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a great community with roblox shops (to buy weapons for any roblox game) and amazing giveaways so everyone is happy also a great place to chat and have games on the group to allow all to have an amazing time in Roblox Shop

Hey there! We are a chill server with over 100 members and we are a level 1 boosted server.

⟨⟨☕⟩⟩ This is a server made for chilling out!

⟨⟨🗣️⟩⟩You can talk to people, relax in a voice chat,

⟨⟨🤖⟩⟩or play a game with our fun bots and users!

⟨⟨❓⟩⟩But why else should you join? Simple!

⟨⟨🎉⟩⟩ We have giveaways almost daily

⟨⟨💲⟩⟩ We have server currency with a shop where you can buy roles, buy an "upload emoji pass", and much more!

⟨⟨❕⟩⟩ We have special events in the server like game nights, scavenger hunts around the server, level challenges, and much more.

⟨⟨👋⟩⟩ So what are you waiting for? Come on down and I'm sure you will enjoy your stay!
Hey there! wave Are you looking for a place to chill out and have fun with others that have common interests? Well here’s the place for you! Think about it an awesome server with so much fun

The Mighty Legends is a server for fellow pokemon fans and gamers hang out with each other
tv video_game
- We have a welcoming and friendly staff and accept all and every pokemon fans and gamers.

- We are a community and still trying to grow

What can we offer? thinking
Well glad you asked! We have a community to chat with friends and have a good time and even a channel to share your lovely art. Including channels to post memes and host events!
Custom emojis are in the server, making it fun!
Bots to keep you entertained
Our bots are UnbelievaBoat, Chip, Giveaway Bot, Carl-bot, TacoShack, Probot and many more.
Fun upcoming events for gamers and even community events for everyone are coming soon so join today, for free fun! We’ll be happy to have you
We have to work hard but soon it will be a great server.
With high security

Hope you guys join and have fun UwU UwU

A server of video_gamevideo_game
And 1906_Surprised_Pikachu
With friendship teamup and also did you know November 11 we are hosting the grand tundra tournament join now and have funthumbsupthumbsupthumbsup
Our server is a active server with, invite rewards, level rewards, tons of giveaways, a roblox community, we hope you join!
This is the best bot for moderation! Anyone who wants to come in for help is welcome!

You can find it here:

Legit invite rewards / giveaways / reaction role / active bot support and more! Join and you will not regret it!
# We are looking for people to support the bot!
We are one of the only legit invite rewards system for robux, we do loads of events daily, daily giveaways, hourly giveaways, drops, boosting perks, and even invite rewards!
1 invites = 2 robux
2 invites = 5 robux
5 invites = 10 robux
10 invites = 20 robux
Giveaway server.
> Join to win amazing giveaways.
> We have a currency system that you can earn rewards by chatting, inviting, bumping, etc.
> Rewards: Nitros, Boosts to win giveaways, Bot points, etc.
Welcome to Orace | Community!

Here, we do the following:
Giveaways & Drops
Invite Rewards
Nitro Drops
Nitro Giveaways
Robux Giveaways
Adopt Me Giveaways
and ofc weebs are allowed.

Welcome to our community. All are welcome.
This is a legit server where you can get many Robux for inviting people. You can get 25 Robux if you invite 2 people, 100 if you invite 4 people and 500 if you invite 10 and there are more rewards! Join now and earn!
🏝️ **Anime Land** 🏝️

> 💟 We welcome y'all weebs
> 📢 Announcing anime news and things related to that!
> 📰 We mainly talk about anime!
> 😄 Super Friendly Staff
> 🎉 Cool giveaways and invite rewards
> 🏠 Our community is very friendly and not toxic at all!
> We giveaway many things, such as:
> - Nitro
> - Steam Keys
> - Paypal Money
Hello and welcome to Galaxy Giveaway ! In this server I do, all sort of giveaways including :

-Nitro giveaways
-Nord VPN, Hulu, Disney+, Crunchyroll and many more !

There are also invite rewards and cheap priced Nitros ! So come and join Galaxy Giveaway !
Join here yes we just started and don’t forget to claim your rewards just come here and try it you wouldn’t regret it 😉
•follow the rules
•invite rewards
•fortnite accs/nitro codes/Netflix accs/Crunchyroll/nord vpn and many more
Robs and Bankrobs are disabled

Daily 25k to 50k Dank Memer Coins Giveaways
Special Giveaways to 150k each Week

Invite rewards :
5 invites = 10k coins
10 invites = 45k coins
15 invites = 55k coins
30 invites = 250k coins

Huge Booster Rewards :
Access to Booster Chat
Access to Boosters Only Giveaways (75k to 150k coins)
A special role which will be displayed above all the peeps
1 boost : 180k coins
2 boost : 280k coins
50k coins to each boosters per week
And many more!

Level Rewards :
Level 5 = 10k coins
Level 10 = 35k coins
Level 20 = 65k coins
Level 30 = 150k coins
Level 40 = 250k coins

Friendly chats and many more!
Enjoy the community!

Server name: Virus Rewards
What server Offer;
Invite Rewards
Server Boosters Rewards
Every Day Giveaways
A Friendly and Growing Community
Many bots for all purposes to keep you entertained
We offer much more than this! Join our server to find out more!
⇢˚⋆ ✎ ˎˊ- "<3"

-`, (welcome to) ꒱ ↷:paperclips::milk:
s p r i n g s h a n g o u t
✧∘* ೃ ⋆。˚.
--perks and rewards
:cloud: ·̩͙✧
◛⑅·˚ ༘ ♡
--clean layout
join now!
↷ ⋯ ♡ᵎ
▬▬▬ 【🌟】Ecan Giveaways 【🌟】▬▬▬
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Hello traveler! ▬▬▬▬▬▬

Would you like to get nitro for free? Our server is for you! Come and see for yourself!

▬▬▬ 🤔 ┇What we offer? ▬▬▬

👥 ┇Nice administration.
🗒 ┇Lots of interesting channels.
🔰 ┇Partnerships.
🛠 ┇Transparent server.
🥳 ┇Lots of giveaways.
🤩 ┇Generator
😜 ┇A lot of people.
🌈 ┇Invite rewards.
✔️ ┇Positive feedback from users!
👻 ┇And many more you will find out when you join us!

▬▬▬ Come in and see for yourself! ▬▬▬

Things you can get here for inviting others and for participating in our giveaways:

1 - Discord Nitro
2 - PayPal money
3 - Gift cards (Steam, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, iTunes, Microsoft, etc.)
4 - Robux

What are you waiting for? Join now!