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Welcome to RNGAcademy! Here you will have opportunities to meet up and socialize with different people with the same likings. RNGAcademy is a anime related discord group with animes/mangas, games and much more enjoyable activities. Moreover, the server will be strictly controlled so make sure to follow the rules since we want to create a clean, friendly, lucrative environment. That's it! See you soon.
Join our server, Kōkyo! In our server, we have:
⇒ Multiple bots including karuta, anigame and owo!
⇒ Custom commands
⇒ Friendly, helpful staff
⇒ Roles
⇒ Tons of fun emotes!
⇒ We also recently launched a Karuta giveaway channel that giveaways will soon take place where you can win cards, bits & more!
Welcome to Tohutoro! Tohutoro is a new server with a friendly and active community based around games like Azur Lane, Arknights and Honkai Impact 3rd, FateGO and SinOAlice!

~We offer~
•Monthly events like giveaways and maybe even tournaments
•Game based channels
•News channels of above-mentioned games
•Anime room for recommending and discussing certain animes
•Galleries with plenty of artworks from all around the world
•Memes! It’s 2020, of course we have memes!

So join now and enjoy your stay!
Hi, welcome to fluffy tail!

We are a gaming community with currently our main focus on Honkai Impact 3rd. We do play more games and we always focus on friendly action before anything else. We do have an armada with anyone free to join.

Come join in and found out what we are all about :)
Welcome to HI3: After Thoughts!

After Thoughts is an OC-only Honkai Impact 3rd Roleplay server, where characters in the background are brought into spotlight, while being not part of the original cast. Featuring:

-A helpful Staff Team to help you through the process
-Balanced combat system
-Stats system
-Darker themes as we delve deeper into the chapters

After Thoughts takes place in the setting of Honkai Impact 3, where the events from the game still occur. However, our OCs are passively influenced by those, rather than being directly part of them, as we also have our own stories to unfold.

The RP is currently in the progress of making it from Chapters 4 to 6, to the events of Chapter 8 and onwards. A large event will be commencing in a few weeks, so now would be the best time to sign up~
Welcome to Honkai Impact 3rd | Roleplay! Here, we take the base game Honkai Impact 3rd, and transition it’s story and many key elements into a roleplay server. We hope you join us and be a part of the RP community!
Welcome to Jb’s amazing discord server based off of a Neptunia based youtuber. (Jb Sprinkles~)

As a rather big server, with over 2K members, we offer the freshest Neptunia content and news, along with Mudae/Mudamaid, Tatsumaki, and economy bots.

-A stable staff team, no power abuse here~!
-Neptunia sprites on the weekly, see if you spot your favorite character.
-One and only Jb Sprinkles chills here >.>
-Am amazing sfw environment
-A debate channel for all of your debating necessities
-Some other channels, such as Azur Lane as well.
-Fun little games hosted by one of our staff members!
-Daily Community posts from the youtuber Jb Sprinkles~

Come join us!
we have a lot of channels!!
A place for relax and making friends :D
Sebuah komunitas khusus yang membahas segala hal yang omishiroi di internet, berisikan klan terkuat mulai dari wibu, gamers, blogger, fansharer, fansuber , coder hingga hacker pun ada muehehe
This server is a community of Honkai Impact Players and We aren't just a Honkai Impact Sever ! We are also a place for chatting and other fun activities! This is the first sever the owner has created so it my not be as good as other severs! If you have any kind of opinion or changes you want to see happen to the sever there is a specific channel! Join Now And Be A Part Of Our Community!
The place where you worships the Goddess Chelle, the Inferno from the Alberian Empire and Euden's Ara-Ara Sister. Wanna join? Feel free to give into your pleasure here
Hello! We are a just starting server, for Honkai Impact 3(rd) fans!! So.. We'd be happy if you'd join. *Quick info: Even if our server is mainly based on Honkai Impact 3(rd), non-players are accepted!*
Our server is also kinda aesthetic.
Heyy !
Serveur RP tranquille sur HI3 ( Honkai Impact 3rd )
Créez votre perso,ou alors prenez en un directement du jeu !
A server for honkai captains of all skill levels! Here you can
- Chat with other players
- Discuss team builds and game strategy
- Talk about why *insert valkyrie* is the best
- Get advice from experienced players
- Mess with bots
- Have fun!

This server is open to captains from any region server or level of investment - from the most hardcore red lotus player to those who only check in once every month for new story chapters. All are welcome!
An RP server for Honkai Impact 3rd! Get your first battlesuit and upgrade it by going on missions with your friends. Or, just hang around the dorms with others - it's all up to you!