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wholesome server 🥺👉👈
-Very welcoming with cool mods
-Don't personally attack and bully,pretty much the only requisite
-keep nsfw in nsfw channels
-Join and check out the server for yourself ^_^
It is a perfect Indian server with perfect BAKCHODI.
Specially for INDIANS it's perfect place to hangout and make friends with unlimited fun.
Hello Gamers,,,, Join our Awesome server
Reasn for joining doc_pubg:
1. Friendly community
2. Find awesome players from globe
3. Competitive plays
4. Have a lot of bots to enjoy
5. Will host a room every week (pubgm)
*Note this server is based mainly on PUBG but we still have rooms for Other gamers and weebs
be respectful!
An Indian server with lively people, catering to the chad doubts of the the chad aspirants of the examination who also use discord. We specialize in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics ( Full support is also provided for Computer, Biology and English- simply because you need to pass those subjects too) and waiting for answers? That is a thing of the past. We provide prompt answers and rapid relief from the doubtful state for our members.
(Oh, and before we forget- we are pros at talking trash as well :realshit:.)

We establish a friendly and competitive environment within the server as well- maintaining a leaderboard for the people who are the most proficient at solving doubts. A starboard is also maintained for the best of questions asked and the most elegant answers.
It's a community (consisting of the wise and otherwise) which gets better as it grows. So join our server and hop aboard the train to the journey to becoming pros at solving JEE questions in a maximum fun and minimal 'why-am-i-doing-this' way.
THE Owner Herself :-This is a very new server

our intention is not to grow crowds of people but to create platform for everyone who is non-toxic...

this is one of the rare servers where there are amazing and coolest people and most of them are active,thats the best part🖤🖤🖤


We are a chill community which mainly provides:

• Interesting currency game bots
•Non-toxic and friendly community to chat
•Voice channels including music bots
•Fun meme bots, mini-game bots
and much more...

We are continuously growing and improving. Come join us have fun and help us get better!
A Chill Discord Server.
Specially for Bengalis. We have members from both India and Bangladesh and even people living abroad. I bet you would love to chat with all of us.
> Friendly People
> Loves to Voice-Chat
> Includes Topics like Anime, Manga, Webtoon, K-Pop, Football
Join to Explore More.
Welcome to the one and only Indian Study Server. A simplistic server where we hangout and study together.
- There are Study Events where you Compete with others by studying to get the top spot in the leaderboard of the server.
- plant trees together using Forest app.
- Share your daily to-dos and progress with us.
- Listen to Lofi music while studying.

Have fun with your Indian study buddies :3
We are an Indian Military crew who help each other with heists and stuff we also do military operations and simulate real army ops
Namaste my nibbas, This is the Official Discord server for India and her neighbors (not related to Randians). We're the fastest growing Indian server with active users from all over the world (we're indians after all :P) Find people to chill with, gamers to game with, and normies to dank with. share art and poetry, tales & struggles.Everyone is welcome, just don't be a dick.
Parnaam Nibbas and Nibbies.
AKHAND SAMAAJWAAD is exclusively a desi server with 0% toxicity. Our server includes diverse group of people who are friendly and non-toxic. You can downright express yourself through your art, stories, poems, memes and can also let out the skeletons from the closet by staying anonymous with the help of confess bot. Memers, gamers, anime,books and photography lovers, all are welcome. All you've got to do is not be a JERK.
Chill आश्रम is a well structured, interactive server, where Indian people can chill, hangout and make new friends.

we also have a unique levelling feature where the more you chat the more xp ( experience points) you gain which will unlock new levels and you get new permissions such as sending images and embed links.
We also have many voice channels, each with its own purpose, and we have many bots to make user's experience fun and enjoyable.
Moderation team is active all the time which makes help accessible anytime a user needs it.
There are various text channels to show case your arts, gaming skills, talk about pop culture and share memes.
We also try to do movie stream every Saturday where the users of the server decide which movie they prefer using a poll system.
Although this server is based around keeping Indian audience in mind, people of other nationalities are always welcome and will be treated equally to the Indian members.

Be respectful and hope you have Fun!
A server for anime and manga fans from India. People new to anime and manga and veterans both are welcome. Spoiler channels available. Of course, open to people not from India as well.
Homies Hangout is a well structured and fairly active international server, mainly dedicated to connecting with people from all around the globe and chill out!

Our server has a lot to offer, including:

-chill staff members
-active voice channels
-numerous fun bots to enslave
-a separate multilingual channel so you can text in the language of your preferance
-channels to showcase your art&photography, share memes, spamming etc.
-regular updates

You can also gamble away all your money, vent, goof around, lurk in the channels and a lot more!

On joining the server, you can find all information you will need to get you started in our server! If you still have questions, just contact one of our staff members!

Be respectful and have fun!
suck it
Let us fuck you financially and mentally...

Kiki's findom is a safe haven for financial domination fanatics and where sugar daddies meet sugar babies.

The server is judgement free and harrassment will not be tolerated- we want you to feel as safe as possible! :)

come join us.. we don't bite!... unless you want us to;)
Dekho bhaiyon baat aisi hai ki ye bahaut hi alag level ka bakchod server banaye hai hum, bas bakchodi karne waale bando ki talaash hai, zaada bolunga nai, 24 ghante reh ke dekho humare server dimaag ka bhosda ho jayega itne haraami log bhar rakhe hai ;) Aa jao! :D
Welcome To One Of The Most Interesting Discord Server!
RedSaint Esports IN
Welcome to RedSaint Esports IN™ ! We are a new Entertainment AND Gaming Server That Welcomes everybody to the Community!

⌑━━━━━•『𝐖𝐇𝐀𝐓 𝐖𝐄 𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐃𝐄』•━━━━━━⌑
☆ A welcoming and safe community!
☆ Active staff and members!
☆ Fun and daily events!


» Looking for a new hangout spot? Or meeting new people?
» Just chill out and talk to others about your interests!
» Come make yourself feel at home at Chillkone!
» Self Assignable Roles
» Active Text Channel and 24/7 Voice
» Game Voice Lobbies
» Emojis and bots for music, games and more!


🔥 Join now!
This is a server for Indian Valorant players (and more). This is a friendly community. Any toxic behavior will not be tolerated. You can look for people to play with here, listen to some music and have some fun.
we are a new community looking for more poeple to join so that we could discuss JEE problem's Nd Olmympiad too so plss help us grow and join also we are lookg for some people.If u are into maths and physics u could join JEE isn't a specific criteria we are open to any maths or physics or any sicence
Seeking a place to share your thoughts & creations? Creative Thoughts is all about collaborating, sharing, conversation, and more! We have a wide variety of topics however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community.
We have many channels for bot games which is the place you can get to have fun. We are a growing YouTube channel.
Join Now! And remember we are not online all the time. To make it active just inform one of our admins.
Official Indian Community Server to hangout and meet with new people. It is a non - toxic , friendly , safe public server for all. Join now to explore and exchange the cultural , lingual , political views here. Multilingual
Official Server Of Bhaiyamemesena

BHAIYA MEME SENA is one of the most happening servers currently.
The server is all about sharing conversations that range from being wholesome to ironic.

With readily accepting management and members we invite you to be a part of bhaiya family
Join🍾 now🎊 for 🎉 full🤪 sapot😘 and🍻 empic👌 masti 😋 moments 😎