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🏝️ **Anime Land** 🏝️

> 💟 We welcome y'all weebs
> 📢 Announcing anime news and things related to that!
> 📰 We mainly talk about anime!
> 😄 Super Friendly Staff
> 🎉 Cool giveaways and invite rewards
> 🏠 Our community is very friendly and not toxic at all!
> We giveaway many things, such as:
> - Nitro
> - Steam Keys
> - Paypal Money
Have you even saw that new and beautiful item that you couldn't afford? I had the same problem! Luckily, I've found a solution: just join this server and invite some friends, it's very easy and you'll just get tons of profit! Rewards go up to 100$ on PayPal, but soon it'll be EVEN MORE!
Join Our Legit Reward & Market Server!

✅-Legit Server
✅-Legit Invite Rewards
✅-No Scammers!
Were only a new server so join up quick and be one of the first to claim! JOINNN! <3
😁 Hello!! To Kyles Hangout😁

😲We Have In Store😲 -

🤩Invite-Rewards🤩 Limited

🥰Fun Stuff🥰

🥺Chill Server🥺

Hey! This is a friendly server for Mining Sim. We have many giveaways and if you're active you can get even more items! We also have a channel where you can trade with other people. The server is constantly being updated, so join to see what else we have!

We've been having many robux giveaways! Join soon so you can get some!
🌋Welcome to Volcanic Market🌋


➡️We do invite rewards too⬅️

✅Scam Free Market✅

Welcome to Barn Legends. In this server, we have tons of different games from Currency Bots, to Minecraft and Pokemon. This server does tons of Ninja Legends Giveaways. We host big ROBUX EVENTS every milestone. These Robux events have prizes of up to 1000 Robux! So if you want to participate in any of these? Join Barn Legends Today!
------------------__【Barn Legend Offers To You...】__---------------------

Tons Of Giveaways, with prizes such as Ninja Legend Pets, Bubble Gum Simulator Items, Dungeon Quest Items, and Robux

Invite Rewards - Containing DQ Items, NL Pets, BGS Pets, Jailbreak Cash, and even ROBUX!

Giveaways with less than 10 people in it, so it's a high chance of winning!!

A lot of active members!

With tons of different games to play!

Accepting Partnerships!

Tons of TC and VC for you talk to other people!

Lots of roles to Describe and Customize your character!


So Join Now for all of these AWESOME PERKS!!
This server is used for rewards. Here you can play games, invite friends for rewards and be active in the chat for rewards. There are many giveaways.
This is a Fun marketing place for Fortnite Battle Royale... Enjoy and invite your friends (Remember, there’s invite rewards!)

This server is MovieStarPlanet related


What we offer

- An easier way to find offers for items you are trading
- Giveaways
- Invite rewards
- Friendly community

You are trapped in a dark room. You're only escape is to walk into the light. In the saving light, you find us.... just kidding! This is a hangout! We're a small community of weirdos who happen like stuff, stuff, and other stuff! If you bring in five people, get a custom role of your choosing too! Come and join us! Embrace your inner weeb!



We offer:

Invite rewards

free robux paypal and nitro

boost rewards

Over 50 euro given daily!!! JOIN NOW
Join The Server For 🎉
🎁 Daily Giveaways of Robux
🎁 Cool Events
🎁 Tournaments
🎁 Chance to win robux
🎁 Invite Rewards
🎁 Nitro Events
Welcome to Invite rewards!

We give free stuff
-Nitro Classic
-free generator!
-invite rewards

We do daily giveaways!

We are very legitimately

We have a proof channel, vouch channel
Hope y’all enjoy!
Hi, this is my new server as the other one got nuked by a scammer. In this server we give away 50 traps per invite and do giveaways all the time.