server me and some friends started to help people solve there coding problems! If you are a coder or just someone who wants to get in to coding you should join our server :)
Welcome to our community run Java Programming Server! We're a community with a diverse range of beginners to experienced professionals, all with a desire to learn and improve!

We have several focused channels including:

- Dedicated and moderated help chats
- Project showoff
- Question of the Day and daily discussion

Come and participate - whether you are learning or grinding out Java Beans, we welcome all contribution!
Discord Server for people who really likes programming. And for people who need help when they are stuck at python,C#,C++,java,javascript. If you like Coding and making games or making apps you should join :D but if you dont want to you dont need to :P There is Python for scripts and more! There is C# used in Unity and scripts! There is C++ used in apps, games, scripts and more! There is java used in apps, games and more! There is javascript used in Discord.js bots, HTML customisation! And There is channel To add new programming languages!

I would like you to join, it will make me happy :)
Welcome to Frosted code! This server is aimed to be a technology server where people can discuss about technology, programming, AI ect ect... We also have alot of emojis to play with. Enjoy your stay!